How to Insert a Cartridge into a Samsung Printer

How to Insert a Cartridge into a Samsung Printer

To replace a toner cartridge, follow the instructions below:

Open the front cover of the printer. Remove the used toner cartridge. Remove the new toner cartridge from the box. Attention! Use caution when handling the toner cartridge. If toner spills onto your hands or clothing, immediately remove it or rinse it off with cold water.

Be sure to seal the toner cartridge tightly in a bag so that toner does not spill out of the cartridge. Dispose of the used toner cartridge in accordance with local regulations, separately from household waste. If you have questions, contact your local waste disposal service.

While holding the cartridge in both hands in a horizontal position, gently shake it five to six times from side to side to evenly distribute the toner inside the cartridge. Remove the tape marked REMOVE and the orange protective cover from the new toner cartridge. Attention! Unpack the toner cartridge immediately before installing it in the printer.

If you unpack and not use the toner cartridge for a long time, the life of the toner cartridge will be reduced. Insert the toner cartridge into the drum unit immediately after removing the protective cover. Do not touch the shaded parts shown in the illustrations to avoid reducing print quality.

Install a new toner cartridge, guided by the guides. Gently slide it into the printer. Do not try to force it; the toner cartridge must move freely along the guide rails and automatically set in position when the front cover is closed.

Please note that the cartridge of each color has its own individual “key”, which helps to avoid incorrect installation. Match the color sticker on the cartridge with the same color sticker on the printer.

Close the front cover. Caution! Carefully slide the toner cartridges into the printer. Do not try to exert force, they should move freely along the guide rails and will automatically set in position when the front cover is closed. If you use toner cartridges other than the original Brother toner cartridges or refilled toner cartridges, the printer may break or malfunction. This may void your warranty. Do not place the cartridge backwards or upside down.

Open the cover and replace the cartridge.

According to the instruction manual of your printer model or MFP.

Open the cover, pull out the cartridge, insert a new cartridge, close the cover. Unclear? Not enough information? What a question, that’s the answer. Check the printer model!

Why change them? Inject paint with a syringe. When you remove the sticker on top of the cartridge, you will see holes. If a three-color cartridge, then there are only three colors. It will be seen where is what color, but it’s better to sign on the cartridge where is what color, and feel free to pump a little with a syringe, only more accurately, do not overfill. A black cartridge is much easier to fill, there, in any hole (no difference), but you can go where it was filled from the factory.

Which printer? See the instructions!

To do this, the printer must have a special button or mode. After calling this option, it is possible to easily remove the cartridge!

You did not write which printer you have, so you will have to read the instructions and not rely on the answers.