How To Independently Determine The Gender Of The Red-Eared Turtle

The content of red-eared turtles has become fashionable recently.

Terrarium animals are unpretentious and require a minimum of attention from their owner.

To give a name to your pet, you need to determine the sex of the reptile, which can only be done after it reaches puberty, when distinctive signs appear.

How to determine the gender of the shell?

There are the following features of the shell, by which you can recognize the floor of the turtle:

  1. At the male concave lower part of the shell, so conceived by nature to facilitate the mating process. In females, this feature is absent.
  2. Closer to tail shell shape females have a more rounded shape, while in males it acquires a V-shape.
  3. Generally security element shape males are more elongated than females.
  4. AT shell the female has a small hole in the tail area for laying eggs.
How To Independently Determine The Gender Of The Red-Eared Turtle

Red-eared turtle

How to find the gender of the claws?

The claws of female reptiles are shorter than those of a male. Long claws are necessary for the male to hold the female firmly by the shell during mating. The short claws of the female bug are not pointed.

The option to determine the sex of the turtle by the claws is not very effective for prolonged captive reptile maintenance. Being on a decorative island in the aquarium, the red-eared turtle greatly grinds its claws.

How to distinguish a boy or girl on the back of the body?

To make sure that the sex of the red-eared turtle is correct, you should look at the back of the body. This factor is considered one of the most reliable, helping to understand what gender the reptile has.

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Pay attention to the following features:

  • at the female tail short and uniform, while the tail of a boy turtle has a relatively large length, wide base and tip;
  • the form cesspools females marching on an asterisk, this is necessary for laying eggs, in the male the anal opening resembles a longitudinal line;
  • location is important cesspools: in the female, she is closer to the base, while in the red-eared turtle-boy, the anus is located closer to the end of the tail.

How to distinguish gender on other grounds?

If you have any doubts when determining the sex of the red-eared turtle, you should pay attention to additional signs. These include the following reptile features:

  1. Female nose It has a rounded shape and is distinguished by yellow color. The nose of the turtle-boy is sharp and relatively small.
  2. When keeping several individuals at once, you should pay attention to their dimensions relative to each other. Females are larger in size than males, due to the function laid by them in nature to carry and lay eggs.
  3. Paws boys are strewn with spurs, while on the paws of girls they are much smaller.
  4. Head the male is noticeably distinguished by its size; a longitudinal red stripe is located on it, changing the hue to a more saturated one during mating.
  5. Upper jaw the turtle boy is distinguished by a whitish tone.
How To Independently Determine The Gender Of The Red-Eared Turtle

Trachemis in the Cavarium

If necessary, determine the sex of the red-eared tortoise by the laboratory method using x-ray and blood analysis. It does not make sense to use this method until the age of 7 years, because in males and females, sexual characteristics up to 7 years remain unformed.

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After 7 years, the male turtle has a greater amount of testosterone in the blood, using ultrasound in a female individual, it will be possible to discern the formed follicles.

How to understand the behavior?

To understand the gender of the turtle, just look at its behavior during the mating season. Such a method will be effective only if two or more individuals are kept. During the mating period, the male is more active than at any other time; he is trying by all means to attract the attention of the female. It is often possible to observe how the male literally pursues the female, biting her neck.

The female in any period is more calm in behavior than the turtle-boy. Her movements are measured even during the mating season, while the behavioral characteristic of the male is often clearly expressed aggression. According to experienced breeders, a male can also be distinguished by active nodding of his head.

During mating games, males may make specific squeaking sounds. However, this symptom is not indicative, since similar sounds during mating can also come from the female.

Determining the sex of the red-eared turtle can be difficult due to incorrect conditions of detention, which can cause severe hormonal disruptions. In this case, only the veterinarian will help to find out the sex of the reptile after examining the animal. The most reliable way to determine the sex of the turtle is a visual comparison of several individuals at once.

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