How to Increase Volume On Samsung Phone

Wondering how to increase the volume on Android Samsung? Although the phones of this brand are distinguished by relatively loud speakers, however, audio or files do not always have high-quality sound for full playback on them. There are several ways to increase the level of the built-in speakers using in-depth settings or third-party applications.

Set up the sound on your Samsung phone

To debug sound on your device, use the standard volume rocker. This is the name of the buttons located on the side of the chassis, above the power button. By pressing the button down, you can make it quieter, up. respectively, louder.

On the latest versions of Android, when you press the sound buttons, not one scale appears, but several. Using the touch screen, you can separately adjust the speaker volume during conversations, multimedia playback, system and program alerts. Just drag the value on the desired scale with your finger.

How to increase

  1. Sound effects are also customizable through settings. You need to open the phone menu and select “Settings”.
    How to Increase Volume On Samsung Phone
  2. Then select the “Sound and Vibration” tab.
  3. Among the parameters, select the desired one and configure each of them manually.
  4. Save the edited parameters.

How to make it quieter

To make the phone quieter, just press the lower button on the rocker. You can also lower the level on special scales in the settings menu as described above. Android also has standard modes that automatically adjust sound. For example, if you want to not only lower the noise level, but completely remove it, select the Do Not Disturb mode. And if on the contrary you want to hear a call or a message signal on the street, select the appropriate item.

How to make the speaker louder

Not all android users know that the speaker volume frames installed in the system are conditional. In fact, its capabilities are much greater, however, in order to avoid unnecessary load and breakage, the developers are laying down not the maximum value, but 20-30% less.

You can set the maximum level through the developer’s menu. To get into it, on most devices just type the command ## 3646633 ##, in the list that appears, select the item Hardware Testing, then Audio.

A screen will open with 2 items. Normal Mode and Headset Mode. Going into the first, you debug the sound through the main speaker, the second section allows you to edit the volume in the headphones.

Opening the section, you will see the Type parameter. Click on it and select Media. In the Level line, you need to set Level 0. In the upper and lower values ​​set new digits, the maximum value is 255.

Save the settings and restart the phone. The speaker settings change, not only when playing music, but also when making calls, program and system signals.