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TP-Link Router set speed limit for other wifi users (guest network wireless settings)

The router cuts Internet speed on Wi-Fi: Causes and quick solutions

In one of the articles, we have already examined how to increase the Wi-Fi coating area. Today we will find out why the speed of the Internet is cut through Wi-Fi through the router. Consider the reasons, ways to eliminate and prevent. We will discuss both hardware factors affecting the quality of the signal and the speed of the Internet on Wi-Fi, as well as software (settings of the router microperogram).

All manufacturers of network equipment indicate the packaging, in the technical documentation and on the device itself, the maximum speeding speed in theory. In practice, the 100 Mbps promised by the manufacturer/s nobody ever receives. At best, the result will be 10 percent less.

And immediately advice! If you pay for 150 Mbps, and the router used is capable of providing no more than 100 Mbps, replace it.

The choice of the optimal location of the router

Application of a common IEEE 802 standard.11n is accompanied by various difficulties. With a significant removal of the computer from the router or if the walls are present, the speed decreases to the value of several MB/s, which is lower than the minimum limit using modern Internet services. This is because Wi-Fi devices in the case of increasing the distance or the presence of the interference source switch to a more stable, but at the same time slowed down information transmission.

With a decrease in the speed of the Internet through a router, if the Wi-Fi signal level shows one or two strips, you will need to find a more suitable place to accommodate the device. The following factors affect the signal level:

  • Wall thickness and building materials used for its manufacture;
  • The presence of electrical wiring located near the device;
  • The presence of other routers;
  • High humidity.

The location of the router should be the center of the dwelling, preferably on the hill, it does not need to be obscured by anything. Thanks to this, the signal will penetrate all rooms, provided that the required power is available.

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The effect of signal enhancement can also be achieved by replacing ordinary antennas, not built into the case, more powerful.

If there are difficulties in determining the center of the dwelling and there is no information about the availability of interference, the best option would be to use special applications: Wi-Fi Solver FDTD to Android, Netspot to Mac, Hoatmapper to Windows.

It is not recommended to place a modem device near the bathroom or next to heating pipes. The presence of water nearby will affect the signal level. If there is a desire to take a bath in musical accompaniment, it is better that the music is reproduced with the help of columns, and not on a smartphone.


Sometimes Wi-Fi routers may look terrible, but this does not mean that the best place for such a device is deep in the closet or far beyond the sofa, by the way, that is why the design of the router is as important as its technical characteristics.

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If you want to achieve a good Internet connection, put a router in a prominent place. In the middle of the room, for example. In addition, place the antennas (if they are in stock) perpendicular to each other. A good solution would be to “nail” the router to the wall of the same room where the main receiving device is located, and it does not matter if it was a stationary PC, or a portable tablet. In the latter case, take into account how often you use the device in this place.

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Of course, the location of the router is determined mainly by the one where it will be convenient to connect Ethernet cable to it. So take this into account with the initial wiring of the latter.

Unrestrained Wi-Fi channels

In the usual range 2.4 GHz can have a significant effect on the number of the radio channel used. Non.Overeating channels in the range of 2.4 GHz. This is 1, 6 and 11, which means the speed of the Wi-Fi network of the router when using them will be higher.

24 non.Overturning channel is available at frequencies of 5.0 GHz, so this range is more preferable. These are features of the work of radio transmitters and nothing to do here.

The width of the channel

Since the standard 802.11n is more optimal and new, it provides for work on the width of the 40MHz channel. Of course, it’s cool. But there is one but that simply crosses out this opportunity. This is the quality of our Internet received.

It just so happened that for 40MHz you need a very strong and powerful Internet, otherwise such a channel width will give the opposite effect or will not work at all. We have a very weak Internet by European and Chinese standards. 40mhz. Not for us. Our native 20MHz.

The parameter of the port of the port

It helps not only to slightly improve the connection on the usual Internet, but also when connecting via ADSL and 3G/4G modems slightly improve the connection.

Helped? Advise your friends!

About 3G/4G, you can generally create a separate topic. Within one room, completely different indicators sometimes. Previously, there was really the priority of the base stations for the voice, now they swear that the situation has changed. But I somehow weakly believe. Regarding the router, I would advise you to wait for May when Keenetic Ultra KN-1810 comes out. This is the “crown” of the creation of kinetics. In my opinion, this will be the best router at the moment. I now have a KN-1010 gig on the test is also a very worthy and powerful device. Regarding the asus-RT-AC87U is also a worthy option, but in terms of functionality it still does not reach the kinetics. But the price is the same.

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Either they are hidden from you, or you need to throw such a router

Thanks! There was a problem with speed, changed the settings and really the speed rose several times!

I used to have 1mb second and now 20 kb maximum what to do I live in the village of Canal, Li, they were overloaded with providers, 2.5 Mb

Thank you so much for this article! Thanks to the item, the speed has increased from 3-8 Mbit/s to 50 Mbps and this is provided that the Skynet forum says without fail to put the channel width on the car!

Completed the instructions. The speed on the network increased. But the two Smart Samsung TVs lost the Internet. T.E. They are connected to the router but without access to the Internet

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DNS on them manually prescribe and will be happiness =)

increase, speed, internet, router, tp-link

Thanks a lot, it really helped, everything turned out, and the speed increased and stability, the connection ceased to break.

Route firmware update

In general, you need to make it a rule from this operation to start the initial setting of a modem or router before installing it on the network. Professionals do so, but ordinary users neglect this. And in vain! From the plant, wireless devices often go with a very old version of the software, which at best does not have a number of functions that appeared in later versions, and in the worst case, software is not entirely efficient. Therefore, if you think that your router is slowing down, try to reflash it first.

A striking example that you have to constantly meet is D-Link DIR-300 and DIR-615, in which various glitches appear from firmware to firmware. Not far from them, the ASUS RT-N10 and RT-N12 routers went, on which, as a rule, the cut functionality of the IPTV and Wi-Fi is unstable at the factory software.

In some cases, the only way to speed up the work of Wi-Fi router is to use alternative firmware. Over, this applies not only to budget devices such as ASUS RT-AC53, D-Link DIR-320, TP-Link TL-WR740N and TL-WR841ND. For example, fully reveal the potential and squeeze the maximum of fairly expensive routers such as ASUS RT-N56U, RT-AC68U can only with the help of alternative software from Padavan, Merlin, Oleg. For devices from TP-Link, free on Openwrt is perfect.

For D-Link Dir-320 and DIR-620, software is suitable from Zyxel Keenetic. Amazingly, sometimes one or more extraneous programmers manage to do what a whole team of highly paid developers cannot. You can find out if there is an alternative firmware for your router, you can only search the Internet according to the corresponding request indicating the model.

Correct settings of a router for high speed

Before you configure the router at the maximum speed of the Internet, you should understand current problems. If such problems arise, the technical department recommends that subscribers check the network work without the participation of the router, connecting directly to the PC. Checking is carried out using a web resource-SpeedTest.Net. If at the tariff 30 Mbps, do not hope to squeeze more. Therefore, first check the Internet speed with direct connection, and then via Wi-Fi. It is always necessary to have several data from different tests on different devices. Some gadgets have fixed throughput. So, there are several methods of increasing speed. How to set up a router at a maximum wi-fi speed? Consider several ways.

Channel change

The most elementary way is to find a suitable communication channel. Why is it necessary? When many Wi-Fi routers are installed in an apartment building, these devices often use the same wireless channel. In other words, radio waves intersect with each other, which is why various interference arises, which negatively affects the speed of the Internet.

The Wi-Fi Analyzer application will help to solve the situation on choosing a channel. Download the program from Google Play or App Store to determine the suitable channel and change the settings. Of course, this procedure sometimes requires experiments. Especially if a single.Band router is used. Are there any more ways to set up Wi-Fi speed on a router?

Two.Band router

A router that supports two Wi-Fi frequencies: 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, called. Two.Band.

A large number of neighboring networks greatly reduces the quality of the resulting speed. In such situations, even channel change does not give results. An ideal solution in this case will be to switch to a frequency of 5 GHz. This will need to purchase a two.Band router. Of course, their price differs (an order of magnitude more expensive). However, speed indicators are much better than it can be with a router that works at the same broadcast frequency (2.4 GHz).

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From pitfalls. Poor support for old devices. In fact, on the old laptop or smartphone it is practically none. Such devices remain 2.4 GHz. However, most modern gadgets already support the broadcast frequency of 5 GHz. In any case, the client still wins from the acquisition of a two.Band router. If the gadget is not supported in one network, it can easily switch to supported.

Good news is that 5 GHz is free from interference. According to the standard 802.11ac speed indicators are excellent.

It is advisable to use a two.Band router if:

  • Used, a lot of devices are connected to the network
  • Low Wi-Fi speed
  • Interruptions with a signal
  • Long buffering when watching streaming videos (online cinemas, HDVIDEOBOX, NETFLIX, etc.D.)

We update the drivers

What else needs to be known before setting a router for maximum performance? Pay attention to the wireless network receiver. If a powerful laptop or stationary computer has an obsolete Wi-Fi transmitter, you should not hope for high rates.

If the receiver on the device does not support the standard 802.11n, you can forget about the high speed of Wi-Fi.

Replacing such a detail is a very problematic business. However, you can update the driver to the device. Thanks to software improvements, the Internet speed is slightly improved.

Switch to standard 802.11n

If there are no old devices that do not support more modern standards in the presence, then we change the operating mode for the current one. 802.11n. Often in the router, many settings are displayed automatically. Thus, the work of the router is adapted to most different devices.

Changing channel width

To change the operating mode, we go to the administrator panel. Then to the Wi-Fi settings tab. Pay attention to the line “mode of operation”, where we select “11n Only” and confirm our choice with preservation. In the same section, we change the width of the channel to the value of 40MHz. We persist again and reboot the router. If some devices stop connecting, return to the factory settings.

WPA2-PSK security protocol

In many routers, the old encryption method has been established by default. Because of him, the user security is under a big question. In this case, the speed of the Internet is still significantly limited. However, after installing the encryption of WPA2-PSK, the problem can be solved.

Choosing a place

How close the subscriber is to the router, he will have a good signal. It is advised to place equipment in the place where users are most often located. Please note that Wi-Fi signal blocks the path of a concrete wall, glass, wood and many other objects. Therefore, in a large house, it is recommended to have two routers in one bunch to provide the best Wi-Fi coating.

How to Limit Internet Speed of WiFi Users in TP-Link Router [TL-WR841N]

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