How to Increase Samsung Galaxy Screen Brightness

How to Increase Samsung Galaxy Screen Brightness

One of the most unusual features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone is its screen. In this article, we will examine in detail the quality of the Super AMOLED FullHD matrix and image features in various modes.

Screen Specifications on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 is equipped with a Super AMOLED FullHD screen, which has a diagonal of 4.99 inches and a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels (441 ppi). In this screen, traditionally for Samsung, the PenTile scheme is used (that is, for each pixel there are not three, but two subpixels), but the actual location of the subpixels has changed once again.

Subpixel layout on Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 and HTC One screens

In practice, at such pixel density values, the negative PenTile effects are not visible to the naked eye, although when we shot the screen macro we managed to notice the “reticulation” of small image elements characteristic of PenTile. But, I repeat, in everyday use PenTile is completely invisible, the image looks completely smooth and clear, with excellent detail.

If desired, on the screen of the Galaxy S4, you can consider PenTile. if equipped with a microscope

Brightness and contrast

In our review of the Samsung Galaxy S4, we noticed a low maximum screen brightness. Then we had suspicions that this was due to the fact that we had a pre-sale version of the smartphone in our hands. Acquaintance with the “more final” instance confirmed these suspicions: another Galaxy S4 sample showed a screen brightness value of not more than 282, but 320 cd / m2.

In addition, as it turned out, the brightness of the white field strongly depends on the total number of light shades on the screen: if the entire screen is filled with white, then the brightness value is 320 cd / m2; if the screen is half-filled with white and half-black, then the brightness of the white field rises to 354 cd / m2; if only a quarter of the screen is flooded with white, then the brightness of the white field jumps to 397 cd / m2 2. Thus, when using the Galaxy S4, we recommend that you turn on the “white text on black background” mode in all programs. this will visually increase the contrast and readability of the screen in bright sunlight.

Without a doubt, this screen behavior is due to the desire of the manufacturer to increase battery life.

Color rendering

Samsung Galaxy S4 has several display modes: Dynamic, Standard, AdobeRGB, and Movie. The first three modes are very similar to each other: in the “Dynamic” mode, the phone “sticks out” red very strongly and has a higher color temperature to 7800 degrees, “Standard” makes the colors a little more muffled, and AdobeRGB differs from the “standard” only in color temperature (about 6900K).

Below you can see the results of screen research in AdobeRGB mode:

The color gamut of the Galaxy S4 screen goes beyond the sRGB color space and roughly corresponds to AdobeRGB, which allows it to display deeper and more saturated colors, especially green.

But the most interesting mode was unexpectedly the “Film” mode. In this mode, the color gamut of the screen is much closer to sRGB, and the color temperature deviates significantly from the reference value of 6500K only in the “lower” part of the gradient. in other words, the shadows in this mode will have a colder hue than light areas of the image.

Screen research results in the “Movie” mode:

In general, the Galaxy S4 convincingly shows that Super AMOLED, being well calibrated, is able to display the right colors.

Auto Screen Adjustment

Galaxy S4 is equipped with a light sensor, which is able not only to determine the level of illumination, but also the color temperature of the color. In the settings, you can enable the automatic adjustment of the display, while the screen itself will adapt to the conditions of external lighting. this applies to both brightness and color balance.

In the dry residue

The bottom line is that Samsung Galaxy S4 is equipped with a screen worthy of a flagship. If Super AMOLED screens of the previous generation had certain flaws, the screen in the Galaxy S4 did not have these problems initially. At the same time, some features of Super AMOLED screens (for example, the highest contrast) are still unsurpassed. In general, the quality of the screen in the Galaxy S4 makes it a worthy competitor to other flagship smartphones of 2013.

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Judging by the location of the subpixels, too much space between them is empty unused. Hence the low brightness.

It is more likely to see where the screen will go further.

Pasha, what’s your opinion about automatic brightness control in sgs4? I use only it, because in it you can get a higher brightness in the sun than with manual settings.

Specially checked in the bright sun. The maximum brightness does not differ from the automatic 5. True, this was on the previous firmware.

Let’s just say: it works more adequately than in previous Samsung models.

phew, but I thought it was another “watch tower” from the pentile witness sect

the fact that pentail flaws hides the resolution in dofiga to dofiga does not make the matrix better than 5″ FullHD IPS, here it is certainly not noticeable, and the difference is not really what you see with this resolution (strictly speaking, and at 4.7″ HD was not very noticeable), but still there is a pentyle pentyle.

and here the adherents of the sect pulled themselves up 🙂

what sect? it’s just that it’s impossible to write down a pentail in real life, if you looked closely, you could notice on Hd, probably not, but the absence of a pentail is better than its presence.

most likely, ips matrix FullHD 5″ even so will be better. The fact that the pentail is suppressed by the resolution is completely wrong to consider as a plus to anything, it still doesn’t look as good as on screens of the same size and the same resolution without a pentyle (but the truth is not noticeable with such resolutions).

Unclear. pentail is not visible, but still worse? Why worse if not visible?

It is suppressed that it is suppressed, but even so the picture if you look closely in comparison with the bezpentaylovaya matrix of lower definition will be. However, with normal use, this is of course not noticeable. That is, there is a pentail in any case, it has not gone anywhere, but even so the difference will not be easy to see) That is, the pentail is imperceptible from the high resolution of the screen, but at the same time the screen of the same resolution and size without a pentyle is still better.

Do you see a gopher? not. but he is

No matter how the Gnusmas fans push themselves, trying to convince themselves that the screen is excellent, but offer them to replace the screen in S4 with IPS (HTC One level, OPPO Find5, Meizu MX2) they will even agree to pay extra for this. One way or another AMOLED, especially with PenTile. this is a compromise.

Yes, in my life I would not change the fucking backlight on SAMOLED cooler than the screen, I just do not have it in the world. Think Gnusy can not deliver a balcony IPS. This is the past and SAMOLED is the present! Even og nefig)))

Better, you have one place bake = D

Thank you Pasha! I would never have thought of this, although this is not the first time I’ve heard about the function of dynamically adjusting the backlight. Here it is how

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