How To Identify An Original Iphone 7

With the growing popularity of the Apple brand, there are more and more fakes that are distributed around the world and sold as the original. Only recently could a fake be identified only in appearance. for example, the antenna in the iPhone or the shape of the case does not correspond to the real one, now the fakes can be very similar to the real ones in appearance, and therefore you have to determine the authenticity by software.

How to distinguish the original iPhone 7 from a fake? In this article we will consider the main signs by which this can be understood.

Warning methods

Take iPhone 7 in your hands. on the front side, you should definitely see the factory film with a tongue to peel it off at the bottom. Cardboard packaging with bright colors and a nice surface inside. Apple logo instruction. Also in the box there are headphones, cable, charger and all this is only white. Pay attention to the wires. they should be soft, unlike Chinese. hard or even plastic. There are no sharp angles, bursts or burrs on the parts of the headphones. The back cover of the device is non-removable. In the original gadget, the cover is removed only if you unscrew the screws. Slot for only one SIM card, no external memory card is inserted. The main “bloopers” not real gadgets:

  1. Errors in writing the brand, model, as well as name errors in the operating system.
  2. The back cover should be labeled “iPhone”, model number and certification marks.
  3. Lack of antenna.

Software Definition

We take the desired smartphone in hand, go to the menu, select “Settings”. “The main”. “About this device”. “Serial number”. From your smartphone, go to the manufacturer’s official website in the verification section (https://checkcoverage.apple.com). Enter the number of the iPhone you are checking. If it is not fake, then you can see its model, production date, telephone technical support and other information. If the apple device under test is not original, you will see a message “Unfortunately, this serial number is not correct. Check your data and try again.”.

How to distinguish iPhone 7 original from fake using the operating system

The original gadget has only one operating system and no other. IOS If you are a user of Apple technology, you should know how it looks (icons, button style, font, and more). If not. ask friends or acquaintances to help you recognize iOS from other operating systems.

How To Identify An Original Iphone 7

Check out the standard AppStore app. if the gadget is a replica, then you will be redirected to the Google Play Android application. If you are an Android smartphone user, then you will probably recognize this application.

You can also try connecting the phone you are checking to a laptop or PC that has iTunes installed. When you connect a smartphone, it detects it and will attempt to synchronize. If the program does not show any information, then it could not install the device, i.e. This smartphone is not original.