How to Identify a Repaired Lee Iphone 7 Plus

How to check iPhone for originality?

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Note: if the serial number of the gadget begins with a combination of “5K”, then in front of you is the iPhone of the Refurbished category, that is, repaired by the manufacturer or seller. Refurbished iPhone can not be called new fully despite the fact that the repair is usually of high quality and that Apple gives a full guarantee on such a device.

Check your earpiece and earpiece. During the call, the interlocutor should hear you well. Music should be played without interference and noise. Pay attention to the presence of a mesh speaker (it is located on both sides of the charging socket). If there are no grids, this means that the phone was disassembled. Ensure that the two screws that hold the back cover fastener are not damaged. They are located near the charger socket.

IPhone 7 must be checked for warranty but cannot be disassembled

But if, after all, there is an extreme desire to exercise this. and there can be no other reason, because an ignorant person, even after disassembling the case and pulling out all the guts, will still not carry out a quality repair. After all, even a simple replacement of the iPhone case or changing the charging connector requires certain skills. And explaining here to experienced craftsmen how to disassemble the iPhone is a silly exercise. But for those who are just curious, the instruction will be useful, because after looking at the features of the disassembly, perhaps they will abandon the short-sighted undertaking.

How to open an iPhone is a terrible question and the consequences of this action are completely unpredictable. Therefore, before you despair about this dangerous step, you should think carefully. After all, opening this device, even just removing the back cover of an iPhone, is already a difficult task. There are a lot of all kinds of loops and fragile parts that are very easy to damage. Then the smartphone only chop nuts and if it is in an aluminum case.

Sale of original iPhone with a guarantee in Vladimir

Without getting out of the box, the new iPhone can be checked for originality on the Apple website, using the serial number to check the possibility of warranty service. On iPhone, the warranty period starts from the moment you first turn it on. And if the site writes to you that this iPhone does not have warranty service, then it was already in use. And if your phone is displayed on the site, then when you activate it, the time period will be written on the site for how many months of warranty service.

The very first difference, in our opinion, is iOS. it’s an operating system, of course, it is similar to Android, but still when you use the android and switch to iOS you will notice differences that you quickly get used to. Plus, over time, you will discover new opportunities that are convenient to use, work great and delight the user every day when using them.

Water and iPhone

The next step is to contact any service in the vicinity as soon as possible. If you doubt the specialists and employees of the nearest service, ask only to turn off the battery and immediately return it, it will take them 5-10 minutes and it will cost a minimum of money. This will give time so that you can go where you think is necessary.

The plaintiffs managed to get explanations from the 3M management regarding the sensors. The company acknowledged that the sensors could work not only with direct moisture inside, but also with elevated air temperature or high humidity. Comments 3M is attached to the lawsuit of users.

Verifying iPhone Authentication by Serial Number and IMEI

If you need more information, by the same serial number you can determine here: the phone model for which country was manufactured, identifier and model number, main technical characteristics (processor clock speed, screen resolution, case color, memory size), year and month of release, as well as the manufacturer.

Was it repaired? The shades of the Home button and the protective glass should be the same. The charge / sync port and headphone jack should be in color with the iPhone. Press on the screen, the original touch panel “does not float” (pressing does not leave a trace).

Service iPhone under warranty in the service center. repair or issue a new one

Once again I want to note that the conversation is about the official repair shops authorized by Apple (list). Naturally, no one will change anything in the market or in a tent near the market (FE Uncle Vasya). Repair anyhow and let go in peace. In general, such places are best avoided. they will be done cheaply, but not for long.

How to Identify a Repaired Lee Iphone 7 Plus

As you can see, iPhone can both be repaired under warranty or replaced. How so? After all, everywhere they write that since Apple does not supply original parts to Russia, the only opportunity to repair a defective iPhone should be its replacement! I also inquired about this in the chat.

How does Apple warranty work when replacing iPhone

Since Apple does not repair, but exchanges for new iPhone certified for Russia under warranty, there are a lot of cases of replacing the device when the camera or other components breakdown. And as a rule, after this, the majority of owners have a question: is the warranty on the replaced iPhone now extended?

In this case, it would seem logical to go to a special section on the Apple website on the right to service and support. Here, by the iPhone serial number or other identification data, you can find out how much time is left until the end of the warranty on the device. But only after replacing the iPhone with a new one, you may encounter such a message:

Workable ways to check iPhone battery

Like any part, the battery has its own resource. Battery life is determined in cycles. This is the number that determines how many times the battery has been fully charged. Charging the battery from 50% to 100% is considered half the cycle, and charging from 25% to 50% a quarter of the cycle, charging from 0 to 100% is a full cycle.

At high temperatures (from 35 ° C), the iPhone battery degrades. If you remove the battery from the iPhone, then we will immediately see that it is “swollen”, in our service we call such batteries “pregnant”. If the battery has been very hot and swollen, then only its replacement will help, it will not cure itself, even if it cools down. It is imperative not to leave the iPhone in the sun or on a hot surface. The problem can be seen if you look at the display under the rays of light. there should be a bulge replacement because The battery presses on the display.

Replacing the screen on the iPhone 6: instructions

Next, remove the protective panel with tweezers and disconnect the cable for the home button with an opener or spatula. Before you remove the key itself, it must be heated with a special hairdryer or a simple light bulb. This is because the home button is glued for tightness by the manufacturer.

Quite often, when the phone is damaged, only glass is broken, while the matrix of the screen remains operational. In this case, it would be wise to simply replace the glass with a new one, which will allow the owner to save money. However, in this case, you still have to turn to experienced craftsmen for help, since replacing glass on your own can hardly be done correctly. This is due to the fact that the glass itself is firmly attached with glue, and it is impossible to remove it without using special equipment. To do this, you need a special hairdryer to heat the screen, a glue remover, specialized glue itself and an ultraviolet lamp. All this is quite expensive, so it will be more reasonable to contact a specialized workshop. Otherwise, there is a great risk of spoiling the screen matrix. So, if you replace the screen of the iPhone 6 (original) yourself, it is better to replace the entire screen unit, following the instructions.

IPhone 7 Plus Camera Replacement

  • The loop has failed. This element is responsible for the coordination of the sensors, sensor, diaphragm and other nodes. It may just come off when the phone falls or get damaged. The cable can be completely repaired (if it just left) or replaced with a new one.
  • The protective glass is damaged. It is also subject to replacement, but it is advisable to do this in the absence of defects on the internal nodes. Often, if there is a crack on the lens or glass, it means that the mechanical effect was strong and affected the internal modules.
  • The problems were caused by a software failure. This problem is fixed after changing the firmware and also does not require replacing the iPhone-7 Plus camera.

With all of the above malfunctions, specialists from our workshop can handle it. We will be able to find out what exactly was broken after the diagnosis. We provide this service for free. If the damage is more serious, we will suggest replacing the rear or front cameras with analogs or with original units removed from disassembled iPhones.