How to Identify a Meizu M5 Model

How to Identify a Meizu M5 Model

Often when buying a smartphone you have to deal with a fake. Understanding how to learn the Meizu model, it is easy to avoid such a mistake. Original smartphones of this brand have specific distinctive features that help determine which gadget you got

Why recognize the phone model

In some situations, you may need a gadget model. Usually determining the mobile model is important to understand whether the original phone is in the hands of either a copy. Non-original smartphones work extremely unstable, can periodically fail, deliver a lot of other troubles to the owner.

In a service center, a non-original device will not be repaired simply because it is fake. It is not possible to give a warranty on the device after repair. Therefore, companies of service centers are not associated with such problematic gadgets. Therefore, checking the model of the device is important.

How to determine the brand of smartphone Meizu

The easiest way to investigate the correspondence of the phone version to the original is to check the case. Each Meisu line has individual external features:

  1. M is the most common budget line from Meizu, which is characterized by a streamlined body and a stylish rear panel in bright color design.
  2. M Mini. compact phones, only noticeably smaller in size than standard models of the M series.
  3. M Note. such gadgets were called phablets. They are characterized by a large screen with a bright display and rear panel. These include M3 Note, M5-M6 Note, 8 Note, etc.
  4. U. the line of this series is distinguished by a housing made of aluminum. They are considered the most expensive devices.

There are many other series of devices from Meizu, most of them have Flyme firmware, but it is these models that are most often doubted about the originality of the device. Often external data for authentication is not enough. There are other ways to determine the model. But using them will require access to the operating system.


IMEI code refers to a unique digital combination that identifies a smartphone in the international classification of such gadgets. Such a digital encoding is available exclusively from original mobile phones, because of which the authenticity of the gadget is easily verified. There are several ways to define IMEI:

  1. USSD team. You need to start the call application, enter a simple combination # 06 # and click on the call. A message will be returned with the IMEI code.
  2. Device menu You need to go into the settings, select the tab about the phone, then the status and IMEI item. On the page that opens, 1 or 2 codes can be indicated that identify the device, which is determined by the number of SIM-ok lots.
  3. For each Meizu gadget, IMEI encoding is written on the packaging in which the smartphone was sold. Usually it is indicated on the back cover under the barcode. The IMEI on the box should be compared with the encoding in the settings.

Now the identification code needs to be verified in the international classification. You need to go to the appropriate site, enter the code and start verification. After that, the system will analyze and give full information about your device.

By serial number

Sometimes an identification number is not enough to determine the gadget model. Then you can use another useful numerical combination. a serial number. You can find it by analogy with the identification code: on the box, through the command or in the device menu. The USSD request to get the serial number looks like this: # 0001 #.

The serial number is useful for receiving, and not less useful information:

  • the code starts with L, which means that Meizu refers to this particular series;
  • 91 at the beginning of the number indicates the device belongs to the M series;
  • if Q follows after 91, then the gadget does not have international firmware and it was released for the domestic Chinese market, but in the Russian Federation it did not pass certification;
  • after 91 follows H. the device is equipped with international firmware and manufactured for export.

On the latest models, the serial and identification number are displayed on the back of the device as a sticker. If there is nothing, then the gadget, most likely, someone has already used or it is fake.

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Through the operating system

Checking through the OS just involves the use of an identification or serial number. These verification methods are already described above. If the check shows that the device is fake, then do not give up. Such a smartphone will turn on, it can be unlocked by entering a password, it will call and send messages, through it you can even create a Flyme account to store information, etc.

Just working a fake gadget may be unstable. Although there are cases when copies are practically inferior to the originals. If the smartphone does not work, then it is better to contact the seller for a refund, arguing that the serial or identification number is not confirmed.

How to find out if Maizu is locked

It happens that the device does not turn on, and therefore the operating system is not available. How to find out Meizu model if it is locked. There are several solutions.

  1. Even if the gadget has a broken screen or it is locked, you can understand its model by the external characteristics of the case.
  2. Carefully inspect the box in which the smartphone was supplied, since it also has information on the model of the device.
  3. If the battery is removable, then there is data about the phone inside the device, under the battery.
  4. For new devices with a built-in battery, a sticker with the necessary data is glued to the back of the case.

In general, to find out the model and authenticity of mobile devices to Meise is simple. It is enough to know the system data like identification and serial number. This data will help you find your device in the international system of mobile devices and determine its exact model.