How to hide notifications on the iPhone lock screen

How to hide notifications or their contents on Android and iOS

Sometimes it’s convenient that just looking at the blocked screen you can read the contents of the notification that came: you do not need to waste time unlock, everything you need is at hand at hand. So everything is arranged in an ideal world, but we do not live in it: people often surround us and many of them will be happy to put our nose into affairs that do not concern them. Fortunately, on modern smartphones there is an opportunity to hide important information from prying eyes and now we will tell you how to do it.

This operating system offers to work immediately with all notifications. To choose the desired display mode, we go into settings. Applications and notifications. Notifications. Next, we find the blocking screen and notifications on the lock screen. Here you can choose how many notifications you want to see on a blocked screen and whether you want to see them at all. If you want a notification to be displayed without unlocking, but without text, translate the “Notifications containing confidential data” to the “OTKL” state.As usual, in this place we should note that, depending on the operating room used on your smartphone, this path may slightly differ from the described in our instructions. Let this not be confused, the result will still remain the same.

Setting Push notifications for iPhone

Setting notifications for each application is carried out separately, starting from the very inclusion of the reception of alert to the style. To do this, you need to go to the “Settings” menu and select “Notifications” item. There will be a list of applications for each of which information will be displayed, whether there is permission to display notification of messages received on the smartphone from applications.

Notification style. Sticker. A red counter with the number of coming from a specific application (in this case from the “mail”)

hide, notifications, iphone, lock, screen

In order for the possibility of viewing Push messages on the lock screen, in the settings of the smartphone you need to select the “Notifications” item. Here you need to stop and transfer the switch to the right position on the line of the menu “Showing miniatures”, which on the iPhone means that the notifications will be displayed on the blocked screen.

The banner displayed on the lock screen can also be configured. To do this, everything in the same settings section must be selected “Banners”. By default, upon receipt of a notification from the application, a banner with notification of this is displayed on the upper part of the screen, after which it disappears automatically after a while. There is an opportunity that the banner does not disappear until the user performs certain actions with him. He looked or closed.

Note! The frequency of repeated appearance of notifications on the screen is also adjusted: they can appear up to ten times every two minutes.

If the user desired, the notification will not be shown on the blocked screen, but will be available for reading in the “Center for notifications”. To do this, just turn off the banners, sound signals and miniatures.

The notification of notifications can also be configured at will. To do this, click on the “notification” settings in the same section “Notifications”. Here is complete expanse for creative nature: you can turn on or disable the sound of incoming alerts, select stickers style and their view.

It is possible to include incoming software messages in groups, and the distribution can be carried out both manually and automatically, entrusting this procedure to the smartphone itself, or you can completely turn off this option. All these actions are made from the “Notifications” settings menu to the “Group” submenu.

In the settings, you can hide and disable notifications

Note! Perhaps the most interesting type of notification from the applications installed on a smartphone is a restriction on the location. That is, you can configure in advance, when you find it in what place will be a reminder from the program (for example, the iPhone will remind the child to call parents after he came home from school, or notify his spouse after leaving the working office that you need to go to the store or call home).

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This in many ways useful function is included in the “Privacy” settings menu. In it you need to select the “Geolocation Service” item and note the application reminiscent of some business depending on the geozone in which the user will be located.

If the need for such an option has disappeared, then it can be turned off in exactly the same way that was turned on.

How to disable the fraud on iPhone

Push notifications are notification of different applications that appear on the main screen and are accompanied by a sound signal. Pushs are a fairly useful function, as they allow you not to miss important messages in messengers about also information about the receipt or write.Off of funds from a bank card.

How to Hide / Show Notifications Preview on iPhone Lock Screen

If a large number of applications are installed on the iPhone, Pushi deliver a lot of inconvenience. The user probably understands the importance of notifications from instant messengers and social networks, however, notification from games and other programs of far from the first necessity only distracts a person from really important cases.

Therefore, despite all the advantages of push notifications, in some situations they have to be disconnected. This can be done both for a specific application and for all programs at once.

For individual applications

The best option is for those who are constantly faced with useless notifications from applications that are rarely used, but at the same time bear some value. For example, it can be games. Often such programs send the owner of the iPhone reports that his game energy has been replenished. This is done so that it opens the application as often as possible.

Of course, the importance of such notifications is called into question. The same applies to news services if the user is used to getting information at a strictly allotted time after starting the program. So to turn off the guns from specific applications will be needed:

  • Open the settings of the device.
  • Go to the “Notifications” section.
  • Choose the program of interest.
  • In the column “Style of reminders” to choose the meaning “no”.

If everything is done correctly, then notifications from this program will cease to appear on the main screen. But at the same time, the sticker will be displayed on the application icon after receiving a new message. In the case when this function is not needed, you should move the slider to the left of the corresponding point.

You can also configure the sounds of notifications. The disconnection of all sliders will lead to the complete absence of any signals from the application. The user will be able to find out new information only after the direct launch of the program.

For all applications

It happens that notifications are so bored that the owner of the iPhone decides to disable notification at once from all applications. This usually happens with most busy people who do not want to be distracted by trifles. If your situation is correlated with a similar vision, then you can deactivate notification for all programs available in the smartphone memory.

In the first case, it is necessary to open the settings of each application separately in order to refuse to obtain a guide. You can cope with the task faster through the “Notifications” menu:

Now notification will cease to appear both on a blocked and on an unlocked screen. For repeated activation of the function, you will need to do the same, choosing the value of “always” or “if unlocked” in the “shows of miniatures” in the “shows of miniatures”.

As an alternative option for disconnecting alerts, you can consider the “do not disturb” mode. You can activate it through a notification panel or in the iPhone settings.

How to hide the text of any notifications on the iPhone lock screen?

We go to “Settings” → “Notifications” → “Show of Miniatures”;

In the menu that opens, select the option “never”.

By default in the phone settings, the preliminary show of the notification text is activated “Always”. If there is no personal confidential information in your correspondence, and you are not afraid that third parties can see your messages, you can safely leave the function of connected.

In the “never” mode, the text of the messages on the blocked screen will not be displayed. It will only be seen how many messages were received and through which application.

The option “without lock” will hide the contents of the notifications on the lock screen. But as soon as the phone is unlocked, the preview will become active.

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How to hide the notifications on the iPhone lock screen

Do not let people look into your texts, hiding the preliminary viewing of notifications on your iPhone.

We were all there: we hear the ping and instinctively look at the notifications of the phone, even if they are not ours.

If you are afraid that other people look at your notifications, intentionally or not, the iPhone has a quick solution that allows them to hide them without turning off the notifications completely.

How to hide the preliminary viewing of notifications for certain applications

Iphone | Hide Whatsapp Message On Lock Screen & Notification Bar (2020)

Notifications from applications that you use to exchange messages, banking, investment and work may contain confidential information that you want to hide from prying eyes.

This includes pre.Viewing text from applications for messaging, such as messages, or information about invitations from the calendar. On the other hand, you may not be disturbed by notifications from your gaming and entertainment applications.

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Using your iPhone, you can configure notifications for each application so that you can hide the preliminary viewing of notifications from certain applications, and not from others. You can even completely turn off the iPhone notifications display.

To hide the pre.Viewing of notifications for a specific application:

Never choose if you do not want to pre.Watch notifications to be displayed even after unlocking the device.

Choose when to be unlocked if you want the notification to be displayed on the lock screen without displaying any contents. On the iPhone with Face ID, looking at your device, you can unlock it to open the pre.Viewing of notifications. Meanwhile, if you have a device with Touch ID, you need to attach a finger to the Touch ID sensor before you can see the premise of notifications.

How to hide notifications for all applications

If you want to stay safe, you can hide the pre.Viewing of notifications for all your applications. Do it:

Never risk your confidentiality

Although in most cases this is harmless, there are cases when preliminary viewing of notifications displays confidential or personal content that you would not want other people to see. Hiding a notification preview can be a great way to hide them from unwanted views.

How to hide messages on iPhone (2022)

Confidentiality is of paramount importance in the era of digital technologies, and by irony of its fate there is almost no. However, when it comes to things such as personal photos or e.Mail protection, it is important to protect your information. In the same way, your messages, of course, are one of the most personal types of data on your iPhone, and you would not want someone else to get access to them. Well, don’t be afraid, because we will tell you how easy it is to protect your messages on iOS. Here’s how to hide messages in the iPhone.

If you fully use IMessage or use safe messages for messaging, such as Telegram or Signal, or maybe even WhatsApp, you can hide your messages. In fact, although Imessage does not have the right way to hide or block your chats, most third.Party applications support the Face ID and Touch ID lock. In this article we will consider how you can hide/block your chats in all these applications.

You can use the table of table to go to the application that you want to use.

Hide messages from the lock screen/notification center for iPhone and iPad

It makes no sense to hide your messages if fragments are easily available from the lock screen and from the notification center. For better protection, you should also prohibit the display of notifications about messages in the style of the banner, and in general you should protect the iPhone lock screen.

Go to the “Settings” application on the iPhone or iPad and select “Notifications”.

Now scroll down to find the “Message” application and select it. In the “Enlightenment” section, remove the block “Blocking screen”, “notification center” and “banners”.

Hide pre.Viewing messages from the lock screen on the iPhone and iPad

Ios offers an effective universal solution that allows you to hide the first viewing of the text on the iPhone or iPad lock screen. You must use this function of confidentiality as much as possible to ensure an additional level of protection of your personal messages.

Go to the “Settings” application on the iOS/iPados device. Notifications. Messages.

Now scroll down to the section “Appearance of the lock screen” and click “Pre.Viewing”. On this screen you have three options to choose from:

  • Always: Select this parameter to always display the pre.Viewing of notifications on the lock screen of your device.
  • When unlocked (by default): Select it to display the pre.Viewing of notifications only when your device is unlocked.
  • Never: choose this parameter so that pre.Viewing your messages always remain hidden on the lock screen.
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Hide notification from certain chains of IMessage conversations on iOS and iPados

Apple Messages application allows you to hide notification from certain branches of conversations. You must use this function to protect your more personal or confidential conversations.

hide, notifications, iphone, lock, screen

Go to the “Message” application on your device. A specific branch of the conversation.

Now touch the name above, and then turn on the switch next to the “Hide notification” item. Be sure to click “Ready” in the upper right corner to confirm the action.

Hide IMSSAGE using the effect of invisible ink bubbles on iPhone and iPad

Imessage is supplied with confidentiality oriented with the effect of a bubble called “Invisible ink”, which allows you to hide the text behind the blurry animation. A person receiving your iMessage must erase invisible ink to open a hidden text. Since this cool bubble effect has been launched in iOS 10, I use it to protect my personal messages. Try this text effect, and I’m sure you will like it too.

Hide WhatsApp chats on iPhone

Archives are a convenient way to hide whatsApp messages. So, if you want to hide some of your personal WhatsApp chats, try this simple but effective way.

  • Go to WhatsApp on your iPhone and find a chat branch that you want to hide.
  • Now spend on the left of the chain of messages, and then click the “Archive” button.

How to hide the text of all notifications on blocked iPhone

If you need to hide the text of all notifications that come to the iPhone, this can be done in the settings of the device. Open the “Settings” application and select the “Notifications” section.

Upper point. “Show of miniatures”. Click on it.

Select “never” so that the text of the notifications is not displayed upon receipt.

You can choose the option “without lock”. Then the notifications will be displayed when the iPhone is not blocked. Including when the lock screen is activated, but the blocking itself was removed (that is, the code is entered, if it is set).

Now that you will receive messages in messengers or social networks, instead of the text of the notifications, information about the number of these notifications will appear.

How to hide notifications on iPhone, iPad

Not everyone knows how to make it so that the iPhone is not visible. Surely every user knows about the existence of the iPhone miniatures function, but not everyone knows how to use this opportunity correctly.

In order to hide notifications, the user must act as follows:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu. Usually on most iPhone models this menu is depicted as a gear, but there are exceptions.
  • Select the “notifications” option from several proposed options.
  • Further, the user will be invited to decide on the desired way to display: “always”, “never”, when unlocking ”.
  • If necessary, choose a show or conceal of miniatures for each individual mobile application.

If you want the text to be always shown on the lock screen, you should choose the option “always”. There is also an option “if unlocked”. In this case, the notifications will be displayed only in the absence of locking. And finally, when choosing a “never” option, a brief message under any circumstances will not pop up on the blockage screen.

Important! Each user selects the option that is convenient for him. Then it will be possible to change your decision.

There is another interesting option. To remove the text of the notifications, leaving only information about the number of new actions or messages for each specific mobile application. This will help the regulator “Notification access” will help.

Hiding messages means protecting your confidentiality

hide, notifications, iphone, lock, screen

Changed default settings apply to all notifications. Now, neither SMS nor texts from social networks will be shown on the screen.

Text video

During the day, messages often come to us.And if at this moment we do not look at the phone, then the messages are displayed on the blocked screen.But sometimes such messages can be very personal, and someone can accidentally read them.If you do not want this to happen, then you can hide the text of coming messages.

And how do you maintain the privacy of your messages? Write your answers in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

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