How to hide apps on Samsung

How to hide an app on your Samsung phone. How to hide an app on your Android or iOS tablet

Modern users install a large number of different applications on their phones. These can be messengers, banking programs, games and other software. Almost every smartphone allows you to set a password on the lock screen, which significantly protects the device from unauthorized people. But due to unknown reasons not all users use this option, and everybody wants to keep their data safe. That is why a reasonable solution would be to temporarily remove program icons from the desktop. Simply put, let’s look at how to hide an app on Android.

Hiding applications can be useful in almost any case. For example, your smartphone is used by other family members, who do not need to see the installed on the phone programs. Such a solution will also significantly increase the amount of free space on the desktop by removing icons of rarely used software.

In most cases, you can hide the application using the built-in system capabilities, but you can also use special utilities. We propose to consider each of the methods, breaking down in detail all the advantages and disadvantages.

Calculator Vault

This is a handy tool for “masking” applications. Calculator Vault duplicates the app you want to hide in your “separate space. Once you’ve added an app to Calculator Vault, you can remove it from your phone and it will now only be available here. The app allows you to set up password protection, but it works with biometric sensors. over, if you don’t enter a password, you can use Calculator Vault as a regular calculator, so if you “don’t know where to look,” you won’t notice the difference.

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App Hider

App Hider works on the same principle as Calculator Vault, but it has a few interesting features. With App Hider you can hide not only applications but also individual files.

This is useful if you want to “hide” a particular album, as well as selected photo or video files from the main “gallery. Another feature of App Hider is the ability to “masquerade” as a label of another application, which will help you hide personal information even better.

How to find a hidden app

The way you find hidden applications depends on how you hid them. When using the features of the settings, you usually need to do the following:

  • Go to “All apps“.
  • Press the three dots to open the additional menu.
  • Choose “Show all programs”.

If third-party software or lunchers have been used, then the principle of action here is individual. But usually you need to open the general menu, click on the three dots icon and select “Show hidden programs”.

Simple hiding an application from the menu

The first way is the easiest: it simply removes the application from the menu, but it continues to remain on the phone with all the data and can even continue to work, if it runs in the background mode. For example, hiding a messenger by this method from your Samsung phone, you will continue to receive notifications from it, and by clicking on the notification, it will be opened.

The steps to hide an app this way would be as follows:

  • Go to Settings. Display. Home Screen. Second method: Click on the menu button in the list of apps and select “Home Screen Settings”.
  • At the bottom of the list, click “Hide apps.”. Deleting and disabling applications
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You can simply uninstall applications, and for those where this is not available (Samsung built-in applications). disable them. This will make them disappear from the applications menu and stop working, sending notifications, and consuming traffic and power.

  • Go to Settings. Applications.
  • Select the application you want to remove from the menu and tap on it.
  • If the “Uninstall” button is available for an app, use it. If there is only “Turn off” (Disable). use this button.

If necessary, you can re-enable disabled system applications later.

How to hide the application via Android settings

The easiest way to hide an application is to use the settings of the Android operating system itself. This also frees the internal storage from unused files (Figure 1).

  • Go to the settings of the operating system and open the “Applications” section.
  • Click the application icon to be disabled.
  • Remember that this feature is available only for system applications. All third-party software downloaded from Google Play can only be uninstalled.
  • The application icon will appear in the window that opens, and the “Disable” button will appear below it.

The easiest way to hide an application is through the settings of the operating system itself

All that remains is to confirm the action, but after hiding the application it will be impossible to use it. If the user regularly needs to use a hidden application, it is better to give preference to third-party programs.

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