How To Hide App On Android Samsung

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is another handy launcher for hiding apps. The program may require root rights, you can get them in the following ways.

Nova Launcher download link.

To hide program icons using Nova Launcher, you should:

  • Open app drawer.
  • Nova Settings Application Drawer Groups in Application List.
  • Tap on the item “Hide applications”.
  • Highlight the required programs and go back. Changes will be saved automatically.

Hide icons using the app bar

Android 4.0 and higher have a built-in function to hide application icons. To use it you need:

  • Enter the application panel. On the screen, it is indicated by a round or square symbol, inside which there are several squares. This section contains all installed games, utilities, etc.
  • Open the Applications tab at the top of the display.
  • Open a menu of additional options. You can find it either at the top of the screen on the right, or at the bottom in the right or left corner.
  • Highlight the icons you want to remove from the Android home screen.
  • Confirm hiding by clicking “Finish”.

To return hidden program icons to the screen, you can use the same instruction, at the last step unchecking the corresponding programs.

How to remove a mobile application from the menu

We will describe the SIMplest way to remove a program from the general menu. But at the same time, it will continue to work and will issue system notifications (when you click on which you can activate the application).

Let’s look at hiding apps using Samsung Galaxy as an example. There are several steps to follow:

  • Enter “Settings” Android.
  • Select “Display”, and then “Home screen” and “Screen settings”.
  • There is another way: enter the list of applications and use the menu button to find the tab “Home screen settings”.
  • In the list that appears, open the item “Hide applications”.

Specify the programs that need to be removed from the menu and click “Apply”.

The marked programs will no longer be visible on the Android home screen, but will continue to function. To make them visible again, you can perform the same actions, respectively, unchecking the hidden applications.

Note. This method of hiding apps will not work if you are using any alternative launcher that is not installed by default on your Samsung phone.

Hide it Pro (Hide Pictures)

The application can hide pictures, music, videos, other files and applications. In addition, you can set a password to open certain programs. You will need root rights to work with Hide-it-pro.

To clean up the home screen you need:

  • Run the program (in the menu it is disguised as Audio Manager). To do this, you need to click on the icon and hold it.
  • The application will ask you to set a password and provide an email address. After these actions, the main menu will open.
  • Click on the “Hide Applications” icon.
  • Hide-it-pro will ask for permission to install the plugin. Confirm the action. In addition, the program will notify you of the need for root rights.
  • Open the item “All applications”.
  • Select the application icons that you want to hide, click “Ok”.

Hiding applications with third-party programs

Sometimes it is necessary to hide the application from prying eyes so that it continues to perform its functions without being displayed on the screen or in the menu. It is not always possible to do this using the forces of the operating system.

There is a way out. Install the launcher (application for changing the interface) and use its functions. This method is applicable for Android versions that support the installation of such utilities (from 4.0 and higher). We list the launchers and methods of masking applications.

How to hide unwanted apps on Android OS

In this guide, we will look at how to hide an application on Android using various methods (including the standard one) and applications.

Android device manufacturers (Google, HTC, Lenovo, Xiaomi) often add branded applications, of which there can be quite a few. At the same time, gadget owners rarely use them. You won’t be able to uninstall applications using standard methods, since they are built into the shell. But there is an opportunity to hide them; this will remove downloaded updates, application icons and unload the smartphone’s memory.

The need to hide the application also arises if the user wants to classify photos or correspondence. In this case, you can hide the icons of the corresponding applications (messengers, social clients, Gmail mail) from prying eyes.

Apex Launcher

Open Apex Settings Tab.

Enter “Application menu settings” (if there is such an item in the launcher), and then into “Hidden applications”.

Highlight applications to be removed and tap “Save”.

Usually even the icon of the Apex itself is hidden. By unchecking it, you can add it to your Android home screen. Conversely, hidden applications can be displayed.

How to disable the application

You can turn off unnecessary apps that waste your phone’s resources. As a result, the application will stop working even in the background. Disabling and hiding apps this way is very easy:

  • Go to Android Settings.
  • Open the section “Applications” or “Application manager” (depending on the OS version).
  • In the list that appears, mark the applications that need to be disabled.
  • Click on the “Disable” button.
  • Confirm the action by clicking “Ok”.
  • The system may request permission to revert to the original version of the application. You must agree, otherwise the application can be disabled. Just click “Ok” and wait for the process to complete.

You can activate the program through Settings: go to the “Disabled” section and activate the required application.

Smart Hide Calculator

This is another program for hiding confidential data from third parties.

Smart Hide Calculator disguises itself as a calculator with a corresponding symbol in the menu and is password protected. You need root rights to work.

You can hide applications like this:

  • Download Smart Hide Calculator, open the app.
  • Open the item “Freeze Apps”.
  • Select the required applications and confirm hiding.
  • To return icons to the home screen, use the “Un-freeze Apps” option.

Using a third party launcher

Some users are pondering how to hide apps on Android without disabling them. They want them to continue working in the background, but are not displayed in the menu. It is impossible to achieve this by means of proprietary shells or “bare” Android. But the third-party programs Nova Launcher and Apex Launcher can help. These are original launchers trying to change the interface of the operating system. In our example, the choice was made in favor of the second launcher, since it is a little easier to learn.

Install and launch Apex Launcher. Wait for the transformation of the desktop, then tap twice somewhere on an empty space on it.

Click on “Apex Settings”.

Here you should select the “Application menu settings”.

Go to the subsection “Hidden Applications”.

Check the boxes for those programs and games that you do not want to see in the menu.

Click on the “Save” button.

That’s all. In the future, you can re-enter this section of the launcher settings to uncheck the boxes and return the display of application icons in the menu. And do not forget that removing Apex Launcher or switching to another shell. Any of these actions will return the display of hidden programs.

Using Hide Pictures. Hide it Pro

If you do not want to install a third-party launcher that takes up a certain amount of RAM, then try downloading and installing Hide Pictures. Hide it Pro. Despite this name, the program is able to hide not only photos. The creators gave the utility such a name so that a stranger would not guess what actions must be taken in order to see if there are hidden files, folders and applications on the smartphone.

Attention! For the full operation of the program, you need to obtain root rights!

It is noteworthy that the application helps not only hide icons, but also set a password for opening programs and toys. And it doesn’t matter to him what kind of launcher you have installed. If you want to hide any icon, then follow our instructions:

Install and run Hide Pictures. Hide it Pro. Note that under the program icon there is a completely different name. An outsider will think it is a volume control utility.

At the first launch, you will be notified that to gain access to the main functionality of the application, you need to hold your finger on the logo with the inscription Audio Manager. Follow the advice.

Now you need to choose which type of protection you will use. In our case, this will be a numeric pin code.

Enter your password or pin code, then click the “Save” button.

Confirm your actions by clicking “OK”.

Please enter your email address. In the future, this will help restore access to the program if you forget your password. Click the OK button. In theory, this step can be skipped by clicking the corresponding button, but this is not recommended.

Click the “OK” button when you are notified that the email address has been saved in the application settings.

You will be taken to the start window of the program again. Hold your finger on the top logo.

Enter password.

Click on “Hide Apps”. Or “Hide applications” if you have a Russian-language interface.

Now you need to grant the program superuser rights. To do this, click “OK” in the pop-up window and, if necessary, confirm your actions. If in the future you do not want to see a pop-up window, then check the box next to the corresponding item.

Go to the “All Applications” tab. Click on the program you wish to hide.

Confirm that you want to hide the selected application. To do this, click “OK”. It is possible that after this you will again have to grant the program superuser rights.

That’s all. Hidden Android apps will not be visible in the menu. But you can always find them in this utility, in the appropriate tab. Clicking on its icon will make the program visible again. In the same way, you can open a hidden application. In fact, it will be a kind of demo mode.

Hiding unused programs

Modern versions of the Android operating system allow you to literally freeze any application if you have not used it for a long time. This will free up some RAM and will also hide the application icon. Of course, the program will stop working in the background, so this method is not suitable for all users. If this does not scare you, then do the following:

Go to “Settings”.

Click on “Applications”. Somewhere it may be called “Application Manager” or something else. You may also need to go to the “General” tab.

Now select the program you want to hide (disable).

Click on the “Disable” button.

Confirm your action by clicking on the “OK” button.

It is possible that you will be prompted to install the original version of this application. If you do not agree with this, the disconnection will be impossible. Therefore, you will have to click on the “OK” button and wait for the end of the process.

Unfortunately, Android does not allow you to disable all programs. For many of them, you SIMply will not find the corresponding button. Well, if you want to return the disabled application back, then there will be no problems with this. You just need to go to the aforementioned “Settings” section and proceed to the “Disabled” tab. Here you can tap on the program you need, then click on the “Enable” button.

Please note: on Android version 9 and higher, you will not be able to hide the application using this method.

How to hide an app on Android?

Earlier on our website, we wrote about how you can hide files and folders on Android. This task is easy enough. What if you need to hide the application? After all, this is not a separate file, to the name of which you can add a period. But actually hiding the app icon is not much more difficult. How exactly this can be done is written in today’s article.


These are the three easiest ways to hide different programs from the menu. Don’t forget that you can hide various media files with Hide Pictures. Hide it Pro. Although it’s much easier to rename them for this by adding a period to the beginning of the name. No root rights are required for this.

How to hide icons with Hide It Pro

This is a very useful application that is suitable if you need to hide files of different formats. After downloading it, the user will see the Audio Manager. Thus, Hide It Pro disguises itself so that no one can guess the true purpose of the software.

  • After the first launch, you will see several sliders designed to adjust the sound volume, and at the top there will be a name that you need to click on within a few seconds to get into Hide It Pro.
  • After a long press on the name, the user will be prompted to enter a secret code that will be used for subsequent logins.
  • After that, we get to the main menu, where you can start hiding files. Hide It Pro has a very SIMple interface. To hide the file, click on the corresponding icon, depending on its type. Images, various records, music and others.

Next, create an album and add the files you want to hide. All added objects will become inaccessible for the entire device, you can only look at them through Hide It Pro. In the Play Market, you can download various plugins that will help expand the functionality of the program.

How to hide an app on Android

Author: rf-webmaestro Posted on 02/22/2018 Updated 02/08/2019

It often happens that the owner of an Android smartphone downloads programs for personal use and wants to protect them from prying eyes. To do this, you need to learn how to hide applications in various ways. In this article we will answer the question: “How to hide an application on Android”.

Standard methods

On modern versions of Android, users can disable the app completely when not in use. After disabling, even in the background, it will not work, so this solution is suitable if you want to remove the preinstalled programs. This will slightly increase the amount of free RAM and allow you to hide the shortcut.

We need to do the following:

  • Go to smartphone settings.
  • Find “Application Manager” among the items. On some devices, you first need to go to the “General” tab.
  • A list appears that can be flipped between the Loaded, In Progress, and All tabs. Activating the third tab.
  • We select the application that needs to be disabled. In the window that opens, click on the “Disable” button.
  • Next, we confirm the action by clicking the “Yes” button.
  • Sometimes it is suggested to install the original version. If you agree with this, all updates for this program will be removed from the phone. To return everything back, follow the first 3 points, then click on the “Enable” button.

There is another standard way to hide the icons in the menu. It will work with almost all versions of Android, including removing shortcuts from the menu on the Blackway BV6000s phone. So you can hide from the desktop not only standard programs (calls, SMS), but also downloaded ones (Telegram, Vatsap). To use this method, you must:

  • Press the “Menu” button. After that, several items will appear.
  • Select “Hide”.
  • Check the box next to the icons you want to hide;
  • To enter the program, click on the button “Show hidden applications”.

If for some reason you want to hide applications from prying eyes, there are several ways to do this. You can use the standard methods, which are suitable for devices with Android version below 4.0. For more modern gadgets, you can use various applications that offer additional functionality.

Apply Smart Hide Calculator (root)

The software is a calculator with an additional function. The ability to make icons invisible. The program is very easy to use. After downloading, upon first opening the user will be prompted to enter a number. The specified numbers will serve as a password for subsequent openings.

For the software to work, you need to get root-rights. To hide unused programs, enter the password and then press “=”. Smart Hide Calculator allows you to lock files of any format. You will also be able to immediately hide entire folders or all files that have a certain format. To do this, you will need to perform the following actions:

  • Open and enter password.
  • In the window that opens, select the item “Freeze Apps”.
  • Next, mark those programs that need to be made invisible.
  • To return everything as it was, select the item “Un-freeze Apps”.

Using the launcher

Various launchers also allow you to hide the shortcuts of rarely used applications. Suitable for those devices on which the Android operating system is higher than 4.0. Apex Launcher will cope with such a task. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Install the launcher from Google Play and select “Apex Settings” from the menu.
  • In the window that opens, select “Application menu settings”.
  • Select “Hidden”.
  • After that, check the boxes opposite the programs that you want to hide and click the “Save” button.

This video will help you learn how to hide icons with Hide It Pro.

How to hide an app on different Samsung Galaxy models

Hide an app on a Samsung Galaxy. Why would you need it at all? There are enough reasons for hiding. The most common reason is that unauthorized people have access to your mobile device. Someone is annoyed by the abundance of icons on the phone screen. Let’s see what you can do if you own a Galaxy. The instructions below apply to different models, including A50 and J3.

How to uninstall an app

If you downloaded a third-party application to your tablet, then clean your gadget from it without any problems. Regular files will not be affected. The aLGorithm is familiar:

  • Moving to “Settings”.
  • We are looking for available programs.
  • Click on each one in turn and delete.

Remember: the scheme does not apply to system software. Android OS reliably protects files, the deletion of which will affect the functionality of the shell. The “Delete” button will not appear next to important applications. It will be replaced by the option to temporarily disable.

Disabling the application

The annoying software can be easily removed and disabled. All this can be done in the general menu of your A5. We’ve already figured out how to hide an app on your phone, but now we’ll look at an alternative scenario. This mechanism will appeal to those who have swung at Samsung’s system applications. It will not work to destroy these programs, and to temporarily disable them is easy. The steps are:

  • Go to the section with applications through the settings menu;
  • Click on an inconvenient program;
  • Tap on the “Turn off” button.

In some versions of Android on Galaxy, the user will see a “Disable” button. This is an insignificant detail. The meaning remains. If later there is a desire to restore the old picture, repeat the route taken.

How to hide an application so that you can use it

Many Samsung Galaxy models have an option called “Secure Folder”. The logic is that you hide the application, but have the right to access it after entering the password. This is a fairly effective method to hide an app on Samsung Galaxy. Novice users do not even know about the existence of a protected folder. But in vain. This is a useful function.

Moving on to the details. The software is installed directly into the specified folder, and information from the main repository is dumped there (if desired). A copy of the program is also protected. You can even get a separate account. Start by setting up Secure Vault (some users seal the folder with biometric data). Click on “Settings”.

Start adding the software you want. This is done from the phone memory, Galaxy Store or Play Store. In the last two cases, account information will have to be typed again.

Done. In regular storage, the application can be easily removed. Its copy is installed in a protected folder. Encrypted access will not affect the operation of the program.

How to manually hide an app from the menu

The SIMplest way is to operate through the menu. The program will not disappear anywhere, but it will cease to be conspicuous and interfere with work. You don’t need to install anything, you will still receive notifications. Algorithm of actions:

  • Go to the section with settings.
  • Move to the “Display” tab.
  • Find “Home Screen”.

The second option is to click on the “Home Screen Options” hiding in the tab with applications. It’s not quite standard, but the easy way.

Unscrew the bottom of the list. There will be an option “Hide applications”.

Here you need to mark the programs that are currently interfering with you. Now look for the “Apply” button. It is present in all the latest versions of Android.

Now your smartphone displays what you wanted. Everything is functioning, don’t worry. When returning icons to their previous positions, use SIMilar settings.

How to find a hidden app

Click on the round “Application bar” icon. Move to the menu (top of the display). The option “Show hidden applications” will appear (in some models of smartphones, you must act through the section “All”). You already know how to hide an application on your phone. And what about the reverse process? You can also act through the setup menu. Algorithm:

  • Tap the gear.
  • Select from the list the section with the installed software.
  • Touch the “All” key.
  • Enjoy the result.

Done. Now you can hide and find programs on Samsung mobile devices. Use this skill and do not be afraid of prying glances at the smartphone screen.

Smart Calculator

Another option is to use the Smart Calculator add-on. Such a program is disguised as a regular calculator, and hidden applications are displayed after the user has entered a numeric password.

With the help of such a program, you can hide not only hidden add-ons, but also several files or folders. You can hide the program in the following way:

  • Entering the program, enter the password.
  • Having found the hidden part, press Freeze.
  • After checking the required applications, confirm the action.
  • To restore hidden icons, run the add-on again and select the Unfreeze option in the hidden part.

If the user has forgotten the password, then you must enter a combination of numbers from 1 to 9. You can use a SIMilar application as a calculator.

Hide pictures

You can use the Hide Pictures add-on. It can not only hide photos and application icons, but also set a password for programs and games. To open the desired icon, follow the instructions below:

  • First you need to install the utility. The icon of this program will be under a different name so that a stranger does not guess anything.
  • After the first launch, the user will receive a notification that to access the functionality, he must click on the corresponding logo.
  • Then you need to select the type of protection, for example, pin code.
  • Entering the code or password, press “save” and confirm the action.

To work with such a utility, you must specify your email address in order to restore access to it if necessary. After the address is saved, the user will be taken to the start window.

After entering the password, click on the Hide sub-item and grant the application user rights. To do this, you need to click OK and confirm the action. If you no longer want to see the pop-up window, you need to check the box next to the corresponding item.

Going to the “programs” tab, you should click on the application that you want to hide. In this case, you will need to again confirm the granting of user rights to the program.

After that, hidden programs will not be visible. However, they can be found by going to the appropriate utility tab. By clicking on the application icon, the user will notice that hidden programs have become visible.

File managers

If you need to hide the utility on your phone or tablet, you can use the App Hider file manager. The way to use it is SIMple. Hidden applications are copied, after which the system deletes the original version.

The program in question is a kind of environment for running the copied software. If necessary, you can hide it behind a regular calculator.

This method has disadvantages. If you need to return a hidden program to the menu, the add-on will have to be downloaded again. After all, only a hidden version, adapted for App Hider, remains on the device.

Some programs are not supported by this utility. However, the developers say there are few such additions. You can work with the application in the following way:

  • After downloading the add-on, you need to run it and click Add. After selecting the desired programs, click Import.
  • After copying, the imported programs will appear on the desktop. After hiding them, you need to touch the icon and click Hide. To confirm the action, click Uninstall.
  • Finally, run uninstall.

To restore hidden software by reinstalling the utility, touch the icon of the selected add-on and click Unhide. To go to the application page, click Install.

You can hide the App Hider itself. To do this, go to the Protect subsection. When the tab opens, click Set Up. After specifying the PIN, click Confirm. The app will be removed from the menu, and Calculator Plus will appear in its place.

Getting started with the main utility is easy. To do this, you need to enter a thoughtful combination. This application is the best solution as it combines usability and high security.

How to hide an app on Android: TOP 5 launcher apps

The main task of the user is to protect personal data. An option for hiding an application on Android is to hide the program icon. There are various ways how you can do this. Using standard methods or using file managers and launchers that can be downloaded to your phone. The nuances of these methods should be understood in more detail.

  • Standard options
  • Launcher application
  • Nova Launcher add-on
  • File managers
  • Hide pictures
  • Smart Calculator
  • Using AppMng 3

Standard options

An easy way to hide an app icon on Android is to turn off the add-on completely when not in use. As a result, it won’t even run in the background. This option is suitable if you need to remove the preinstalled program on android. This will not only hide the shortcut, but also increase the amount of free memory.

The process will be discussed using the example of a Samsung phone. The user needs to do the following:

  • Enter device settings.
  • Find the “Add-ons Manager” button in the options. When working with some devices, you must first go to the “general” tab.
  • In the list that appears, you need to open the tab “all applications”.
  • Next, you need to look at the list of add-ons and select the program that should be disabled and press the appropriate button.
  • You need to confirm the action by clicking OK.

A common way to hide a program on Android is to click the “standard menu” and select the “hide” option. Check the box next to applications that you want to hide. You can enter them by clicking “hidden add-ons”.

Launcher application

A common program for hiding applications on Android is a launcher. It allows you not only to hide the menu, but also to change the desktop and customize the theme you like. Can use it for Samsung 442 too.

To make the icons invisible, you first need to open “customize Apex” and then “add-on settings” and “hidden programs”. After that, select the options you want and click “save”.

The peculiarity of this utility is that you can launch hidden applications by restoring visibility. That is, it is necessary not only to enter the required password, but also to repeat the indicated actions. By default, the launcher is in hidden add-ons.

Nova Launcher add-on

Another option is to use the Nova Launcher add-on. In appearance, it resembles the stock operating system, only it has more settings for the elements of the mobile interface.

It differs from Apex in that you can only hide add-on labels for a fee. To do this, you need to adhere to the following instructions:

  • Going to the application panel, select the “settings” item and go to the menu.
  • After that open the “Groups” tab.
  • After selecting the desired applications, exit the settings menu to save the changes.

Using AppMng 3

And you can also use the App Mng 3 add-on. It allows you not only to hide programs, but also to clear the cache or check the amount of memory. To hide applications, you need to perform a number of actions.


The add-on automatically transfers the user to the settings. This is convenient as it saves the user time. After entering the application, the user will see a list of hidden programs. A SIMilar add-on can be downloaded for free on Google Play.

How to hide an app on Android: in different ways

To do this, there is a tool built into Android since version 4.0. The latest devices on this operating system have such an opportunity. And it doesn’t matter if you use Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi or Samsung.

How to hide an app shortcut on Android. How to find and get it back

How to hide apps on Android? Out of habit, we still call modern smartphones “phones”, but the difference between old “mobile phones” and today’s smart devices is great. First of all. A huge number of all kinds of possibilities. Let’s figure out how to add privacy to your device.

Apex Launcher

  • After installing Apex from the Play Store, we find its settings.
  • We are looking for “Application menu settings”, and after. “Hidden applications”
  • It remains to highlight the shortcuts.
  • We save.

Nova Launcher

Some of Nova’s best features are missing from the free version. Having paid, it will be possible to download Nova Launcher Prime.

How To Hide App On Android Samsung
  • In the app drawer, find “Nova Settings”.
  • Open the “Application menu”, look for “Groups in the list of applications”.
  • Select “Hide Applications”.
  • Here we SIMply select the programs to be hidden. You don’t need to press anywhere. Everything will be recorded by itself.

Can I hide apps on my phone?

Gadgets allow you to hide any shortcuts. What for? First of all, to clear out the desktop. Modern gadgets combine an organizer, a telephone, a PDA, a media player and are a kind of virtual office. And, like in an office, everything should be in order. The second reason is the desire to SIMply not “shine” a certain application in front of others. Maybe the conversation in the messenger is confidential. Maybe in the photo gallery there is a snapshot of a planned birthday present for a loved one. Or a child may accidentally look at something not entirely censored.

How to hide the application icon on Android through launchers

In this text, you have already mentioned launchers. By installing the launcher to your liking, you can expand the potential of any OS, regardless of manufacturer. Don’t like the asceticism of MIUI? No problem. Don’t need Samsung Experience gadgets? There is always an alternative.

How to make icons invisible with Smart Hide Calculator

Smart Hide Calculator is not called by chance. This is not an obvious program that pretends to be something trivial so that strangers won’t find it.

Once again, we note that such utilities require root access.

Application bar

Application icons are hidden here.

  • We go into the panel by clicking on the icon at the very bottom. It is square or round, with dots inside. Here, most smartphones have a list of installed programs, although some devices. For example, Xiaomi, have their own interface without such an icon.
  • At the very top, the tabs will be available: “Widgets” / “Applications”. We need apps.
  • We are looking for additional settings. If the device is relatively new, they will be on the top right. If not, then look in the bottom right / left corners. Next, select “Hide”.
  • Now all that remains is to choose what disappears from the screen. The phone will count how many icons will no longer be considered public.
  • Now we are looking for “Done”.

Hide it Pro instructions

  • We find in the Audio Manager menu, indicate the e-mail. This is how you can get your lost password back.
  • Click on the logo, open the settings. Enter password.
  • After entering, click on Hide Apps. A window will appear, specifying that there is nowhere without root. We agree.
  • We find the tab “All applications”, select everything that you want to hide, click “OK”.

Shell settings

If you just need to hide this or that software from prying eyes, then the function built into the shell will come in handy.

    Go to the device’s desktop and make a long tap on an empty space. When the toolbar appears at the bottom, click on “Home screen settings”.

Scroll down to the “Hide apps” option and click on it.

Done. Now the selected software will not be displayed on the desktop and in the application menu. This method is SIMple in its implementation, but its use does not guarantee complete confidentiality, since the application will still be visible in the system (for example, in the software manager).

“Protected folder

For quite some time now Samsung has been adding a special safe space to its devices, allowing, for example, to separate personal information from work. In the current versions of the One UI proprietary shell, this function is called “Protected Folder”, and it will be useful to us in hiding applications.

    Let’s start by activating Protected Storage. If you already have it active, go to step 5. In One UI 2.0 and newer, access to the “Protected Folder” is moved to the device shutter “.

In older versions of the shell open “Settings”, then go to the path “Biometrics and security”. “Secure folder” (“Biometrics and security”. “Secure folder”). The first item may also be called “Lock screen and security”.

After preparation, you will need to sign in to your Samsung account. If you don’t have one, you can create it right from here.

Next, you need to select a blocking method (password, PIN-code or pattern). Please note that biometrics (fingerprint, face or retina unlocking) is only available as an optional option.

After making the required changes, the secure partition will be created and ready to use.

Select an application or several with a single tap, then click “Apply” or “Add”.

Done. The program added to the “Protected folder” will be available only from there.

This method is much more effective than hiding in the launcher, but it creates inconvenience when using a hidden program.

Hide the app on Samsung Android devices

Versatile options

The above methods for hiding applications are specific to Samsung software, but this does not mean that common to all Android devices will not work. These include a variety of third-party software, the work with which one of our authors has already considered in a separate material.