How To Hard Reset On Huawei

How to reset Honor and Huawei to the factory settings to cope with the task is not difficult, but you need to consider in advance that in some cases not only the working parameters and passwords are deleted, but also all data stored on the device, including photos, contacts, music and applications.

What is a hard reset?

Under the phrase “hard reset” hides a complete cleaning of the current settings of the smartphone. As a result, users get an absolutely “clean” device “like after buying a new phone”. Only the previously installed Android updates remain unchanged. Their rollback has recently become impossible, since Android developers have protected the operating system from user intervention and changes.

Preparing to reset

To prepare your Huawei 6a / 7a / 8x / 9 lite / 10 smartphone for rollback, you will need to save important files and information in a safe place. To do this, it is recommended to use:

  • cloud storage;
  • external memory. flash drives, PCs, laptops.

If you do not transfer useful files, they will be deleted without a trace without the possibility of subsequent recovery.

How to make a full reset on Huawei and Honor?

To completely reset the settings, you can use:

  • smartphone system menu;
  • recovery menu;
  • HiSuite program.

Each of the mentioned methods equally successfully allows to achieve success, therefore, users are able to independently choose an option acceptable for them, without fear for the final result.

How to reset Honor phone to factory settings from the system menu

To use the system menu, you must:

  1. open the “settings” application on the phone;
  2. to find the "system" among the proposed sections;
  3. select the subsection "reset";
  4. After that, it remains to choose the best suitable action.

You have to choose between resetting “all settings”, “network”, “phone”. Other options are not provided by the developers.

Partial reset

When you select "all settings" is a partial reset. As a result, the passwords set by the owner for unlocking, PIN codes, saved fingerprints and face scans are deleted from the phone. The rest of the data, including photos and applications, is saved. That is, after using the specified solution, the user will have to re-set access parameters to the device.

Full reset

To reset Huawei and Honor to the factory settings, you need to select "reset phone". As a result, all user data stored on the smartphone will disappear, including correspondence, contacts, photos. It is important to remember that their recovery will be impossible, therefore, before you roll back to the basic settings, it is recommended that you save important files to external media or to the cloud.

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“Hard Reset” through the recovery menu

To make a “hard reset” through Recovery, you need to use the following instruction:

  1. simultaneously hold down the volume up button and turn on the device;
  2. wait for the boot screen to appear and release the power button;
  3. after turning on the menu, select wipe data;
  4. confirm the decision in the dialog screen.

After it remains to wait and restart the smartphone, click the reboot item in the recovery.

How to reset Honor to factory settings using three buttons?

If the Recovery menu turns out to be unavailable, there is an alternative solution that allows you to do only with keys. To roll back the system will have:

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  1. hold simultaneously all three buttons for device control;
  2. after the start menu appears, release the power key, holding down two buttons. decrease and increase the volume;
  3. Do not release the keys until the phone restarts.

Using One Click

One Click service will require the same actions that were performed when using Recovery, but it differs from the mentioned menu in that:

  • One Click. a third-party application;
  • After a complete reset, the program restores the phone settings to the state selected by the user.

It is important to consider that applications and erased files are not returned; only system settings can be returned.

Via computer (HiSuite)

It will not be possible to make a Hard Reset on Honor and Huawei using the HiSuite service, but users are able to delete unnecessary files through the computer, including contacts, programs, photos. The advantages of this approach in the quick search for redundant and unnecessary components. But to restore the factory settings, the described method is not suitable.

How To Hard Reset On Huawei

Additional Information

Having figured out the features of returning the smartphone to the basic parameters, users should look at a few important nuances that will help to avoid trouble. You should find out about them before resetting, since it is impossible to cancel the rollback system.

Found a phone, can I reset the settings?

If you find someone else’s phone, it is recommended to search for its owner or immediately give the find to the police. Otherwise, you may encounter allegations of illegal possession of someone else’s property or even theft. Restoring basic settings does not interfere with smartphone tracking.

After resetting the factory settings requires a password

Requiring a password for a Google account is an important feature of some Huawei smartphones. Account information is stored in the phone’s memory, even if you throw off other parameters. Account information is needed to protect your phone from intruders.

What should I do if I can’t start the recovery?

In case of difficulties with starting Recovery, it is worth restoring the factory settings using the buttons (instructions above). If this method of recovery does not help, there remains a call to the service center and a full flashing of the device.