How to Hang a TV in the Bedroom

After the repair in the bedroom, many people update the equipment in this room. After acquiring a TV, many do not know what height to hang it on. After all, not only ease of viewing, but also security will depend on its proper location.


Before deciding what height to hang the TV in the bedroom, you first need to decide on the place where it will be located. He choosing the right place will depend on the viewing comfort, and the height at which the device itself will hang.

To determine the location, you must lie on a sofa or bed in the bedroom in a comfortable and familiar position for you. Now you need to determine on which wall the TV should be mounted so that it is as convenient and comfortable as possible to watch.

Experienced experts say that the point located in a straight line from the center of the bed to the wall is considered the optimal location, and the height of this point will be adjusted later. It is with this arrangement that the TV will be clearly visible to all people who are located in the bedroom, and when watching it, there will not be any inconvenience.

How to Hang a TV in the Bedroom

If the device will be hung in a single room or a nursery, it must be placed on a diagonal line from the center of the bed. In this case, even when turning, there will be no discomfort when viewing, and the screen will be clearly visible from any position.

When the potential installation location of the TV is already selected, you can immediately proceed to calculate the height at which it will need to be fixed.


There are two ways to choose the optimal height for placing the TV on the wall. The first is based on the usual convenience of viewing it, and the second is based on medical recommendations and manufacturer’s advice.

  • Determine the height level, where the bracket mounts will be located if lie in your favorite position on the bed, close your eyes for a second, and then sharply open them and immediately look at the wall. The point at which your gaze rests will be the middle of the television screen. So, it is here that the main bracket will be located. Choosing this option, it should be understood that such parameters as the distance from the bed to the wall and the size of the screen diagonal are not taken into account here. So, choosing this method, you cannot be sure of the safety and comfort of your eyes when watching a TV that is hung in this way.
  • The second method is based on mathematical calculations and the advice of doctors. The optimal distance between the eyes and the device with a liquid crystal screen is its diagonal multiplied by three, and for plasma screens this is the product of the diagonal and the number 4.

New televisions with an LED or 3D panel can have absolutely any diagonal screen size, but different extensions, for example 720 or 1080 units. The mounting height of such TVs is calculated by a special formula:

  1. For TVs with a screen extension 720 units of mounting height is equal to the product of the screen diagonal by a factor of 2.3.
  2. For TVs with extension 1080 units, this value is equal to the product of the diagonal by a factor of 1.6.

But when choosing a height, you must also take into account the distance from the bed and directly the eye to the screen of the device.

Optimal distance

Many ophthalmologists say that the minimum distance from the eyes to the TV cannot be less than its diagonal times two. Such a recommendation is fully justified, but it does not take into account the type of screen of this device and its resolution. Therefore, this method of calculating the distance from the eyes to the screen is applicable only to older models.

The distance from the eyes to the LCD TV should be no less than the sum of its two diagonals, and from the plasma monitor to the eyes, no less than the product of its diagonal and number 3.

Useful Tips

In order to watch the TV attached to the wall was not only convenient, but also safe, it is recommended to follow the following tips during installation:

  1. Maximum deflection angle from the television screen when viewing should not exceed 30 degrees.
  2. Minimum height from the floor for TV installation cannot be less than 1 meter. Otherwise, there is a risk that the TV can be accidentally hooked and it will fall.
  3. It is best to place the sockets at a distance no more than 45 cm from the central bracket.
  4. It is very important to consider the height of the furniture, over which the gadget will be located. The minimum distance from the chest of drawers or the armrests of the sofa to it is 25 cm.
  5. If possible it is better to install an adjustable bracket. This will allow you to change the angle of the TV, if necessary, depending on the position on the bed and the number of people who will watch it.
  6. If the TV is installed in the children’s bedroom, it’s better not to be limited to just one bracket. It is best to purchase a special TV wall mount. In general, the height for its installation is selected by any of the above methods.
  7. When buying a bracket, make sure, that he can support the weight of your TV. It is best to purchase brackets specifically designed for your TV model.
  8. Check periodically, how securely the TV is fixed.

In conclusion, once again I want to note that the correct height at which the TV in the bedroom should be mounted should be selected in accordance with all the parameters given, that is, the height of the furniture, the size of the room, and the distance from the screen to the eyes. Only in this case can you choose the correct and safe height for attaching it.