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Browser update on Samsung Smart TV TV

It’s time to forget about those times when the ceiling of the functionality of the TV was showing television channels from other countries. Now, the level of development of these devices has increased so much that it is not possible to call them televisions, because in terms of capabilities they are more reminiscent of computers. It is not surprising that now such a technique is called only Smart TV, which means smart TV.

But complex technique needs the same difficult care. In particular, this applies to updating programs and the availability of browsers. On Samsung TVs there is a built.In Internet access, and even an application store called Samsung App TV. But many users do not like it and does not fit, because they think about updating the browser on the Samsung TV or want to download and install a new browser.

Possible problems and their solutions

One of the key problems is the problem of video playback and the lack of updates. This situation arises when the firmware is incorrectly configured. This problem is solved by reinstalling a new firmware, if you cannot solve the problem yourself, call the master home or take the equipment to the service center.

The vast majority of Samsung intellectual TVs have a default browser built into the firmware. And manufacturers do not provide a separate update for the browser, offering only periodic updates of all software. However, they often simply forget to update the browser. This can cause a number of unpleasant problems with browser freezing and even the inability to work with modern sites.

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However, for some models, updating the firmware is the only way to update the browser on Samsung Smart TV.

Through the Internet

A simpler way is to update the Internet.

  • In the intellectual concentrator mode, open the menu.
  • Go to the support section.
  • Select the software update.
  • Click “update now” or “update from the network”. Depending on the model any mark can appear.
  • Automatic update verification is performed. If they are found, a window will appear with a request to confirm the action.
  • After receiving a positive answer, the update will begin.

Never turn off the TV while installing a new firmware. When the process is completed. This can take from several minutes to more than half an hour. The system will reboot.

Do not disconnect the TV from the power source during the update process. Non.Compliance with this requirement can lead to serious damage to the operating system.

Update by means of a flash drive

Sometimes it is more convenient to install an update using a flash drive. This method is suitable when there is no network connection or the network is unstable.

For updating using USB flash drive:

The TV will find an update on a removable medium and offer to install it. The device will restart during installation.

The firmware is best loaded from the official website of the TV manufacturer.

The use of dubious sources can lead to a malfunction of the device.

During the update, the TV cannot be turned off, and the flash drive cannot be removed. This will allow you to easily install a patch in your system, especially in the web browser.

Updating third.Party browsers

Sooner or later, even third.Party browsers need to be updated. Otherwise the software will hang, giving poor image quality. Unlike the built.In type, these applications can be updated separately, and not along with the firmware. To do this again in the Smart Hub software menu, find the browser that you are looking for and click on it. If there are updates, they will be installed. Of course, this will take much less time than updating the firmware, but still at the moment it is not recommended to do anything.

You can even simplify your life and make this process automatic. To do this, go to the application settings and in the “Automatically Update” section, check the line “Automatically update”. After that, you will not have to follow new versions, and your applications will work stably.

Downloading and installing

Often, owners of modern SMART system devices do not know how to download and install a web browser for Samsung Smart TV. In fact, this procedure does not cause any problems and difficulties, first of all, you need to use a special assistant called Smart Hub. In addition to a large list of available options in this system, there is an application store, the name of which Samsung App TV.

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Each remote control, sold with the SMART device, is equipped with a bright hexagonal button, after clicking on it, you can instantly go to this system and start a search for a suitable option. From a large list of the proposed options, you can choose the desired browser from the proposed list or dial the necessary name in the search. Then it remains only to download the selected application and install it on your Samsung Smart TV.

The download process itself passes as quickly as possible, after the choice of a suitable program is made, you need to click on the OK button on the DU and read the detailed description of the browser. If its functionality turns out to be suitable, you should choose the command “Loading”, after its end for activation, you will need to click on the “launch”. After downloading the browser, each owner of the device will be able to fully assess all the advantages and features of the system.

Despite the fact that this technology has not yet become widespread, it is gradually gaining momentum and becomes more and more popular and is constantly evolving. Now each user can create his own account and save individual parameters and settings, connect any mouse and keyboard to TV, as well as use the advantages of the Wi-Fi and Lan system.

Samsung App TV

Samsung App TV

This is the name of the official application store Samsung, through which the TV software is updated and installed. He is in all new TVs with the Smart TV option. Typically, a browser has already been preinstalled on the telepressel, which has the following advantages:

  • Step-by-step transition to web pages;
  • Widgets are downloaded straight from the network;
  • Flash technologies are used to work;
  • You can open a lot of windows, while the performance will not decrease;
  • Resolution (number of pixels horizontally and vertical). 1920 x 1080;
  • A smartphone can be used as a control panel (after synchronization).

In order for the built-in browser to work more correctly and faster (after all, the manufacturer makes changes to it), it needs to be updated. You can do this yourself, but together with the observer, the TV firmware is updated. The algorithm of actions:

  • Open the menu.
  • Choose section “Support”.
  • “Software Update”.
  • If this window is empty, then there are no “upgrades” so far. If they offer to update, they press “OK”.

As a rule, the firmware is downloaded quickly, which largely depends on the speed of the connection.

[Tutorial] How to change newer Samsung Smart TV to other regions for more apps and settings

How and where to download a browser for Smart TV, released by third.Party developers:

  • On the TVs of Samsung, a special SMART program is installed so as not to look for it in the menu for a long time, it is enough to pay attention to the remote control panel. There is a bright hexagonal button, by pressing which this program will open.
  • In the window that opens, the user will be offered many applications available for download and installation.
  • Finding the necessary browser is not difficult. To do this, either turn over the list of programs until they stumble upon it, or enter its name in the search bar, which noticeably narrows the search query.
  • Having found the desired observer, it remains to download it and install it.

In general, that samsung, that LG, with the Smart TV function, work on Android OS, so browsers are identical to them. But, on some TVs it is more convenient to use some web browsers. So, options for Samsung:

  • Opera. One of the best, in terms of compatibility, browsers for Samsung TVs. Users note its following advantages: fast loading of pages, traffic saving, intuitive management. If the TV operates under the Android OS, the Opera Mini observer, in which the advertising is also, is also suitable for him, there are no spam and other factors distracting from viewing;
  • Yandex Browser for Smart TV. This observer works on the same core as Opera, Google Chrome, so expansion is installed on it without problems that make it more functional. Of the advantages: a minimalistic, understandable user integer, a “smart line” for a quick search for information. It also has a built.In “turbo” option that accelerates the loading of pages (it will be useful for those who have a low Internet speed). Actual news is displayed on the main page of the observer. In this case, the browser can be synchronized with a computer or phone;
  • UC Browser. A less popular option, however, with its “chips”: traffic compression technology, gesture control, synchronization with other devices, fast startup panel. There are fewer plugins for him than for the opera or Yandex, but all the necessary.
  • Open the Smart Hub program.
  • Entered the catalog of installed applications.
  • Choose the desired browser.
  • Check for updates, if any, download.
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Possible problems and their solutions

One of the key problems is the problem of playing video and lack of updating. This situation happens if the firmware has become incorrect. Such a problem is solved by reinstalling a new firmware, if it is not possible to fix the problems on our own, then we call the master at home or take the equipment to the service.

How to Factory Reset (Back to Original Settings) on Samsung Smart TV

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How to get an alternative web browser on Samsung TV

Unfortunately, you cannot remove the pre-loaded Samsung Smart TV web browser or load and install an alternative. However, there are workarounds that allow you to use another web browser.

One way to gain access to an alternative web browser for Samsung TV is to use a connected streaming module of multimedia, for example Roku. Fire TV. Google Chromecast or Apple TV. You will use the remote control system for these devices for navigation according to their web browsers.

Roku offers several browsers that can be downloaded and installed from your channel store. Poprism is free, but much more limited than the Samsung browser. Other options are Web Browser X and Web. But both require a subscription fee of 4.99. Per month, which does not make them a very good choice for a limited budget.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV offers Firefox and Silk browsers, which provide greater flexibility. After installation, they will appear on a home screen with the inscription Firefox and Internet (Silk).

One of the features of Firefox and Silk browsers on the Fire TV device is that in addition to using navigation controls on the Fire TV remote control, you can also use ALEXA commands to search on the Internet.

browser, samsung

Nevertheless, bookmarks of individual pages and password preservation are not available in Firefox version of Fire TV. In addition, although you can view images and content, you cannot download them. Firefox version of Fire TV also looks different than the version for PC or for mobile devices.

Silk web browser can display one of two screens, as shown below. On the left is the home page of the Silk browser, and on the right is the default Bing search engine. These parameters provide flexibility both for access to content and for the general search on the Internet. When you close the Silk browser, the last web site that you viewed will automatically appear at the next opening of the browser. However, as in the case of Firefox (and the built.In Samsung browser), you cannot download images or other content using SILK.

Google Chromecast

If you use the Chrome browser on your PC or laptop, select Cast and send everything you can see in this browser via Chromecast connected to the Samsung TV.

In Chrome, go to the settings and activate bringing.

Chrome browser from your PC will be displayed on your Samsung TV. You can scroll through the pages and open them from one browser tab. However, if you open or close the tab, you will need to turn off and connect Chromecast again to see new tabs on the TV screen.

In addition to watching the Chrome browser, find out how you can broadcast everything that you see on your PC, to the Samsung TV using Chromecast.

Apple TV

Apple TV does not offer a web browser that can be installed directly, but you can install AirWeb on a compatible iPhone or iPad and using AirPlay Mirror, Air Web browser via Apple TV, connected to the Samsung TV. And see that.

You can also AirPlay Mac screen on the Apple TV connected device, and there are several additional web browsers for Apple TV, which can be viewed on the Samsung TV.

Why is the Media Streamer plugin may not be the best option

Using an external multimedia stream to obtain a web browser for the Samsung TV may not be the best option, since you pay for a device that provides duplicated access to many of the same streaming applications that your Samsung Smart TV may offer.

If you are satisfied with the choice of streaming application on the Samsung Smart TV TV, the use of another method for finding an alternative web browser for working with a TV can be more effective, for example, the following.

Possible problems and their solution

Smart Hub does not work on TV

If the Smart Hub does not start, freezes or when trying to start the TV turns off, turn off the receiver from the electric network for at least 30 seconds. Turn on and check the performance of Smart Hub again.

If this did not help, make a reset of Smart Hub settings. This operation returns the factory parameters, removes all the settings and applications, and with them the accumulated errors.

  • Open the TV settings and go to the “support” item.
  • Select here the “Self.Diagnostics” section, and in it click “Smart Hub reset”.
  • After reset, leave the menu and press the Smart Hub button on the remote control. The initial setting window will appear. You need to complete all the steps, only at the stage of registration you do not need to create an account. Click “I am a participant” and enter your previously registered account.
  • Install the applications you need again.
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If the reset Smart Hub has not helped, complete the full reset of TV settings.

To do this, in the menu “Self.Diagnostics” select “Reset” item.

All settings, except for network settings, will be returned to factory parameters. The firmware version will not change. After reset, adjust the TV and check the performance of Smart Hub.

If the failures are repeated, update the TV firmware.

One or more applications does not work

Reload the TV. Disconnect it from the network, wait a couple of minutes and turn on again. Try to start the application that did not work.

Reinstall the non.Working application. This can be done on the TVs of the series J, K, M, N, Q, LS.

Go to the list of Apps applications. Choose the right one. Press and hold the central button on the remote control or press the Tools button. An additional menu should appear.

Applications can be blocked due to restrictions on the part of the provider. If possible, connect to another access point and check if the application works.

Try changing the DNS server address. Manually indicate the Google 8 server.Eight.Eight.8 and 8.Eight.4.4. You can do this in the menu “Network”. “network state”. “IP settings”.

If none of the above helped, make a reset of Smart Hub settings. Or update the Samsung TV firmware.

How to go to the Internet from the Samsung TV

After you set up the Internet on the Samsung TV, you can use the search and open any sites. To do this, press the Smart button on the remote control or, depending on the model, the Menu button. The default browser has already been built on Samsung TVs. It is usually put on the main screen Smart Hub.

If it is not there, open the menu (three dashes on the right) and find the browser in the application list. Use it in the same way as on a computer. You can set search queries, save bookmarks or enter the address of any site manually.

You will also have pre.Installed Internet applications. Youtube, social networks, online cinemas. You can install other applications through the Samsung Apps store.

Installation from a flash drive

The installation of third-party widgets with flash memory is not possible on all TVs and this process is not easy, but if all the recommendations can be followed in the future to use your favorite program on the screen. Samsung Smart TV 6 of series and Samsung C and B have the opportunity.

Important! For installation from a widget flash drive, nstreamlmod should initially be installed.

Let us consider in more detail how all this happens in the first version of the TV:

  • First of all, on a flash drive, you need to create a directory with files where downloaded files are contained.
  • Next, install the peripheral device on the TV and find it in the list of devices.
  • We enter the SMART hub and start NSTREAMLMOD.
  • In the letter, select the item “USB scanner” and see the archives.
  • Click on the desired and the download process begins.
  • After loading, we leave the Smart Hab menu and turn off the TV.
  • We turn on the telly, go into the Smart Hub again and see the program we need in the list.

Reference! In Samsung C and B, the installed programs in the note “User” will be deleted by the new program from the flash drive. To solve this problem, you need to store all the files used in order to then restore everything.

Nuances when installing widgets on TV from a flash drive

The NSTREAMLMOD app is unfortunately functioning in test mode for 30 days, before working with it you need to make sure that it still works. You will not be able to install it again.

But there is a way out of this situation. You need to start LMOD and select a list from “TSNAKEMANA”. Next, click the “USB drive” and re.Performs all installations.

Sometimes it knocks out an error when opening the program, but you do not need to be scared immediately, because after overloading the TV you can find it and open it through the Smart hub menu.

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