How to go online on Samsung TV

How to go online on Samsung on a Samsung TV: popular for everyone

Greetings! Bought a brand new Smart TV? Congratulations! And in this article in the language of dummies, I will tell you how to simply connect the Internet to your Samsung TV. Ready? Then we start.

In the past and future, due to the lack of a single standard in the Samsung televisions intensity, the below may differ from what you have. Just catch the essence and do everything according to the likeness. If questions or additions remain. Welcome in the commentary.

Internet setting on Samsung TV

The main difference between Smart TV and ordinary TVs is the integration of a “smart” block. The manufacturer uses the TIZEN processor, which in terms of functionality brings the device to the computer. To use the capabilities of the Internet, it must be connected to the global network. You can do this in two ways: wired and wireless.

Wired Internet

Connection is performed using the RJ45 Ethernet Cabel network to the LAN port. The advantage of this option is the high speed of the Internet, the most clear and stable signal, fast setting. The disadvantages include the abundance of wires and the need to buy an external modem (brancher). Without it, it will be impossible to use a wired connection for other home devices.

Experts recommend connecting the Internet to the Internet through the router, and not directly (when the cord is inserted into the connector on the TV panel). Since providers use various types of connections, there is a chance that not all of them will be compatible with Smart TV.

When connected via the router, a DHCP server is turned on (it involves the automatic appropriation of the IP address), and the router independently performs network settings. The protocol of the dynamic configuration of the network node is almost always activated by default. But, if, nevertheless, the provider issued a static IP address, you will need to set parameters manually. This follows:

Insert the cable into the connector and go to the TV menu;

Open the section “Network Settings” and select “Cable”;

In the window that appears, manually introduce all the parameters that the provider issued, and press the OK button.

Network connection setup will be performed.

Wireless Internet

Most Samsung TVs are equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi router. In this case, to ensure the connection, you will need to perform the following actions:

Select the necessary compounds in the list of available connections;

After synchronization, a notification will appear on the screen that the device was successfully connected to the network.

Briefly about choosing a method

It is worth explaining a little more the specifics of the provider. It depends on which connection to use when choosing a cable method. Direct or through a router.

The Internet can work using different technologies. Most often on the connected device you do not need to configure anything. The patch cord is simply made with a router or technique directly, and the Internet is immediately active. So, the network works with a dynamic IP address, the network parameters are determined automatically. The dynamic “IP” works a vast majority of providers. This greatly simplifies the connection. Settings are not needed at all.

Another option is static IP. The difference from dynamic is that the automatic definition of parameters does not occur. The networks must be independently learned from the provider. This connection requires a small setting of the Internet on each device. It is necessary to fill out the IP, mask, gateway, DNS. After, the equipment will connect according to these data and the network will work.

In both described cases, the direct connection of the cable to the TV will work.

Another situation when the provider requires authorization on the client side. That is, when connecting, the entry of the login and password is required, which are assigned at the conclusion of the contract. On TVs, you can not configure such a type of Internet connection. Therefore, an intermediate link is required, which will take the settings. The role of the intermediary will be played by a router. All settings are made on the computer. Further, from the router leads the cable to the network connector of the TV. It is difficult for an ordinary user to make these settings. Typically, the master installer from the provider when connecting the apartment to the Internet is engaged in the configuration.

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Activation of the device on the official website

Samsung‘s corporate TV needs to be registered. At the first inclusion, a screensaver will appear, which will propose to fulfill the registration. When concluding the contract, a registration card is issued, on which the necessary login and password are written.

  • The login issued and password must be entered;
  • Then click the “Register the TV” button.
  • A message will appear about the correctness of the actions performed.

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How to connect Smart TV on the Samsung TV to the Internet

Samsung Smart TV can be connected to the RJ-45 cable network or Wi-Fi network.

It is recommended to connect a TV to the Internet through a router, because the providers use different types of connections.

The advantage of the Wi-Fi network is the lack of extra wires. The disadvantages of wireless connection include possible breaks and freezing of the film that you watch over the network, the reason for this can be not only the low speed of the Internet, but also various interference, such as the walls between the TV and the router.

Connection of the Internet TV on the Wi-Fi network

Some TVs have a built-in Wi-Fi module, and if it is not, you will have to buy an adapter of the Samsung-Wis12ABGNX wireless network and connect it to the USB connector.

Setting wireless Internet on the TV Samsung Smart TV implies that you already have a Wi-Fi network with Internet access.

In TVs until 2012, you need to manually indicate the type of connection: wired or wireless (network. Network setting. Network type: cable or wireless).

Before connecting Smart TV to the Internet, you need to check and, if necessary, set automatically receipt of IP and DNS addresses. Go to the menu, select the Network. “Network” tab. Click on the “Configure IP” button.

Important: make sure that the IP addresses for Smart TV Samsung and DNS have the meaning “receive automatically”.

Open the “Network” again, select the network settings tab. Before pressing the Start button, make sure that the router is turned on and the wireless connection is actively.

Samsung Smart TV will find and show available Wi-Fi networks. Select your access point and click “Next”.

Then you need to specify the security key from this network, which is installed in the router.

If everything is done correctly, then the wireless connection will turn on and the TV will be connected to the Internet.

Samsung Smart TV connection to the Internet via LAN cable

Connection of Samsung Smart TV to the Internet on the cable cannot be called very convenient due to the length of the wires. But with them, a lower probability of video brakes due to an unstable signal, as in a wireless Wi-Fi network.

For a wired connection of the Internet, connect it Ethernet with a router with a router.

It is advisable to connect the TV to the Internet with a cable through the router, and not directly the provider cable to the TV. This is due to the fact that Internet providers use different types of connections and not all of them are compatible with our Smart TV.

In TV models until 2012, you need to manually configure the type of connection by cable: “network”. “network settings”. “network type. Cable”. Fresh TV models after connecting the LAN cable automatically selected the desired type of SMART TV connection to the Internet.

After a successful connection, click OK. That’s all, now access to the Internet is open.

Brief Wi-Fi connection instructions

Quite often, owners of modern Samsung Smart TV TVs face the problem of how to connect their TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi connection. After all, this connection is convenient because it is wireless.

Before connecting to the network via Wi-Fi, find out the name and password of your home network. See this information on your router.If you have not changed the standard password and network name, then on the sticker on the modem will be written everything you need.

Sometimes you can connect by pressing a special button on WPS router

Wi-Fi setting on Samsung Smart TV

  • To turn on the Internet via Wi-Fi on TV, you must enter the TV menu.
  • We find the common item where the settings of the device are located.
  • Choosing a network section.
  • Next, we need a section of the network settings click on the open.
  • Type select wireless, wired is needed when a cable connection is used.
  • Looking for the name of our home network from the list of found.
  • We drive a password using a remote control and keyboard on the screen.
  • We are waiting for confirmation that TV is connected to the Internet

How to connect a TV to the Internet

To gain access to the Internet, you need to decide which model you have, and whether it has a built-in Wi-Fi module in it. There are several ways to connect TV to the Internet:

  • Via the Wi-Fi network;
  • Through the network cable;
  • Through the router;
  • With the help of a media attitude;
  • Using PC or laptop;
  • Using the WPS system;
  • Using PLC adapter.
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All Smart TV have built.In modules for a wired connection, so if you have such a TV, you will not have to buy additional devices or wires.

Using Wi-Fi wireless network

Using a wireless network has two significant advantages, thanks to which this method is optimal:

But there is a minus: an unstable quality of high resolution streaming in the presence of wireless access points around.

To connect the TV using a Wi-Fi network, you need to perform the following:

  • Enable the TV panel and go to the setting settings.
  • Then enter the “Network” tab and select “Network connection”.
  • Further, the choice is provided with a cable connection or wireless. Click “Configure the connection”.
  • In the list find your Wi-Fi, choose it and enter a password.
  • Click OK and wait for connection.
  • Upon completion, click “Ready” and you can use.

For some TV models, the setup process will look different:

  • In “Settings” click “Expanded settings”.
  • Next, go to the “Network” point and click “Connection to the Wi-Fi network”.
  • Select your Internet from the list and enter a password.

Of the minuses of wirelessly cloth of the TV to the Internet, you can distinguish the instability of the image when using streaming services, for example, when watching films or IPTV television, as well as possible freezes when the wireless channel is loaded.

Connecting via network cable

To configure the Internet on the TV, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Stick one end of the cable to the LAN port on the LAN port, and the other in the router.
  • If, in addition to the TV panel, a computer will also be connected to the Internet, then a branch will be required.
  • Click on the Home remote, then “Settings” and go to the “Network” item.
  • Select “network connection” and click “Connection to the wired network”.
  • The connection will be completed after time.

Through the cable connected to the router

The router allows you to create a local network in the apartment, to which you can connect phones, tablets, computer or laptop, as well as a TV. To do this, you need to activate the DHCP server function in the settings of the Mashrutizer, and then connect the TV panel automatically (all settings will be written down by default). To connect the TV via a router, you must use the network cable and perform the following:

  • We connect one end of the wire to the router in LAN Port.
  • Push the free end of the cable from the router to the TV.
  • A window will open that will report the installation of the connection. Nothing needs to be done, it will quickly close.
  • On the TV remote to select “Settings”.
  • Find the “Network” on the menu and click “Wending connection by Ethernet”.

If you doubt whether you can connect the TV to the Internet through the modem on your own, then call the wizard for adjusting.

Using a media permit

The modern media permit will allow you to connect the TV to the Internet quickly and without any problems. Modern Android TV prefixes have many advantages:

  • Convenient interaction;
  • Compact view;
  • Many programs to choose from;
  • Low cost;
  • Built.In popular user programs.

The prefix can be connected to the Internet using a wire via LAN Port. But as a rule, in modern consoles on Android there is a built-in Wi-Fi-module, which will allow the use of a wireless type of connection.

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Using PC or laptop

You can use the TV as a large monitor by connecting it to a computer or laptop via DLNA. Thanks to this way, playing and using graphic programs will become much more convenient and more comfortable.

To configure DLNA, you will need a Smart Share program, which is downloaded for free on the corresponding resource and put on a computer. When installing, use standard auto.Mounted and agree with everything. After installation, perform:

  • On the computer notification panel, click with the right mouse button on the program icon and select the “Program Settings” item.
  • Put the switch to the position on, click “Apply”.
  • This opened access to files on the computer, and they can be displayed on your LG.

Using the WPS system

Smart TV can work via the Internet using WPS. The user will need to perform several simple actions:

  • Go to the “menu” and select “Connection”, then “Connection via WPC”.
  • For 2 minutes, quickly press the button on the WPC router.
  • After a second you will have a connection.

Using PLC adapter

PLC adapter was created to expand the existing local network in the house, but it will not be able to connect with the provider directly. The adapter allows you to connect all gadgets to the Internet without using cables without using cables. This works as follows: the adapter is connected by the wireless method to the Internet and receives a signal from it, and then transmits to the devices.

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What Samsung TV receivers can be connected to the network

To connect Samsung television receivers to the Internet, it is necessary to find out whether such an opportunity is provided for a particular model, or you will have to use additional devices (if the SMART-optations are not preinstalled). To determine this, you need to open the instructions or enable the TV receiver. As a rule, when starting, the Samsung Smart TV screensaver appears. In the settings of the device there is a section “Network”, and on the remote control there is a large multi.Colored button “Smart Hub”. All these signs report that the technique belongs to the category of Smart devices, which means that it can be connected to the Internet. For this, the television reception provides: the LAN connector (cable connection), Wi-Fi protocol (wireless) or both options.

To connect to the Internet, it is recommended to use a cable. Such a connection is more stable, and the speed of transmission is higher. The cable is brought in two ways: directly from the service provider or through the router.

online, samsung

Directly from the provider

When connecting via a cable that goes directly from the provider, you need to bring it from the entrance to the apartment (house) to the TV and insert it into the LAN connector on the back of the case to the click.

Important! You should know that the connection will not work right away if the provider provides for entering a login, password and other data.

After connecting the wire, you need to set up a television receiver. This process is similar for technology of different series, but there are some differences in the menu integration, in particular, in the presence of individual sections or in their name. Here’s how the wired connection is set on TVs E:

  • On the PDU you must click the “menu”;
  • There you need to go to the “Network” tab;
  • Then you should open the “network settings”;
  • After the cable is determined, and the appropriate notice will appear, you need to click the “Start”;
  • It remains to wait for the process to complete and click “OK”.

On television receivers of the series j, the process looks a little different. To configure the connection with the network requires:

  • Press the “menu” or “menu/123”, and then select the corresponding point on the display;
  • Open the “network”. “network settings” sequentially;
  • In the “Type of the Network” select “Cable”;
  • Wait for the end of the process and click “complete”.

On a note! For models of other series, data setting data can be found in the management or website of Samsung in the Support section.

Through a router

For a wired connection to the network, you need a cable coming from the supplier through the router, connect to the LAN connector on the router, and from its WAN-port another free wire to the television receiver. Further actions are similar to the previous method.

Possible problems and their solution

In most cases, errors occur when Smart Hub configuration, which are mostly associated with the Internet connection.

  • If, with a cable method of connection, all actions to install the connection are performed correctly, but there is no access to the network, you need to make sure the integrity of the wire.
  • With a wireless connection, it is recommended to use WPS technology if it is supported by the technique. In this case, the probability of incorrect password entering is excluded.
  • In some cases, in the absence of a connection with the Internet, restarting the router and television receiver helps.
  • Also, problems can be related to outdated by router or TV. It will be necessary to update the firmware of the devices.

If the connection is installed, but the pages during the web set are poorly loaded, and the video is constantly hanging when watching the online, the problem can be at low speed of the Internet connection or in the fact that the router is at a great distance from the television reception. In this case, it is recommended to change the tariff to another-at a greater speed, or move the router closer to the TV receiver.

So, if the user wants to expand the capabilities of his Samsung Smart Tel, he needs to connect and configure Smart Hub. This service provides access to films and series, interactive television, games, applications and other entertainment content. The process of connecting the Internet to the Internet and the subsequent setting is very simple. A detailed description for each specific model is available in the user manual or on the manufacturer’s website (for the year of release).

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