How to Get Simka Out of Iphone 5s

The last time we examined in detail how to clear the memory on iPhone using iTunes and without iTunes, wrote a short instruction, which you can familiarize yourself with here. Currently, it is difficult to imagine the work of the phone without a SIM card. All iPhones and most iPads are designed for communication between users, friends, colleagues and people close to us. Communication is possible, both through the Internet and through the network of a mobile operator, using a SIM card. How to insert a SIM card into iPhone 7? Read on.

A SIM card is an intermediary that provides information service providers with information about your device, their access to voice communications and data transfer. Full-fledged operation of the device is impossible without a SIM card. So, in this article we will understand, it would seem, with such a simple question, how to insert a SIM card into iPhone 6 and most other iPhone models. First, consider what type of SIM is required for the regular operation of the device.

According to official information from the Apple website, the following types of SIM cards are used on the iPhone, which are shown in the image. Therefore, be careful and check the consultant of the telecom operator or insert the SIM directly in the communication salon, in the presence of an experienced assistant.

How to Get Simka Out of Iphone 5s

How to get a SIM card from iPhone 5s

All we need is to find out where the SIM card tray is located on the smartphone itself and a tool for removing SIM cards from the gadget.

The main difficulties that may arise on your way to remove the SIM card is the availability of a tool, but this is not a problem. We will manage the means at hand.

For starters, if you still have a clip that is included with the device, we recommend using it. Remove the case from your smartphone and find the SIM card tray. As a rule, its distinctive feature is the presence of holes in the housing on the side of the device. Insert the original Apple paper clip into the hole and push with the force that will allow the SIM tray to slide out of the grooves.

Pulling out the tray with the SIM card from the device, the SIM card is not active is displayed on the smartphone. We advise you to turn off your smartphone before inserting or removing a SIM card.

How to get a SIM card from a 5 iPhone if there is no original paper clip?

Probably every house has toothpicks. Many people use toothpicks after eating, but not everyone thought that they can be used as one of the available tools to remove a SIM card from an iPhone.


As a rule, a standard toothpick does not go into the hole in the tray of the iPhone’s SIM card. To get a SIM from an iPhone with a toothpick, you need to sharpen its edges a little (do it already). Try to squeeze quite a bit from both edges. If you make it too thin, then the toothpick will break off at the time of removing the SIM card, be careful.

The safest way to remove a SIM card from iPhone 4 without using the original key is to use a paper clip. Surely many have a very ordinary clip under a friend. Flex it or straighten the long end, as shown in the image, and insert it into the SIM card tray in iPhone 4.

Almost every iPhone comes with a SIM card tray. The one exception was the iPhone 4 variant with CDMA networks. Therefore, if you have an iPhone 4S or newer, then you will definitely find a SIM card slot on your smartphone. In words, we describe where the slot is located and on which models:

iPhone 3G3GS: on the top between the headphone jack;

iPhone 4-4S and later: on the right side of the case, which is the opposite side with the location of the volume buttons.

Each time you replace the SIM card, make sure that you have installed it in the tray in the correct orientation, so be extremely careful. Our instructions will help including those users who ask the question, “How to insert a SIM card into iPhone 7”.

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