How to Get Password From Apple Id

Securing your Apple ID account is critical for every iPhone, iPad, or Mac user. Using this identifier, Apple determines the legitimacy of user access to devices and services, and restoring it can be very troublesome.

When registering an Apple ID for the first time, many users are dismissive of Apple’s data protection guidelines. In this case, the password is often set too simple (despite the mandatory presence of uppercase letters and numbers), and the answers to security questions are forgotten in a fairly short time. As a result, an account often becomes an easy target for scammers who can gain access to confidential information, remotely lock a device, etc. In this instruction, we will briefly talk about how to change the password of your Apple ID account to a more complex one in order to avoid future troubles.

How to Change Apple ID Password Directly on iPhone or iPad

1. Open the application Settings and click on the Apple ID section (at the top, where your first and last name is indicated).

2. Go to the menu password and safety.

How to Get Password From Apple Id

3. Click on the menu item. Change Password and enter the password code.

4. Enter the new password twice in the appropriate fields.

How to change Apple ID password in any browser on a computer

1. Go to the Apple ID account management page, enter your username and password;

2. In the section “Security” select item “Change Password”;

3. Correctly answer two of the three control questions (if two-step verification is not included);

4. Enter the old and new password with confirmation.

How to reset Apple ID password in browser on computer

1. On the account management page, click the link “Forgot your Apple ID or password?”.

2. In the form that appears, you must specify the E-mail to which the Apple ID is attached (you can see it on a mobile device in the section “Settings → );

3. Highlight a point “I want to reset the password” and press the button Proceed.

4. Choose one of two available options. recovery via E-mail or using security questions;

5. In the first case, an email will be sent to the email with a link to a page with a form for entering a new Apple ID password. The letter may be in the folder Spamming;

6. In the second case, you need to enter the date of birth specified during registration and answer two security questions, after which you can set a new Apple ID password.