How to get notifications back on your iPhone

What to do if program or SMS notifications don’t come on your iPhone/iPad

“I recently got a message and it shows up on my lock screen, but if I don’t open it and leave it to be resolved later, it disappears from the lock screen when I try to read it later. Has anyone else experienced the same problem, by the way, I’m using an iPhone 8 with iOS 15 “

Since the release of iOS 15, we’ve been asked a lot about notifications being missing due to a screen lock issue. If you have the same experience as described above, you may need the following guide if your notifications have stopped coming. Instagram or WhatsApp/Skype notifications are not coming on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch in iOS 15.

How to get lost messages back on iPhone 8 from iTunes backup

The second method involves using a backup file made through iTunes.

Download and install UltData, then connect iPhone 8 to your computer with USB cable.

Next, select “Restore from iTunes Backup Files” from the top menu. Then select the backup file from the common list and click “Start Scanning”.

Restore dialogs on iPhone 8

Next you will see a large list of files that can be restored from the backup file. Select the “Messages” section in the left pane, select the desired ones and click on the “Restore” button.

The option to export lost messages to your computer is also available, with the option to choose a convenient save format.

Tip 2. Check if your iPhone is in silent mode

On the left side of your iPhone there is a Ring / Silent switch. Check this switch, if it is extended to the back of your iPhone, it means that your iPhone is in silent mode, In this case you will not receive any notifications, because when a new notification arrives there will be no sound. Tap the switch toward the front of your iPhone to hear a beep when you receive a notification.

Some iPhone users may like to turn on Do Not Disturb (DND) at night, so as not to disturb iPhone notifications during sleep. But sometimes this feature can be turned on unknowingly or by mistake, resulting in the iPhone notification not working. If there is a moon-shaped icon at the top of the home screen, it means that the DND feature is activated.

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To disable this feature, go to the Do Not Disturb setting to turn it off.

Respond to notifications

When multiple notifications appear in the Notification Center or on the locked screen, they are grouped by app: this makes it easier to view notifications and respond to them. Notifications from some apps can also be grouped using sorting functions in the app itself (e.g.). Notification groups are grouped into small stacks, with the most recent notification shown at the top.

You can follow the steps below.

To expand a notification group and see all notifications individually, tap that group. To collapse the notification group again, tap Show Less.

Tap and hold a notification to view it and perform quick actions if they are offered in the app (on supported models).

Tap the notification to go to the app.

How to get deleted SMS back on your iPhone via iTune

iTunes is designed as a key for all Apple devices. It used to serve as the only way to back up your data. Today, it’s an opportunity to create both a backup and Playlist of your favorite tracks or just conveniently browse products from the iTunes Store on your computer. There are both positive and negative sides of this approach. Some users wish the system would allow them to transfer music as easily as it does on an Android system, but this reduces the security of the device.

In order to restore the data on your iPhone you can use iTunes, provided you have previously made backups. For convenience, you can enable automatic synchronization every time you connect your device to your computer through iTunes in the settings. If you have backups, you need to use your computer, your phone, and a cable to restore the data from your phone. Let’s see how to do it step by step.

Run iTunes on your computer

Connect your phone with a cable and cancel the sync if it started automatically.

On the first page you will see your phone info and a “Restore from Copy” button

If you have several saved copies, choose the one that can have saved messages.

After the restore is complete, you will be able to read deleted SMS on your iPhone that were saved from the backup.

No notifications on iOS

iOS 14 users no longer see these notifications when they receive new messages

As you can tell from the various online venues where iOS bugs are discussed, the number of complaints about the failure of message notifications has been increasing steadily and over a long period of time. Today, it seems that the failure affects all iPhone models without exception, although it has not yet affected all users’ devices.

The problem is that iPhones, first, do not send notification of messages that arrive in the regular Messages app, and second, they do not display a red sticker on its icon with a one, indicating the presence of unread messages.

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At some point I noticed that my iPhone XS stopped sending me notifications of incoming SMS messages. Notifications about them appear neither on the lock screen, nor in the notification bar, nor as a red icon on the icon of the application itself. It has been going on for quite some time, but I have not been able to solve the problem by either rebooting or hard resetting,” wrote one user.

Although I personally have not been affected by the notification problem, all indications are that it is quite widespread. Only on the Apple Technical Support forum, the thread with the corresponding discussion includes more than 40 pages of Комментарии и мнения владельцев and complaints from affected users.

Why have “messages disappeared from the iPhone??

Although most people claim that they have not manually deleted text messages or iMessage, they must perform some other risky operations that result in missing messages on the iPhone. Here are a few common reasons why your messages on your iPhone disappear from your inbox.

Updating iOS. We noticed that in most cases, text messages disappeared from the iPhone after an iOS update.

Incorrect message settings. The iPhone provides you with several settings to help you adjust the Messages app, such as how long to store messages on your iPhone. If your message history is only stored for 30 days or 1 year, rather than forever, there’s a good chance your messages have expired and been erased.

When you sync your iPhone with iTunes or restore your iPhone you may unexpectedly lose your text messages.

All of the above situations can cause you to lose important messages on your iPhone 12/11 / XS / XR / X / 8/7. To prevent unexpected data loss, we highly recommend that you back up your iPhone regularly, whether with iTunes or iCloud. But even if you don’t have a backup right now, you can still get your messages back by following the solutions below.

Notification summary of iOS 15

With bulletins, you can schedule notifications from different apps to be delivered at your convenience. The main trick of this feature is so you don’t get distracted on your iPhone too often. Despite the usefulness of Notification Summary, users often get freaked out when there are no pushers during the day. How to turn off?

If you don’t receive notifications, you may have Notification Summary turned on. everything comes at a strictly specified time

  • Go to Settings and select Notifications;
  • Select “Scheduled Delivery” and disable the slider;
  • Your notifications will now arrive in a timely manner.

over in this section you can collect several bulletins from different applications and select different times for them: for example, combine messengers in one bulletin, social networks in another, and pushes from online stores in a third one.

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How to turn off recurring notifications on iPhone

With third-party apps everything is much more complicated. Every day, users complain about the problem of duplicate push notifications on different smartphones with different versions of the operating system. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all instruction. But you can try other options.

You can disable notifications in the app on your iPhone as follows:

Turn off notifications in the Settings on your iPhone.

Duplicate messages in Telegram

In the settings of various messengers like WhatsApp or Telegram, there’s a handy feature that you can use to quickly reset all notification settings to their default.

To reset your notification settings in the Telegram app, you need to:

  • Go to Settings, Notifications and Sounds.
  • Next, scroll down to Reset notification settings.
  • Click on it and confirm the action.

Try to reset notification settings. This might help.

You can also take a screenshot of all the settings that have been set on your smartphone and restore them after a reset.

Plus, try updating the app in the App Store or uninstalling it and downloading it again. Remember to reset your iPhone. Don’t devalue such simple tips. They’re often the most effective. If you’ve experienced similar problems personally, be sure to post in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below or on our Telegram chat and tell us about your experience.

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