How To Get Into The Android Engineering Menu

Let’s look at the features of the Android engineering menu from various manufacturers, why it is needed, how to use it and what useful functions this menu has for you.

This article is suitable for all brands producing Android 10/9/8/7 phones: Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, LG, Sony, ZTE, Huawei, Meizu, Fly, Alcatel, Xiaomi, Nokia and others. We are not responsible for your actions.

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What is the Android engineering menu?

Engineering menu (Engineering Mode). a special application that is on almost any gadget. Used by the manufacturer for various tests and optimizing the operation of sensors, functions and other parameters of a tablet or phone. This menu in the system is hidden by default so that the user could not get access to it.

How To Get Into The Android Engineering Menu

As a rule, the engineering menu is called up using a small code that is entered on a standard dialer. Access to it can be carried out using third-party programs.

The engineering menu is hidden due to the fact that careless use of its capabilities can lead to damage to the device. When making any changes, you should be careful.

How to enter the engineering menu on Android

The secret application cannot be launched through the normal interface. You can enter the engineering menu in this way:

  • Open the call window to enter the phone number from the keyboard.
  • We are writing a special combination of characters.
  • If this menu did not start immediately after entering the code, click on the call button.

Each manufacturer has its own combination of characters, which contains special characters (, #) and numbers. For example, for Samsung phones, the engineering menu is launched with the following sequence: ## 4636 ##. The screenshot below shows the codes for different manufacturers of gadgets.

If nothing happened after entering the code, use the applications from Google Play that work with the engineering menu. For example, the MTK Engineering Mode application, which is a complete copy of the standard engineering menu. For most of them, root of the right to the device will be required, without which the software will function with errors, and some of the parameters will be inaccessible.

Mobileuncle tools

The program has advanced features. You can view and change basic settings, update firmware, restore IMEI and improve GPS signal. The utility displays the full characteristics of the memory, screen, sensor.

Engineering menu MTK

A program for gadgets with MediaTek processors. Loads successfully engineering functions, but there are errors with saving parameters. They can be reset after a reboot.

Recovery mode

This mode is useful for developers when there are serious problems with the gadget. If the tablet or smartphone does not turn on, and you can’t get into the regular menu, then it will be possible to start the recovery mode.

To start, you should use this combination: the power key and the button to reduce or add sound. In some cases, you must additionally press Home. Hold and hold these buttons until the download starts.

In this mode, the most useful section is wipe data. With its help, a full reset is launched, and the device returns to the factory settings. You will receive a clean phone, and all data and applications will be lost. The reset helps in a situation when you are too smart in the engineering menu with changes, setting inoperative values.

Shortcut Master Utility

The software allows you to work with shortcuts and system programs (create, search, delete). There is no function to directly enter the engineering menu, but you can see a list with secret commands that act on your gadget.

By clicking on the name of the command, the user is shown a drop-down menu with the option “Run”. The utility is convenient, extra actions are not required.

To see the list of codes, you need to call an additional menu in the utility. Then select the line “Secret code explorer”.

Root rights to enter the engineering menu

To enter the engineering menu in some versions of Android, the user needs root privileges. They can be obtained using specialized software: Romaster SU, UniversalAndRoot, Farmaroot, etc.

Instructions for obtaining root rights with Farmaroot:

  • Install and run software.
  • If the utility supports the installation of root rights on your gadget, the option “Get root” will be displayed on the screen. Select this item.
  • From the predefined methods for obtaining root, we select one.
  • The software will start the installation.
  • After the procedure is completed, a message will be displayed about the successful installation of root access.

Possible errors and solutions:

  • Root rights have not been established. try a different method (in the application, select a new exploit).
  • The application in the middle of the installation closed. The user needs to restart the device and try again.

Engineering menu features

The engineering menu is divided into several categories. Let’s consider each of them separately:

  • Telephony (Telephony). In this category are settings that relate to mobile communications. For example, you can disable or activate certain BandMode (different frequencies for 2G / 3G / 4G functioning), disable data transfer in the background, or check the operation of SIM cards.
  • Connections Configure Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi CTIA, radio, Bluetooth settings. In the settings, it is possible to specify the type of antenna (it is necessary to use headphones), the radio wave, the sound format (stereo or mono). Directly from this section, the radio will play.
  • Hardware Testing Here you can configure the operation of various components of the device: sound levels of speakers and headphones, microphone sensitivity, various stone parameters (focusing, HDR, ISO adjustment, photo aspect ratio and much more), sensors (calibration), touchscreen, etc. This category is quite global and large, in all sections it is necessary to understand and have skills and serious knowledge.
  • Location In this category, GPS operation is configured, you can test, see the number of satellites found.
  • Log and Debugging In this category, the logs (logs) of the battery (percentage of charge, temperature, operating time, voltage) and other functions that are not well known to the common user are kept.
  • Other (Others). It contains two functions that most users are not aware of.

Engineering menu settings

The options for adjusting the parameters and appearance of the engineering menu may differ depending on the model of smartphone or tablet. Users in the menu most often adjust the sound, change the camera settings and apply the recovery mode.

Volume boost

If your gadget does not ring loudly enough, then in the engineering menu you need to find the Audio item and go to LoudSpeaker Mode. There we select the Ring tab. For all signal levels (1. 6 Level) we change the values. Figures are set in ascending order.

In the Max. Vol. increase the value to the maximum. To save the settings, press the SET button.

Increase phone volume

To increase the tone of the speaker during conversations, in the Audio service menu, select Normal mode, then open the Sph section. For signal levels (1. 6 Level) we set values ​​from 100 to 150, and Max. Vol. 160.

In the Audio menu, you can increase the sensitivity of the microphone. To do this, select Normal mode, then Mic. For all levels we assign the same value of microphone sensitivity. We press the SET button, then we reboot and we check whether the interlocutor began to hear you better.

Battery: turn off unused frequencies

Phones quickly consume battery life for running applications, network connections, and maintaining cellular communications. Using the engineering menu, you can increase the battery life.

Modern gadgets scan GSM frequencies 850/1900 MHz and 900/1800 MHz. operate 900/1800 MHz, so there is no need to scan the network at other frequencies. For the second pair, the radio signal can be turned off, which will save charge.

Open the Band Mode section in Engineer Mode. There we turn off unused frequencies. To do this, remove the checkmarks from the corresponding items: PCS1900 and GSM850.

When the smartphone supports 2 SIM cards, we open the SIM1 and SIM2 items one by one, after which we perform the indicated actions in each. Press the SET button to save the settings.

If the SIM card and the phone work in 3G networks, you must turn off the networks that are not used: WCDMA-CLR-850, WCDMA-800, WCDMA-PCS 1900. Press the SET button again. To enable scanning of networks that you have disabled, you need to return to this menu, then check the boxes.

Camera settings

On Android gadgets, pictures are saved in JPEG format by default. Many photographers prefer to take pictures and process them in RAW format, so that there are more options for editing. The desired image format allows you to select the technical menu.

We find the Camera section in the menu, where we select “Capture Type”. Set the RAW format for the photo, press SET. You can also set the ISO value in the Camera section, increase the size of pictures, enable HDR shooting for more details, and set the frame rate for the.

Android engineering menu secret codes

In addition to the engineering menu, you can use secret codes to access various options. The screenshot below shows the most useful and popular codes.