How to Get an Apple Tv Annual Subscription

Apple launched the Apple TV just a few hours ago, but has already managed to disappoint a fair share of potential subscribers. As it turned out, for many it was fundamentally the presence of Russian-language dubbing, or at least voiceover. Of course, watching the series in the original also has its own charm, but only those who have sufficient knowledge of English can feel it. Therefore, many noted that they would not agree to pay real money for subscribing to Apple TV, but if they were given access for free, it would all smooth over.

How to Get an Apple Tv Annual Subscription

Subscribing to Apple TV is inexpensive, but you can get one for free

In addition to the 7 days of the trial period that all users can receive, without exception, Apple also offers the opportunity to issue an annual subscription for those who bought any device of the company after September 10, 2019, the Apple website says. It can be anything: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV or Mac. At the same time, it does not matter what generation the purchased device will be, be it iPhone 8, iPhone 11 or iPad 2018. Everyone will get the right to a free annual subscription to Apple TV.

How to get a free subscription to Apple TV

It is important to understand that you can take advantage of the offer within three months after the purchase. The countdown starts from today, even if the purchase was made on September 10th. This is due to the fact that until now, users have not had the opportunity to subscribe, because the service has earned only this morning. However, the mere fact of buying a device is not enough. It is important to register with the new gadget, and for this it will have to be updated to the current version of the operating system.

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To claim your right to receive a free annual subscription, you must log in to the Apple TV application on the purchased device. The service automatically recognizes it and displays a pop-up window asking you to get 1 year of free access to the Apple TV service. All that remains for you is to click on the blue confirmation button and enjoy the exclusive series produced by Apple specifically for its platform. So what, that there is no dubbing? You won’t be able to transfer the subscription to someone anyway, since it is tied to a freshly purchased device.

How to set up family access on iOS

However, if you want to open access to the service for someone from your loved ones, Apple does not interfere with this at all. Subscribing to Apple TV is by default family-friendly and involves simultaneous access for six people. True, in order to take advantage of this privilege, you will have to associate their devices with yours through the “Family Access” function. You don’t even need to use a shared account for this.

  • Go to “Settings”. profile settings and select “Set up family access”;
  • Here, select “Getting Started” and select “Purchases in the iTunes Store and App Store”;

Subscription to Apple TV provides access for six people at a time

  • Confirm the action by clicking the “Continue” button and use the subscription of the whole family.

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Indeed, at the moment, Apple TV has a lot of restrictions. from the lack of Russian-language voice acting for 7 of the 8 paintings available on the site, to a small assortment. However, looking at how actively Apple took up the replenishment of Apple Arcade, we can assume that the number of TV shows and films on Apple TV will also grow steadily. over, in the near future at least three more series will appear on the site. And there, you see, it will come to full dubbing.

Best commentary

Today I received a notification on the iPhone with a proposal to issue an annual subscription. Although the iPad mini was bought from new devices 5 months ago. So it’s not necessary to complete the registration with a new device. The strangest thing is that there is no TV application on the iPad, and if you find it in the AppStore, there is no install button, and instead of it, open button.