How to Get a Neighbor Full Version on Android

How to get a neighbor

After downloading the puzzle, you will learn how to nerve other residents of the house. Beautiful graphics, elaborate pranks, company humor, as well as intuitive controls only contribute to success in this field!

Game plot

Actually, from the name “How to Get a Neighbor” it becomes clear that our hero Woody regularly visits his home in secret from the owner. The main character prepared a lot of ways to mock the grouchy old man. Implement dozens of tricks, tricks, pranks, while enjoying the unique reaction of a neighbor and an attentive audience!

First of all, we note that the described application is a full-fledged, but nonetheless unofficial port of the computer game that was popular at the time. As on the PC version, in “How to Get a Neighbor” users will have to implement many leprosy, while remaining unnoticed. It is necessary to study the stereotypes of the owner’s house behavior, monitor his movement, plan his actions and choose a good time for another prank or trap. Downloading “How to get a neighbor”, you can briefly become a smart and resourceful wretch!

In the game you can

  • Move around all the rooms, look into the cabinets and corners to find objects that can be used to implement another dirty trick;
  • Watch your behavior about to come up with original tricks;
  • Hide in a closet and other rooms so that the landlord does not notice Woody;
  • The shorter the time intervals between pranks, the worse the mood of a resident, and the more points you can earn!

On our site you can download the game How to get a neighbor on Android for free!

Neighbors from Hell: Season 1 on android

Neighbors from Hell: Season 1. This game gained immense popularity back in the 2000s when it came out on personal computers, in our country everyone knew it under the name “How to Get a Neighbor”, and now, after many years, you can play this legend on your mobile device. The game port is incredibly high-quality, of course, there are a lot of improvements and improvements in the mobile version, the plot has been slightly corrected, but the game mechanics have remained unchanged.

How to get a neighbor for android the first season combines several genres, mainly the gameplay is based on puzzles, however there is a quest component and a bit of arcade. The plot of the game tells us about a guy named Woody, who for many years has been tired of the ridiculous antics of his neighbor Mr. Rottweiler. The guy wanted revenge and he decides to annoy his neighbor at all costs by inventing and implementing various sophisticated dirty tricks and bullying, and even record all this fun on a camera so that others can neigh.

The game process begins with training, after passing its short course you will understand what and how to do, basically you need to find various objects, if necessary, combine them, and then apply them against your foe. For example, on Sunday a neighbor loves to fall apart in a comfortable armchair near the TV with a bottle of cold beer, from time to time he will go to the kitchen for more. Having realized this, you can proceed to dirty tricks, while a neighbor is sitting in the living room, you go to the bathroom and find a laxative in the medicine cabinet, then wait a moment and make your way to the kitchen, pour a laxative into the beer and roll off to the first floor.

Now, when your foe wants supplements, he will take “spoiled beer” and drink it, after which he will freak out and go to the toilet, and there he will have a new dirty trick, for example, you can put glue on the rim of the toilet bowl. In general, you can do a lot of such dirty tricks, the main thing is only your thinking and logic, as a rule, up to four dirty tricks can be done at each level, and which ones will be decided only for you. Gradually, the plot will become more complicated, new rooms will appear, a neighbor will wander around them more often, pets will also be added, they will warn him of your presence, so you will have to act, hide in closets or under the bed.

All actions must be carried out as discreetly as possible, you will have to wait time while the neighbor is busy and do his dark things at this time, but if you catch his eye, you will get good pills. The graphics in this game are excellent, it is done in a cartoon style, character drawing deserves special attention, everything was done just fine, the animation also pleased, especially when a neighbor comes across your dirty trick or catches you and starts to beat. In general, the game Neighbors from Hell: Season 1 on Android will delight all players without a doubt, those who are older will be able to nastoligit and play a legend, and the younger generation will be able to touch the classics, believe me it will be fun both. After passing, I recommend playing in the sequel to Neighbors from Hell: Season 2.

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Cause: Updated to version 1.5.

How to Get a Neighbor on Android (full version)

“How to Get a Neighbor” is a hilarious, albeit rather cruel, episodic television program that talks about how to turn someone else’s life into real hell. And, of course, we are talking about innocent (with luck) rallies aimed at nothing unsuspecting neighbor.

Why not change the cream of your chocolate cake for shaving foam? From the old chair, for example, you can unscrew all the bolts, and fill the toilet with paper. No one bothers to cover the soap with varnish, hide all the batteries from the remote control, remove the springs from the bed. You only need to be smart and imaginative!

To wreak havoc and raise the ratings of a TV show is as careful as possible. If it comes to the “hero of triumph” whose hands it is like a joke, then the message “Game Over” will immediately appear on the screen and it will take months to restore broken legs and neck vertebrae!

But, probably, it is necessary to act secretly, to hide in cabinets and bags for dirty laundry, to count all the moves and figure out how to cross several jokes together, and the main meaning is hidden, is not it?

Download the game how to get a neighbor on android for free. The full version is for everyone who remembers the classic Neighbors From Hell fun that appeared on personal computers twenty years ago.

How to get a neighbor

Hellish Neighbors. The name of the game is translated approximately “How to get a neighbor.” And a similar name that fits the game perfectly, it turned out to be really bright, and fun. Just to cheer you up, something like this will do just fine, you can be sure of that.

As it’s not difficult to guess, according to the plot of the game we will be engaged in the fact that we will begin to get the neighbors.

The main character, for whom we will play, loves jokes, and to get his neighbors, here he is invited to do his favorite thing. In addition, you have a neighbor who, with his behavior, has long gotten your character, so now it’s the turn of revenge.

You will have to spend time trying to get into the neighbor’s house and arrange various traps there. For example, glue objects with glue, scatter nails everywhere, and create things like that. The set of available traps in the game is actually huge. The main thing is that you should not catch the eye of the owner, otherwise you can assume that you lost.

The game has many levels, at the beginning of each you will receive a task, on the basis of which you will plan a trap. In addition, in a house with new levels, new rooms will appear in which you can set new traps. By making it clear to your neighbor that he was in vain contacting you.

How to get a neighbor (Neighbors From Hell)

As in the original version on PC How to get a neighbor (Neighbors From Hell), the primary goal of each round is extremely simple. To adjust all sorts of traps to the annoying neighbor of the site, using the items found. For example, you can smear a neighbor’s magnifying binoculars with sticky liquid, break the legs of his comfortable chair, or even bring down painfully stinging bees on him. Everything will be directly proportional only to the thoughts in your head.

Inhabited apartment buildings, have one problem. Inadequate and nutty neighbors. Infrequently, people have to live with really honest and calm people who get along well with their neighbors and do not make stupid claims. How do you want in some moments to “annoy” your neighbor on the site for constant repairs on the weekend, for the TV turned on at full volume or constant parties. In an interesting simulator of how to get a neighbor, the players will have such a valuable chance. In this project, you can easily realize all your desires and fantasies in order to prettyly spoil your neighbor’s measured life.

“How to get a neighbor” is not an accurate collection of concepts on how to harm and oppress your beloved housemates, but a very worthy arcade game for the development of thinking, in which a huge number of people managed to play thirteen years ago. A lot of time has passed since that distant time, and the JoWooD company that created the project has not existed for a long time, and, therefore, the continuation of the legendary series can no longer be expected. The gameplay of the “How to Get a Neighbor” simulator turned out to be incredibly simple and exciting. The leading character, nicknamed Woody, did not like his site neighbor. The creators of the game in the past did not go into details about the conflict, but if you watch the bullying of our character, you can understand that he “annoyed” him very well.

How to Get a Neighbor Full Version on Android

So, at the very beginning of the passage, the player will come to his neighbor’s apartment. You will need as soon as possible to figure out how an interesting trap can be built from objects lying everywhere. In some place you can clog the toilet with toilet paper, and in some place your joke will take place using a dynamite charge. It will also be possible to coat glasses with superglue, scatter sharp objects around the apartment, break electrical equipment, or come up with a different joke. The main thing in this game is to do everything very quickly and subsequently not to fall into the eyes of an enraged man. Despite the incredible scale of the deed, all the jokes of the protagonist look extremely harmless, and the feelings that a neighbor experiences when he gets into any trap cause an irresistible attack of laughter!

Among the myriad of pluses and interesting features of the simulator, I would like to note the most noticeable:

  • A rare opportunity to betray your negligent neighbor;
  • Act very discreetly and carefully so that your opponent does not notice suspicious things in the game;
  • Entertaining search and application of necessary things;
  • Fun cartoon graphics and cool animation of the consequences of your actions;
  • A huge number of traps and the possibilities of their interaction.