How to Get a Battery From Xiaomi Redmi 6a

We offer you a small instruction on how to open the back cover on the Xiaomi Redmi phone (including models 3 and 4), Mi Max, etc. Since almost all phones have the same design, this guide can be used for most mobile gadgets.


  1. First of all, we get the SIM card tray. If you leave it in its original position inside the case, then it will interfere with the removal of the cover.
  2. Directly disassembling starts with the procedure for opening the latches along the perimeter of the gadget. Opening the back cover is not so easy. you need to make a lot of effort to cope with the task. But you need to do this very carefully. Best and safest, the device will open using a special spatula for working with phones. And certainly under no circumstances should sharp objects be used in working with the back cover that can cause scratches. You need to start opening the latches from one corner of the phone, gradually moving to another.
  1. When the latches give in, slowly and carefully remove the back cover on the Xiaomi Redmi or Mi Max. Gently open the case, after seeing there a cable connecting the back surface to the touchscreen. Carefully remove the ribbon cable to detach the front panel.
  2. Now we have the “filling” of the Mi smartphone. Here we see the top panel with the chip installed, there are cameras. Below them is a battery. Most often, the question of how to remove the back cover of Xiaomi Redmi or Mi Max appears if it is necessary to replace the camera or battery. It is also relevant if the touchscreen is damaged, but without additional sophisticated equipment you will not solve this problem at home.
  3. Although the insides of the smartphone are open to us, we still cannot extract them. In addition to the cameras. we can get them if we open the seal, easily tamped with any improvised flat object.
  1. If you disassembled the phone to replace the battery or delve into the chip, then you have to work with a screwdriver. The internal elements are bolted to the cover. We unscrew them with a screwdriver, be sure to fold them in a visible place so as not to lose, and only after that we can continue the analysis. Unscrewed bolts must be given special attention. those that are mounted on top, longer than those screwed on below. Therefore, put them in different places so as not to get confused.
  2. Having unscrewed the bolts, open the protective panel on top, and a chip will appear in front of you. It is not recommended to make any changes to its configuration on its own.
  3. I close the back cover in the same way as I open it, but, of course, the actions are performed in the reverse order. The main thing is to be careful and act carefully, and then everything will work out.

To draw up a more accurate idea of ​​how to open the Mi Max phone and other models from Xiaomi, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the trainings.