How to Free Memory on Lg Oled TV

We pick the insides, find bugs, treat the TV

How to Free Memory on Lg Oled TV

Their televisions can be found in all retail electronics hypermarkets.

The South Korean company is developing its own operating system with a SmartTV platform. WebOS.

In RuNet, rather scarce information on how to flexibly configure this OS, and we will correct this misunderstanding. If you still have not decided on the purchase of a TV, then we will help with the choice


The current version is 4.x. New 4K and OLED TVs work on version 4.5 (updated 05.15.2019)

On webOS, a new application from Rostelecom is running. Wink, where you can watch more than a hundred channels for free throughout the year. All recommendations, settings, and solutions in this article are for WebOS 3.0 and higher.

How to find out what version of webOS I have?

To find out the version of the operating system (not firmware), go to Settings General About This TV TV Information (Settings. Are common. TV Details)

How to upgrade webOS from TV to 4.5?

If your TV is ready to upgrade to version 4.5, then this will appear in the updates

Another (English and interface)

About manual update

Sometimes automatic updates may not download the new version, even if you reset the settings to factory settings. For a manual update, you need to download the latest version from the official site or from another source and unzip it to a USB flash drive. To do this, it is recommended:

1) Delete all data from the flash drive. Create the LG_DTV folder in the root of the USB drive and place the exe file in it. Then connect to the TV

2) When updating, disconnect the network cable (ethernet) from the TV. Turn off wifi

useful links

The most well-known way of TV owners from LG is to enter all advertising sites
to the “black list” of the router so that the ads do not climb from these platforms to you on the TV. All these addresses have long been known and are on the network. Here is their complete list:


How to do it?

On each, more or less modern, router there is URL filtering, which does not allow you to open certain sites.

Therefore, so that banners from similar services are not loaded to us, we will add them to the black list. It should be noted that on each router this is done in different sections of the menu, even on the same model it may differ (depending on the firmware and interface language), but the essence remains the same.

We will consider this as an example. Dlink 2640u.

You must go to the web interface settings.

By default, its address is, login and password are admin / admin

In the Control category, we see a URL filter. We go there

In the tab “Configuration” and turn on our filter. Filter type leave “Block specified”

Next, go to the URL filter tab and add all the addresses that we specified above. By default, port 80 remains. do not touch this setting

Method number 2. We register DNS

The second method is even simpler than the first. and it is also being actively discussed on the network.

It is a matter of registering a special DNS server from Adguard in the TV settings. By default, the address is used (we need to register them). and There is also a “family” option, but we are not considering it. When you register these DNS on the TV, the advertisement in the internal services and in the browser should be automatically filtered.

Please note that DNS must be registered on the TV, not on the router

Disabling ads on the LG Content Store

Many webOS users complain about various sound issues. The most common problems are sound distortion on certain audio tracks, or audio and image out of sync. What to do in such cases?

Do a sound test

LG TVs on the WebOS operating system have a built-in utility for checking sound with regards to its hardware. To do this, go to “Settings”:

Select “Advanced” at the bottom (“Advanced” on the English version of the interface)

The Russian interface will say “Sound Check”. In English. Sound Test

If no problems are found, then move on

The sound lags behind the image

In the TV settings there is an option for synchronizing sound and image, there you can make a correction of the audio delay relative to the picture.
Settings Sound. Synchronization of sound and. On. TV Speakers

I have instead of this item
“Adjusting the sound delay”
It sets the delay parameter from 5 to 15 and there is also a ByPass switch.

There is an image but no sound

If you have an image but no sound, then try adding volume.

To start. If this operation did not help you, then you must again go into the sound settings and see the sound source. If you do not have a sound bar or external speakers connected, the value in the “Audio output” field should be “TV speakers”

Different volume on channels

In the “Sound” parameter, you need to select “On” for the “Auto Volume” parameter

No sound from flash drive

If you do not have sound on a that is launched from an external source (hdmi or usb), then you need to understand that the TV does not read all file formats and not all types of USB drives. USB must be at least 2.0. It is known that some LG TVs have problems with sound when playing mkv files. it is better to transcode the file to another format.

Click distortion

A common problem with LG is the crackle of sound after a certain period of time.

Sound can “click”, stick, and show other strange artifacts. Basically, they begin to encounter this when watching high-quality, high-bitrate movies with soundtracks in the DTS format. The better the quality of the film itself, the better the quality of its audio track.

The amount of distortion depends on it directly. If the film uses AC3, 2 ch, 192 Kbit / s sound, then you can hear clicks once a minute or two, but if it is already DTS MA, 48.0 KHz, 6 ch, 2181 Kbps, then you can prepare for constant sound interruptions.

What exactly is the problem is still unknown. Perhaps the TV with a large amount of data (specifically with us. the sound) begins to convert it into a more fertilized form for its processor, as a result of which artifacts appear. Or this defect is manifested due to the imperfection of the codecs that are built into the TV.

What can be done to correct the situation? Try setting the PCM audio output settings. Auto and disable the LG Surround option (Settings-Sound-Surround). But, as a rule, this is rarely solved.

3. I can not log in to sites!

If you have problems with authorization in social networks (vk.com, classmates, facebook, twitter), then the problem is related to the browser settings. To fix this, go to “Settings” (middle button) and uncheck “Confidential Viewing”

After applying the settings. restart the browser

4. Setting up Google Assistant

WebOS has an integrated Google Assistant.

it does not work yet, therefore, in order to use it, it is necessary that in the menu item of the TV “LG Service Country” the country with the declared support of an assistant should be selected. It is recommended to choose the UK. Since, most likely, initially you have already chosen Russia, you will have to delete the account. you can reset it to the factory settings

Step-by-step instruction

The original is taken from the Russian-language forum Webos

1. Change the region (LG Service Country) to the UK (region code 3122). See below for how to change the region.

2. We carry out “Reset to factory settings”

3. With the new setting, set the English language, mowing under the UK (select LG Service Country)

4. Perform a reboot of the TV (the system itself will offer you to reboot the TV. we agree)

5. On the Home Screen, look for the TV settings icon for working with Google Assistant and then follow the on-screen instructions in steps

6. If you have Google Home or other smart devices, you can control them from the TV.

7. To do this, you need to connect an independent assistant on TV to the home assistant on Google Home, and give him the rights to manage home devices.

8. Speak into the microphone Turn on Living room light

9. We receive a notification:
Get the full Assistant experience
On your phone, just tell your Assistant to “set up my Assistant device”.
Don’t have the Assistant yet? Visit g.co/assistant/setup

10. As suggested, communicate with the phone

11. We are looking for a device.

12. After the TV is found. select it and see the standard confirmation “Is this the code you see on the TV screen? “- click” YES “

5. How to change region / country on TV?

It’s no secret that application developers primarily release their creations to foreign markets (primarily the United States). Also, some people buy televisions in other countries. However, it is possible to change the region on TV and gain access to the necessary applications, including Russian-language ones.

In order to change the region you need to get into the service (engineering) menu. EZAdjust. This can be done using the applications of the Galaxy S4 Universal Remote application, LG Smart TV Service Remote Control, LG Service Menu Explorer, Smart IR Remote, Galaxy IR, MyRemocon (IR Remote Control) and AnyMote Universal Remote;

a) To change the region to the USA, you need to change the area code to 1843.

b) After changing the region, go to the LG Content Store and accept the user agreement.

When you restart the TV, the location of the TV will be reset and all applications that you installed will return the error “This application is no longer available” and will be automatically deleted by the system. To prevent this situation, try turning on the “Quick Start” parameter in the settings. the TV does not turn off in it, but goes into standby mode.

c) In the settings, change the location to USA. To do this, uncheck the “Automatic selection” and select the USA manually. After completing this item, a dialog box appears again where you must accept the user agreement. The main thing here is that the TV does not restart, otherwise this setting will fail. If the TV still goes into reboot, then open the LG Content Store again, and again change the location to the United States. Perhaps the second time the TV will not reboot.

d) Do not change the region back through EZAdjust.

f) For some applications, you need to use a connection through a VPN channel (especially for streaming)

6. Every day asks to be updated! How to remove the notification?

Updating the TV’s firmware and software is an important part of its stable functioning. At least it should be. But, often, releasing a new release, developers are not always able to improve the existing situation. Therefore, some advanced users do not knowingly go to upgrade TV, working on the old version, sometimes in order to be compatible with some applications.

In general, the goal is not to be updated for everyone, but everyone has one question. how to remove the constant notification about the need for software updates. To get started, uncheck the “Allow automatic updates” checkbox in the “TV Details” category.

But this may not always help. updates will not be installed automatically, but a reminder will continue to pop up. The method used to block ads will help here. It is necessary to block the URL in the router (see the very beginning of the article)


7 Working with the OTTplayer application

For webOS, there is a great app for viewing feeds using playlists. The setup is very simple. The steps:

1. Visit the site ottplayer.es

2. Register in it by clicking on the “Account” button in the upper right corner of the site. Next, click “Register” at the bottom of the form.

To complete the registration, you must confirm it via e-mail

3. After registration, return to the main page and click on your profile in the upper right corner. Select the menu “Playlists”:

Add playlists. Ready playlists can be downloaded from us (Yandex.Disk). time, two.

4. We put the OTTPlayer application through the LG Store

5. We enter the application for the account under which we registered on the site

7.5 Using the SS IP-TV Application

This application allows you to “take” channels from their site (ss-iptv.com/en) SS IPTV alone does not provide pay-TV services to a user. The application only provides access to content provided by the IPTV operator (usually an Internet provider, for example, Rostelecom). The distribution method of such television is called OTT OTT (Over-The-Top) or Internet television.

Instructions for loading your own playlist in the application

To view content via SS IP-TV, as we already wrote, you need a playlist with channels. A playlist in M3U format is a plain text document encoded Utf-8.

It can be edited, for example, using Notepad in Windows. To do this, you need to go through the linking of the TV to their site. This is done on this page: ss-iptv.com/en/users/playlist. In order to download your own playlist, you need to generate a Connection Code in the SS IPTV settings and enter it on this page at the top.

What if I don’t have playlists and cannot find them?

Playlists can usually be found on specialized IP-TV provider forums. If you can’t get playlists in the public domain, you will need to spend a little money.
We go to the site on edem.tv and register there. This is a direct television provider. We pay a couple of bucks and generate a link to the playlist for yourself there (literally in a couple of clicks).

8. Configuring Tricolor on WebOS

In our country, Satellite TV is still very popular, so we could not ignore the settings for the most popular provider. Tricolor.

Step-by-step instruction

The original is taken from the Russian-language forum Webos

1. Insert the Tricolor TV smart card into the CAM module (usually CAM WEST CI is used)

2. Insert the CAM-module into your TV off.

3. When you turn on the TV will show information about the card and the module, if there is no information or error code 17, check the installation and check the equipment on the Tricolor website.

4. In the settings of the Tricolor satellite antenna converter, specify the Eutelsat 36A / 36V satellite. The type of converter is single. Converter power supply (LNB). on.LNB 10750. Transponder frequency. 12226 MHz (settings are default). We look at the signal quality.

5. We go into the channel settings and turn on the automatic search (in new generation TVs) transponder frequencies from 12190 to 12418 will be written automatically.

6. If everything went well and the channels were found, go to the sound settings on the TV and set the MPEG parameter in the “Digital TV Sound Settings” section. This is done so that the sound on the channels does not disappear when viewed. We go into the module settings and select the “Reset to factory settings” item. Turn off the TV completely.

How to configure channels manually?

Manual channel search is described on the official LG website. lg.com/en/support/product-help/CT20206007-20150479796813-others

Do not show HD / UHD channels

1. If there is no image, but there is sound. then most likely the channels go in HEVC encoding. You need to change the region code (Area Option) to Russian. How to do this read above. Also try setting the region 3640 or 512

2. You can also try changing the polarization to horizontal (H). The default is L (left)

9. Error “Out of memory”

After you put it, you need to go to the “Photos ands” section, where a folder with this clip will appear. you need to delete it. After this operation, the memory should be enough to watch online movies through the TV browser

In addition, LG itself confirms that there is a problem with viewing streaming, but it cannot fix anything. Here is the official answer from the VK group

The fact is that your TV’s browser is not designed to view streaming content due to the mismatch between Flash Player and limited TV memory. It is intended for web browsing only. Unfortunately, installing third-party browsers by the manufacturer is not provided. All kinds of errors can appear during playback through the browser, unfortunately, this is inevitable until Adobe removes the restrictions on Flash Player support on television and mobile platforms, which will allow our developers to adapt this software product to the TV system.

Due to the current situation, streaming playback is implemented using applications of various online cinemas, which you can install through the LG Contents Store catalog and launch through the Smart menu of your TV.

10. Improving the image on 4K and 4K OLED TVs

To enter the TV picture settings, select Menu. Settings Images (or Menu. Settings.. Picture).

11. How to set up the Internet on LG WebOS?

In order to access the Internet on your TV, you need to connect it either with a twisted pair cable (RJ-45 interface) or connect to a wireless network. as you prefer. Press the Home button on the remote control and select the “Settings” icon in the upper right corner

Then we go to the “Network”. there we will see both “Wired Connection” (Ethernet) and “Wireless Network”. depending on the type of connection, we check / enable the necessary one. Keep in mind that if you connect with a cable, for a stable connection, the twisted pair cable must be at least 5e Cat (fifth category)

If the TV says that you are already connected to the Internet, but in fact it is not on the TV, then reboot the device in this order. first turn off the modem for 5 minutes. Turn it on. Turn off the TV for 30 minutes (from the wall outlet). turn it on again.

Network Connection Issues

You may have such a situation that the Internet will work “half”. Those. pages will open in a web browser, but applications will refuse to run at all. There are some standard tips for solving this problem:

  1. Reset to default
  2. Checking the time zone, location, region
  3. Using not home Internet (wi-fi, ethernet cable), but mobile data transfer (if you have unlimited traffic)
  4. Add the IP address of the TV to the DMZ. This is a specialized local network segment, which contains public services with full open access for internal and external networks. At the same time, the home (private) network remains closed behind the network device and there are no changes in its operation
  5. Replace the router with another

12. Manage and watch TV from mobile

Using the LG TV Plus app, you can share photos,s and music between your devices and your smart TV, or mirror the screen to share other content.

This app also has a remote control function that allows you to control your TV and navigate the Smart Hub menu from your phone or tablet.

Link for Android application. Google play

Link for application on iOS. iTunes

On the TV, you will be asked to allow sharing, so click “Yes” using the TV’s remote control. After pairing the device and the TV, simply select photos, movies or music from your phone, using either the TV’s on-screen menu or the device’s on-screen menu. You can also select Mirroring to duplicate the display of your device on the TV.

How to watch and photos from the phone on the TV?

In the WebOS operating system, it is possible to view content from the phone on the TV screen. To do this, you need the phone and TV to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network (!) To install the LG TV Plus application on the phone. it should work with TVs with WebOS from version 3.0 (download from Google Play)

If you have an older version of the operating system (1.0, 2.0, etc.), then you need the LG TV SmartShare-webOS application (this is it, and not the usual SmartShare. do not confuse!). You can download it (.apk file) from our Yandex.Disk.

On the TV, in turn, you need to run the application called “Connection Manager” and follow the instructions of the wizard

Please note that quality of more than 1080p can slow down and be interrupted if you use a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network. For correct viewing, you must switch to 5Ghz.

13. Channel lock

In WebOS, you can configure channel blocking by age, or selectively block any of the available ones. Go to the “Settings” menu. “Additionally”.

Select the category “Security”. In the English version, this item is called “Safety”

Age blocking depends on which EPG (roughly speaking, TV program) your digital television operator uses. Age blocking works according to age restrictions. Therefore, you cannot choose the age rating of the program yourself. this is done automatically, so first you need to test this function in “combat” conditions. To watch the channel or the desired program, you must enter the password. The default password is 0000

14. Voice control webOS

There is voice control on LG TVs. but in Russian it has still not been fully implemented. When the TV is connected to the network, you must agree to the Terms of Use of the voice recognition function in order to use it.

First you need to select the language settings for voice search. This is done in the “General” menu. “Tongue”. “Voice Search Language.” Voice assistant works with webOS 2.0 and up to 4.0

To activate the voice menu you need to press a special button on the remote in the form of a microphone:

A special window will open in the right corner, after which you can give commands to the TV. In order for the command to be recognized most correctly, it is recommended to pronounce it no more than 10 cm from the remote control (yes, you need to say the commands in the “remote”)

What can I control with the voice assistant?

  • Volume control:
  • “Turn up the volume”
  • “Lower volume”
  • Sound control:
    • “Turn on sound”
    • “Turn off the sound”
    • TV Power Management:
      • “Turn off the TV”
      • TV notification bar:
        • Open Notifications
        • Open Help Guide:
          • “Turn on the user manual”
            • Channel sequential:
            • Channel Up
            • Channel Down
            • “Previous Channel”
            • “The next channel”
          • Switching channels by number:
            • “Turn on channel 1”
            • “Turn on the third channel”
            • Go to Channel 23
            • Switch channels by name (may require a name first)
              • “Go to NTV”
              • Go to the Match
                • Search for transmission on digital channels (you must first specify the television provider in the settings of the digital set-top box)
                • “Find a series with Khabensky”
                • “Find programs that show at 9 pm”
                • “What time does the Comedy Club start?” “
                • “Search for news”
              • TV program for digital television:
                • “Launch the TV Guide”
                  • List of available sources:
                  • “Turn on Connection Manager”
                  • “Turn on the Entry List”
                • Switching to the signal from the HDMI input:
                  • “Turn on HDMI 1”
                  • “Turn on HLM One Alone”
                  • “HDMI two”
                  • Switching to the signal from the AV input:
                    • Turn on AV
                    • “Turn on Ave”
                    • Turn on Avy
                    • Switching to the signal from the RGB input:
                      • “Turn on Component In”
                        • Open timer settings:
                        • “Turn on the sleep timer settings”
                        • Sleep Timer
                      • Set off timer:
                        • “Set your sleep timer to 45 minutes”
                        • “Set the sleep timer to 1 hour”
                        • Disable Timer:
                          • “Turn off the sleep timer”
                          • Switching to a channel at a specified time:
                            • “Run Scheduler”
                              • Starting standard applications:
                              • “Turn on the web browser”
                              • “Turn on the LG Content Store”
                              • “Turn on the Algie Content Store”
                            • Launching third-party applications:
                              • “Turn on MEGAGO”
                              • “Turn on Megago”
                              • “Recommend apps”
                              • Application for displaying the screen of an Android phone:
                                • “Turn on Screen Share”
                                • “Turn on the Shea Screen”
                                • “Turn on the Screen Share”
                                • Application for viewing files from a local network via DLNA:
                                  • “Turn on Smart Share”
                                  • “Turn on the smat shea”
                                  • “Turn on smart share”
                                    • Find out the weather forecast:
                                    • “What the weather will be tomorrow?
                                  • Weather forecast in another city:
                                    • “What is the weather like in Moscow?
                                      • Launch the YouTube app:
                                      • “Launch YouTube”
                                      • “Run YouTube”
                                    • YouTube search:
                                      • “Search for Leningrad Clips on YouTube”
                                      • Search Sobole on YouTube
                                        • Search for movies in all installed applications:
                                        • “Find a Movie Carrier 2” “
                                        • “Search for action movies”
                                        • “Search for Guy Ritchie Films”
                                      • Search through a web browser:
                                        • “Search for movies on the Internet”
                                        • “SearchApple” on the Internet ”
                                        • “Show Restaurants Nearby”
                                          • Auto tuning digital and analogue channels:
                                          • “Open Channel Search”
                                        • Open the settings menu:
                                          • “Turn on the settings”
                                          • General Settings Tab:
                                            • “Turn on general settings”
                                            • Screen Settings Tab:
                                              • “Turn on the screen settings”
                                              • Image aspect ratio settings:
                                                • “Turn on the screen format”
                                                • Power Save Settings:
                                                  • “Turn on energy saving”
                                                  • Sound Settings Tab:
                                                    • “Turn on the sound settings”
                                                    • Internet Connection Settings Tab:
                                                      • “Turn on network settings”
                                                      • Specify an address for voice search:
                                                        • “Turn on location setting”
                                                        • Child Protection tab:
                                                          • “Turn on security settings”
                                                          • Settings for people with disabilities:
                                                            • “Turn on accessibility settings.
                                                            • Accordingly, the language assistant can be used during any typing (in the browser, for example) while the screen with the keyboard is displayed on the TV screen

                                                              How to find the right application? How to get more apps?

                                                              LG TVs have several sound output options (TV speaker, external speaker, LG Sound Sync Optical, LG Sound Sync Wireless). Specifically, LG Sound Sync Wireless is a wireless connection designed to work with LG sound panels and subwoofers via Bluetooth, so as not to physically connect them to the TV. All this economy is available through the “Home” menu. “Sound”. “Sound”. LG Sound Sync (Wireless). The technology only works with LG devices, so connecting other headsets, headphones or sound bars will fail.

                                                              iPhone doesn’t see TV in LG TV Plus app

                                                              To control the TV, use the LG TV PLus application. Some owners of the iPhone (in particular, the iPhone X) have a problem finding a TV.

                                                              1. Try enabling IPv6 support in your Wi-Fi network settings
                                                              2. Check if your TV is supported. You can see it in the AppStore.
                                                              3. Your phone will lose connection if it goes into sleep mode (the screen goes blank).
                                                              4. When searching for TV, turn off LG Connect Apps for a few seconds, then turn it back on
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