How to free memory on Android Samsung

How to clean the memory on the Samsung phone: clean the phone from garbage

The memory of the internal drive is designed to solve a wide Spectra problems, among which the main ones are:

  • Telephone conversations and sending SMS;
  • Application installation, as well as their update;
  • Download programs from the Internet;
  • Reception of data using the Bluetooth or NFC system;
  • Updating the operating system.

What will happen to the smartphone if the memory is overflowing. How does it affect work?

An excess of information leads to the fact that the device ceases to function normally. In addition to reducing speed, hanging, other serious problems may appear. The smartphone will stop sending and receiving messages and media files. It will not be possible to take a photo and shoot videos, upload updates.

The user loses access to certain functions, cannot use some programs. Obviously, the overload of the gadget leads to a violation in its work. Therefore, the release of memory is a necessary procedure that needs to be carried out regularly.

Cleaning constant memory

Constant memory (ROM or ROM) is part of the internal memory of the gadget and is needed to store information about all the processes ever launched on the device: cache, accounts, photos, etc.D. This memory is not erased without the knowledge of the user and remains constant for a long time.

To clear the ROM, they take the following actions:

  • First of all, they analyze the “filling” of the gadget initiated by the owner of the device. These are uploaded applications and various kinds of files: photo, video, audio recordings, messages, etc.P. Part of the information can be maintained automatically. For example, media files transferred through messengers (cards, pictures, etc.D.), recordings of phone calls, temporary files. If one of these data is not valuable, duplicated and not used, they can be safely removed.
  • Carry out regular cache cleaning. To do this, there is a built.In utility in the gadget: “Settings” → “Memory” → “Cash Data”.
  • Delete data from the folder.Thumbnails. Sketches (SNEPs) of images from the gallery are loaded here to increase the viewing speed. You can clean the data on the device itself: “Service” → “My Files” → “Device Memory” → DCIM →.Thumbnails, as well as by connecting a smartphone to a computer via a USB cable.

In addition, it is possible to clean the ROM for Android applications:

Method with file removal from the folder.Thumbnails on Android

Thumbnails folder and other media files are stored in the Thumbnails folder. Working with these sketches allows you to speed up the work of a phone with miniature tiles with user viewing the photos it has. Over time in the folder.Thumbnails accumulate gigabytes of such files that are usually not needed.

Find this folder (it is in the DCIM directory) and delete its contents. This will help to cleanse your memory on your Android if for some reason it has been clogged with invisible files.

How to clear the internal memory of the phone using the optimizers programs

There are many programs to quickly clean memory, but many of them do more harm than benefits. They take up a lot of space, contain annoying advertising and often significantly reduce the performance of the phone.

Most of these functionality programs are similar, so you have to choose them by the availability of additional options and by the intense. The most popular applications for cleaning the internal memory of the phone that have proven themselves to users are good: SD Maid, CCleaner, Cleaner.

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SD Maid

Download the free version. This is enough for most users. Run the application, click the “Scan” button. After a few seconds, the results will be displayed on the screen. Click the “Launch now” button. In a couple of seconds the memory will be cleaned.

  • Schedule cleaning;
  • Analysis of the storage. Finds the most voluminous files;
  • Built.In conductor for independent work with memory.

A paid version that allows you to clean the applications will cost 155 (one.Time).

Do not install too frequent cleaning of the memory according to schedule and do not get carried away with frequent manual cleaning. This will lead to a quick battery discharge.

How to use optimizers programs using the example of SD Maid

This is a convenient tool for cleaning about the internal, as well as the RAM with a visually simple integer, as well as.

  • Scanning for garbage, duplicates of files, unused applications;
  • Memory analysis;
  • Review of the device;
  • Built.In file manager;
  • File search;
  • Freezing and removal of applications;
  • System optimization;
  • Creating user filters for additional files.

On the main screen are the buttons for launching operations of cleaning the database, applications, systems and garbage. Click on the green button “scanning” and wait for the end of the process.

Next, to clean the system from garbage, press the red button “Cleaning”. You can remove all the garbage at once or choose a separate folder.

Of the minuses: paid access to all the features of the program, but the cleaning of garbage is available in the free version.

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App Cache Cleaner

Cash cleaning app of the VPN Master Labs developer. He has the same functionality as Clean Master, but there is a small bonus. Expanded cleaning of messengers. Select the desired point, and the program itself will clean the WhatsApp and Telegram folders. The search for duplicate photos occupying memory is also provided. The advantage of the application is the minimum amount of advertising.


Android version of the CCleaner utility (Piriform) will most likely appeal to those who are used to her in Windows. It is convenient, simple, safe and does not require immersion from the user in the essence of cleaning procedures. In a word, the one who is looking for the magical button to “do it well and do not accidentally ruin anything” will be able to opt for CCleaner.

The magic button is called “quick cleaning”. To maintain the phone storage in optimal condition, just press it once every few days.

The fast cleaning function includes removing empty folders, hidden and visible cache. Autonomous and multimedia programs of programs (uploaded pictures, audio, video) can also be cleaned at the user discretion. You should be careful with the latter: first make sure that you do not need these objects, and then agree to remove.

  • Completion of working applications (unloading of RAM).
  • View multimedia with the ability to remove only unnecessary.
  • Evaluation of resource consumption programs and tips for optimizing the device.
  • File transfer to the cloud.
  • Photos optimization (size reduction).
  • Data security tips.
  • Display of information about the system.

Paid subscribers (from 34) are additionally available automatic cleaning on schedule, charge savings and improved photo optimization. There is advertising in the free version of CCleaner.

AVG Cleaner

AVG Cleaner is a means of optimizing Android devices from a well-known software manufacturer for AVG TechNologies security. The utility can be used both in tandem with free AVG Antivirus, and the very itself.

The set of capabilities and design of AVG Cleaner is very reminiscent of CCleaner, as if both applications have been created one template. There is also a quick cleaning button for removing the cache and data data, the function of unloading RAM by completing the work software, optimization of photos and everything else that the competitor has. Even options are identical, available in subscription (from 25).

The free version of AVG Cleaner has advertising, but not ordinary, but with a surprise. For its viewing, according to users, sometimes access to paid privileges is opened: automatic cleaning on the schedule and saving of battery charge.

Phone Clean. Antivirus, Booster Master, Cleaner

Phone Clean. 3 in 1 utility: cleaner, accelerator and mobile antivirus from Security Apps Studio.

  • Faster cleaning button. Here, unlike other programs considered, it frees only RAM from ballast. It completes running processes.
  • Removal of garbage in the form of a cache of applications and advertising.
  • Extended cleaning functions. Search for duplicates of photos and large files, removal of media data from WhatsApp.
  • Saving the charge by completing the work of programs actively consuming battery resources.
  • CPU cooler. It closes the applications that most load the processor.
  • Antivirus scanner for searching and removing malicious.
  • Tool of undesirable notifications.
  • File manager.
  • Programs of programs.
  • Section of information about the device.
  • User data protection means-a safe browser, installing a PIN code for launching applications, checking Wi-Fi, monitoring the contents of the exchange buffer.
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How to clean unnecessary applications and files in the smartphone memory

Typically, the most resource.Intensive are various games with a swollen budget that can occupy gigabytes even on mobile devices. If you no longer play such games, and they are installed in your good memory, then it will be better to delete them. This is a simple and fast way to clean the storage on Samsung, increasing the amount of free space on your device.

We also recommend visiting the Downloads folder (download) on your phone, and view its contents. It is possible that most files are no longer needed there, and you can easily get rid of them, thereby freeing free space on samsung.

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How to clean the memory on Samsung using PC

Connecting the device to PC is a great way to clean the memory without resorting to long.Term action and without installing additional programs. Using a computer, you can quickly clean the folder.Thumbnails, as well as transfer all the media to PC, freeing a place on the phone.

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How To Free Up Phone Memory Space on Android – Storage Space Running Out [Solved] 7 Ways

First, consider how to clean Samsung from the contents of the folder with mini-sketches of images.

  • First you need to connect the phone to the computer using the USB cord.
  • On the device screen, you need to select data transfer mode.
  • Using a conductor on a PC, you need to find the DCIM section among folders on the device.
  • Find in section folder “.Thumbnails “and enter it.
  • Highlight all the contents and delete.

If this is very rare (or not to do at all), in this folder it can accumulate up to several GB data. Their elimination will immediately significantly accelerate the work of the smartphone.

The next way to increase the amount of memory on Android Samsung is to transfer all unnecessary data from device to PC. To do this, you also need to connect the smartphone to the computer via USB cable and allow data transfer. Next, you need to find all those that contain images, video and audio in the folders of the device. These can be folders of messengers with the corresponding names, as well as the already familiar DCIM folder, sections in the documents Photo, Video, Audio, Images and others.

Next, the contents of these folders must be cut and inserted into a comfortable folder on the computer. By the way, it is much more convenient to watch images from the PC screen and select really standing.

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A good solution would be to connect a cloud storage on the Samsung phone. Most often, a Google account and, accordingly, the Google cloud, is used to work with Android OS, but you can use any other. To upload files to the cloud, you must enter the storage application, select the “new object” and “download”. Then it remains only to select the necessary files, give them a name and determine the procedure for access to them. This data from the device can be deleted.

RAM cleaning in Samsung

RAM allocates temporarily a place for the operation of advanced applications. For each program that is often used, a cache is created. It maintains repeating information so as not to load it every time again. For example, if when opening a browser, the user sets to check the weather for his favorite site, then the smartphone cachs the site page and uploads only updated data by saving traffic and increasing the speed.

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You can not increase RAM on the phone. This is a standard parameter, so monitor the condition manually, analyzing. In the settings, select “Optimization”. “RAM”. The smartphone will check and evaluate the level of completeness of the RAM.

You can immediately press “cleaning” to completely free the temporary storage, or make selective cleaning. To do this, find and open “more” from below on the page where a detailed list of programs using RAM will appear. Remove the ticks from those that you use now (for example Viber, Instagram), and leave the rest. The gadget will remove the selected applications, translating them into an inactive state. Then there will be a place to launch other utilities.

Another way to clean the memory of the Samsung phone is to disconnect unused built.In applications or prohibit autorun, if possible. During pre.Sale preparation, OS and a number of programs have already been installed in the smartphone. Find them along the way: “Settings”. “Applications”. Make sure the programs are deactivated by the “Automobe” checkbox. Then the RAM will be unloaded.

Pressing the selected application leads to an additional menu. Find the “Delete” or “Disable” button. Having deleted some of the built.In programs (“Notes”, “Books”, calendar ”, etc.) it will turn out to free up space not only in the RAM, but also in the internal storage.

Data transfer to the SD card

SD cards can significantly expand the memory of your device. Now you can find small-sized copies (approximately like mini-SIM), but with a capacity of 64 GB. Most often, media content and documents are stored on them. Throwing applications (especially systemic ones) to the SD card is not recommended.

This method is not suitable for those users whose smartphone does not support SD cards or artificial memory expansion. If you belong to their number, then use this instruction to transfer data from the constant memory of the smartphone to the SD card:

    Since inexperienced users can incorrectly make file transfer to a third.Party card, it is recommended to download a special file manager with a separate application that will not take up much space. This instruction is considered on the example of File Manager. If you plan to work often with an SD card, it is recommended to install it for convenience.

If you do not have the opportunity to use the SD card, then you can use various cloud Internet storages as an analogue. It’s easier to work with them, and to everything they provide a certain amount of memory (on average about 10 GB) for free, and you will need to pay for the SD card for the SD card. However, they have a significant minus. You can work with files that are saved in the “cloud” only if the device is connected to the Internet.

If you want all the photos you have taken, audio and videos to be saved immediately on the SD card, then you need to do the following manipulations in the device settings:

How to free up space on Samsung a10 a20 a50 a70 a90

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • There, select “Memory“.
  • Find and click on “default memory”. From the list that appears, select the SD card now inserted into the device.

System reset to factory parameters

If the source of Samsung‘s memory is unclear, and all the methods are calculated or at least clean the drive are ineffective, it is worth moving on to the radical solution itself. The dumping of the device to the factory state. It is recommended to use it in situations where a constant lack of space accompanies additional problems in work like brakes, various errors or flying applications. Details about the features of this procedure on Korean smartphones find in the material further.

Attention! Do not forget to pre.Copy all important data!

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