How to Force Flash On iPhone 11

If you have a need to remove the vibration effect that accompanies incoming calls and messages on the iPhone, then it is very easy to realize. To do this, just a few simple steps.

How to Force Flash On iPhone 11

The so-called vibration alert is not convenient for all users. For example, if the communicator is lying on a solid surface, then when the vibration effect is triggered, it makes loud sounds that act on the nerves. Apple engineers have provided in their gadgets the ability to turn off the vibrating alert.

How to turn off vibration on iPhone with incoming calls, notifications, and messages

1. First we go to Settings devices

2. Then select the menu item “Sounds, tactile signals”;

3. In chapter “Vibration”There will be tumblers (“During a call”And”In silent mode”), Which should be put into position”off”.

4. Immediately after this, the vibrating alert will be muted. At the same time, it does not matter in what mode the smartphone is at this moment. in normal or silent.

How to turn off vibration (tactile response) on iPhone when you tap the screen

By default, when interacting with the system (enable / disable parameters in Settings etc.) on the latest iPhone models, vibration also appears that can be turned off along the way Settings → Sounds, tactile signals → System tactile.

How to disable vibro in the alarm clock iPhone

Agree that the sound of vibro on an alarm clock is sometimes very inappropriate, especially along with a smooth relaxing melody. On how to turn off vibration on the iPhone alarm clock, we devoted a whole separate article (link).

How to remove (turn off) vibration on iPhone for a certain time

IOS has a great option “Do not disturb”, which allows you to force or automatically mute the sound and vibro for incoming calls and notifications on the iPhone. How to set up and use the function “Do not disturb” on the iPhone, we described in detail in this material.

Why is the sound not heard during an incoming call on the iPhone, but only vibration?

The answer is simple: there is a switch on the iPhone smartphone that puts the device into silent (silent) mode. It is with its help that you can turn on and off the voice acting of incoming calls, messages and notifications.

This switch affects only the iPhone speaker and does not affect vibration.

“Call” mode. vibration is working, ringing tones and notifications are played

In order to activate the mode on the iPhone “Call”, set the switch to no orange mark visible.

Silent mode. vibration is working, ringing tones and notifications are not played

In order to activate the mode on the iPhone Silently, set the switch to visible orange mark.

How to set a separate ringtone and vibration pattern for a specific contact on iPhone

Using this instruction, you will be able to assign a unique ringtone or vibration to the contact, as well as create your own “vibro pattern”, which, for example, will help you recognize the caller without looking at the screen.