How to Flash Samsung S5830 Phone

Phone Samsung Galaxy Ace (S5830) looks very much like an iPhone. The similarity catches the eye right away, although it is discovered nearby that the identity is not complete. the case made of cheap plastic spoils the whole impression, it is worth taking the phone in hand. A high-quality screen of 3.5 inches, a 5 megapixel camera and 512 MB of RAM coexist in this wonderful device with an outdated processor at 832 MHz. Firmware updates from the manufacturer traditionally silently ended on Android 2.3, while the prolific Google managed to throw 4.0.4, 4.1.2 and 4.2 into free swimming. So the owners of a beautiful phone were left behind updates, unable to enjoy the glitches of the new version of the system from a well-known corporation. We will make the impossible possible by describing the process of unofficial updating the phone’s software on CyanogenMod 10, which, in turn, is based on Android 4.1. The benefits of installing an assembly are vast and numerous. In addition to a beautiful figure in the phone’s settings and a new, slightly prettier interface, the firmware adds wonderful items in the settings, such as controlling the processor frequency, optimizing all the interface’s beautifulness, improving the reaction speed of the device and a nice robot when the device is loading. Naturally, the programs installed on the phone move in no way worse than on the official firmware, and the stable behavior of the device is not overshadowed by surprises. We will install the firmware from the development team Jellaxy, whose work is truly impressive. Especially if you recall that Samsung vowed that the latest versions of Google’s operating system would not work on the S5830 smartphone. Well, enthusiasts have proved the opposite, and we will take advantage of the experience of wonderful people who have developed an alternative and put the same thing to ourselves.

The beginning, as is usually the case with any firmware, begins with the installation of a well-proven alternative bootloader CWM. This program creates a boot menu for fans of poking around in the firmware of the device, helps to make the process easier and more efficient. We take the ClockWorkMod recovery prepared for our phone, here 🙁, firmware ( and lightweight Google services (specially trimmed to reduce requests): Transfer these archives to a memory card, preferably a blank one. No need to unpack! In order for the installation to begin, you must restart the device in the “native” recovery. Clamp the shutdown button on the device turned off, while simultaneously clamping the touch button with the house. After a couple of seconds, you will see a text menu on the screen where you are looking for the apply update from sd card item. Select it with the sound keys and confirm with the button with the house. In the program window, look for your archive (the name contains the word recovery), confirm your deliberate decision to add our assistant for flashing to the phone. There will be a recovery update on CWM.

Turn off the phone again. Start recovery in the same way as before. In the updated menu, the promising backup item is very interested. There, which is logical, choose backup again. So we create a copy of your installed system, this is useful for the inner peace of a beginner and an experienced flasher. no matter what happens next, you can return everything back from the same point, choosing restore already. Having created a much-needed copy, take a deep breath and proceed to the most important thing. The new firmware version will be installed normally only if all unnecessary items are removed from the phone. In other words, to clear the device of old data almost completely. How to do the cleaning? In recovery, select the following menu items in order: wipe data, wipe cache, wipe dalvik (in advanced). Go back with the back button on the phone, there is only one cleaning item. in mount and storage, select unmount system, then format system. We left the phone, figuratively speaking, naked and barefoot. Hurriedly dress him up in a new firmware. Look among the text labels for this: choose zip from sdcard. First, select the CM10 archive, wait until the phone reports a successful completion of the action. In addition to the Android 4.1 system, we are strongly recommended to install Google services. You can do without them and thereby save 60-70 MB of RAM, but still the services are useful. installing software from the market, synchronization, mail without them is unexpectedly difficult. Therefore, we resolutely put our third archive, with the words gapps in the title. Patiently wait for the end, select the reboot and. we observe the logo for 5-10 minutes. The first launch is somewhat stretched in time, because the new version of the system takes time for a comfortable location.

How to Flash Samsung S5830 Phone

If you haven’t missed anything out of the above, a quick, beautiful firmware based on Android 4.1 will sparkle in front of you. Congratulations, all conditions are met, you are in the new system.