How to Flash Lg TV From a USB Flash Drive

Instructions for updating the software on the Lji TV at home without contacting the telemaster.

In this article, we will see how to update an LG TV from a flash drive. You can, on your own at home, make the firmware of your TV Elgie without resorting to telemasters. Why update firmware on your TV? In principle, why not, unless you have started having problems with the operation of your TV set like mine.

I don’t know why, but after 1.5 years of use, after turning the TV off and on, I had to search all the channels again, as if all settings were reset. In the beginning, this rarely happened and only after they were turned off from the wall outlet, but in the future they had to do a channel search each time the LG TV was turned off and on even from the remote control. You probably know that the search for channels definitely takes a lot of time and it just starts to bother, after which you decided to perform a flashing. Therefore, I decided and will share with you information for updating the software on the TV at home without contacting the telemaster.

For those who think that updating firmware is only possible on smart TVs, I want to say that this is not so. The first time I updated the software, not a smart TV, but on a regular one, and this action does not require much knowledge, skills and time. In general, 10 minutes of time is enough for this procedure at home.

What do I need to update the TV firmware? In principle, you need a computer or laptop where you need to download the firmware from. LG site and a USB flash drive from which we install the update on the TV. On my TV, the firmware weighed about 60 MB. You can find out which firmware version is installed on your Lji TV by looking at the packaging, on the receipt or in the TV settings menu. The procedure itself is not complicated at all, but I want to warn that everything that you do, you do voluntarily at your own peril and risk. If in doubt, then it is better to contact the specialists, for a fee, they will reinstall the software for you.

let’s get a look how to upgrade lji tv at home:
– The USB flash drive with which we will install the software needs to be formatted on the computer into the FAT32 file system. If you don’t know how, then follow this link How to format a USB flash drive, memory card and other disks on a computer or laptop.
– After that, on the flash drive, create the usual folder LG_DTV. If you do not know how, then see the instructions on the link How to create a new pack on the desktop of a computer, laptop with Windows.
– Download TV software from of. site LG going to section “Support” or in the section “Drivers, firmware and software”, this item may be located at the bottom of the menu on the site page, you need to search a bit.
– In chapter “Drivers, firmware and software” There will be a form for choosing a TV model for which you need to download the firmware. Below is a screenshot where this item is highlighted.

How to Flash Lg TV From a USB Flash Drive

After selecting the desired model below, you will see the firmware itself for download. Download it to your computer. Look at the attached picture.

Unpack the downloaded archive with firmware and transfer this file to the LG_DTV folder created on the USB flash drive. For those who do not understand, the downloaded archive with firmware looks like this “Software_File% 28Version_03.53.00% 29”, and when I opened this file, it looks like this “MP_M1A_DVB_official-build-l14-eu. EPK File”, And this file was transferred to the LG_DTV folder on the USB flash drive.
– Now we connect the USB flash drive to the TV, after which the telly will automatically check the USB flash drive for a new firmware version and in case of detection will offer to update. To confirm, press the button “Start”. I inserted the USB flash drive directly into the working TV and everything was determined automatically, the update process itself is visible on the screen, the firmware itself took me only 1 minute.
– Important! During the TV update, Algie cannot turn off the TV or remove the USB flash drive. If you suddenly turn off the light, then do not touch anything, perhaps after installation the installation will continue.
– For the updates to take effect, you must reset to the factory settings through the TV menu.

Personally, I was helped by flashing the TV and now I do not need to turn on auto-search for channels after each turn on the LG TV. It’s good that there was a firmware version, I don’t know what I would do if it was not there.

It is not possible to update the TV software:
– If the downloaded version of the software is lower or the same as on your TV.
– If the TV was not intended for sale in the Russian Federation.
– The firmware is not for this TV.
– The flash drive was not formatted, or formatted in the wrong format, the file was transferred incorrectly, for example, without unpacking, the name of the created folder on the flash drive with an error.

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