How To Flash iPhone 6s On Old Firmware

How To Flash iPhone 6s On Old Firmware

Last week, Apple unexpectedly opened a window into the past, its servers began to sign old iOS firmware. In other words, the company’s smartphones could be rolled back to older versions of the mobile operating system. The holiday lasted only a couple of hours, after which Apple closed this opportunity.

Simple working life hack

For those who want to touch the past and work on iOS, the interface of which was saturated with the idea of ​​skeuomorphism, there is still a working solution.

It does not matter which version of the operating system will be installed on the gadget, literally in a couple of steps you can take a time jump, almost like Marty McFly (well, or Ivan Vasilievich).

Step 1

  • Go to the ipsw.Me website
  • Select the desired device (for example, iPhone 4s)
  • Download firmware 6.1.3 to the computer

Step 2

  • We connect iPhone 4s to the computer
  • Open iTunes
  • Holding the button on the Shift keyboard (or Alt, if Mac), click the “Restore” button
  • Select the downloaded firmware
  • We are waiting for the installation of the system

What programs work on iOS 6?

At the editorial office, we tried to test several popular iconic apps on iOS 6. Surprisingly, most of them still work. Here is a list successfully tested and adequately working:

  • VK (without music)
  • Twitter
  • Telegram
  • Shazam
  • Instagram
  • Yandex Maps
  • YouTube
  • Lingualeo
  • SportsRu

Unfortunately, Slack, Wundelist, SoundCloud, Apple Music, WhastApp. Are not installed and require a newer version of the operating system.

Nevertheless, for many users, working on iOS 6 may become an interesting new experience, someone will want to be a retrograde, for someone, the “tube” design will cause an incomparable feeling of nostaLGia.

It is difficult to explain why Apple is still signing firmware 6.1.3, but since such an opportunity exists, it’s a sin not to use it and not to try the living classics.

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Yuri Andreev

I love Apple, I talk about gadgets, movies and useful things from the world of IT.

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So there you can roll back to 3GS, 3G and 2G iPhones

for iPhone 3G [S]. IOS 6.1.6
for iPhone 3G. IOS 4.2.1
for iPhone 2G. IOS 4.2.1

@ Yuri Andreev, for 3GS, it’s even possible to roll back to 4.1.

@ Yuri Andreev, 2g has the latest version 3.1.3 so-and-so. )))

@ Yuri Andreev, iPhone 3g on 3.1.3. You can roll back, you already wrote about 2g.

I have morphism on 3GS) so I periodically nostaLGic)

Ten would roll back.

The same is news to me, Apple signs transitional firmware for updating by air. Well, that is, if you have iPhone 4s on iOS 5, then you won’t get iOS 9 through the air right away. There will be a transition to 6.1.3. 8.4.1. 9.3.5. Therefore, having a device on, for example, iOS 7, for which a lot of prog does not work, you can easily get iOS 8.4.1 through the air, which works almost as fast, but the software for it is several times larger.

@Mes Zadrot, what about iOS 7 or 8? The question is about skeuomorphism, which can only be obtained on iOS 6.

@ Yuri Andreev, on the issue of nostaLGia:

On iPhone 2G, you can roll back to any version, starting with iOS 1.0 and up to 3.1.3. ))) If, of course, have this device.

@iWanderer, there is everything on dumprodes)

@VsG, or a parcel))))))

@Mes Zadrot, Interesting info!

@Mes Zadrot, During the previous crash, I went to that site and for 4s there was only the last 9ka

@natsuki, you do not understand. The firmware is signed only when updating by air.

@Mes Zadrot, but is it worth it all the same time is there such an opportunity to roll back to the old version? If so, which one?

@Stulk, you did not understand. There is no rollback, the above firmware is signed only when updating from older ones by air.

It’s a pity that 5s don’t sign, iOS 6 would be nice too

IPad mini first and second generation can be rolled back? Especially the first generation would.

iPad 1. Before iOS 5.1.1
iPad 2. Before iOS 6.1.3

But just 4 without s is not good?

@fimoz unfortunately not.
There is only iOS 7.1.2

Question: I rolled back my old iPad 2 to 6.1.3 (it works cool), but after a few days it offers me to upgrade by air to 8.4.1, and now the doubt is whether it is activated? 6 is good, of course, but 8 is better, because it was the last firmware on which he did not slow down. Who in the know give advice

@leomails, my iPad 3 on newer firmware is hellishly dumb.

@ Yuri Andreev, I also have a third lying around and terribly stupid, is it worth it to roll back for something too?

@ Yuri Andreev, and you were able to roll iPad 3?

@ Yuri Andreev, but you can! Rolled back yesterday from 9 to 8! How he came to life! Now I’ll roll back to 6, I want to “lick and touch” the icons and so that everything works!

@leomails, can be updated, activated.

On the iPad Mini (the very first), no earlier firmware can be installed?

@ mek321, that’s interesting to me. Can the iPad Mini roll back to 7-8? And then on the 9-ke terrible brakes.

@chervonenko, The first mini can be rolled back to 8.4.1. But, to be honest, I did not see much difference with 9.3.5. You can try it there for 30 minutes

@reyrey315, without jail? Directly?

yes 10 minutes:

@armani, uh, “how simple it is” 🙂

For 4s, they have been rolled back to 6.1.3 for several years now, only in a different way. This morphism is good, of course, but alas, alas. Almost nothing will work, either on ancient versions of programs. NostaLGia in general.

I ordered the restored 4s from aliexpress. Let’s see what happens after a month of use. I hope the norm will work.

I have 4s, still on 6.1.2. Viber, Sygic, Runtastic, Yandex maps, Shazam, etc. Work great!

Rolled back a few months ago iPad 3 using SHSH. Speedy, bastard. 🙂

@Soren Vakarian, that is, it helped? Which version?

@Stulk, on from 9.3.5 to 6.1.3. Used for this released jail for all 32-bit devices.

What is the best operating system for iPhone 2g?

IPad 2 GSM does not roll back to iOS 6, writes an error, like 3
Version 9 is fine

@ deseis23, the bottom line is that iPad2 comes in two versions, the earlier one (iPad 2.1 released in 45nm process technology) and the later one (32nm, iPad 2.4 released in parallel with the fourth iPad), you can only roll back the first version, you probably have the second. To determine which one you have, look at the model if. MC954, MC957, MC989, MC992. This is iPad 2 of the 12th year of release and rollback to it does not exist today.

@hofc, thanks, I have the wrong case, A1396 model.
I managed to put it with another wire.