How to Flash Asus Zenfone 5 A501cg Brick

How to Flash Asus Zenfone 5 A501cg Brick

Firmware Asus ZenFon 5

Instructions for flashing the Asus ZenFone 5 smartphone (A500CG, A501CG, A500KL) to the new version of Android, custom firmware in the official way from Asus, or flashing the phone via ADB. Instructions for installing custom CWM / TWRP recovery on Asus ZenFone 5 (A500CG, A501CG, A500KL) as well as obtaining Root rights (super user rights).

Firmware Asus ZenFone 5 (A500CG, A501CG, A500KL)

For owners of firmware below 1_14_40_50, first flash on 1_14_40_50 or WW_1_15_40_20, only then on a new firmware!

The official method of flashing the phone (from ASUS)

On going CN—WW, all data disappears when updating TW—TW, CN—CN, WW—WW data remains.

0. Download the firmware in zip format (you can download the firmware on the official website, select OS: Android. Firmware)
1. Connect the phone to your PC using the USB cable that comes with it and unpack the previously downloaded firmware file, you should get this or zip
2. If the name contains then rename it to, then copy it to the internal memory of the smartphone.
3. Disconnect the phone from the PC and the system itself will see the update. you need to confirm by selecting the update itself and after that the firmware will go.
[0] If you are trying to flash, but can’t see the firmware, then double-check that everything should be like this:, instead of the version of your firmware
In further updates, nothing needs to be changed in the name.
[1] When changing from CH. WW or TW. WW firmware, you must change the file name from UL-ASUS_T00F-WW- to UL-ASUS_T00F-CN-
[2] If the firmware for T00J and T00F is the same, then in the unpacked firmware it is necessary to change the file name from UL-ASUS_T00F-WW- to the version for your device.
[3] If everything is observed, but does not see the firmware, then restart the smartphone.

Firmware for ASUS ZenFone 5 via ADB

  1. Download the desired firmware (of. Firmware can be downloaded from the link above), modified (custom) firmware for ASUS Zenfone 5 based on the official. SphinX-V1.0-ZenfoneA501
  2. Installing drivers for adb (I installed them myself on Windows 8).
  3. Download ADB from the site
  4. Extract from archive (I unpacked in C: / adb)
  5. We launch the command line with one of the options. Press the WINR keys at the same time and enter “cmd” without quotes, after which you need to go to the folder with ADB. In my case, you need to enter the command “cd C: \ adb” without quotes.
    • We go into the folder with ADB, and press the Shift key combination with the right mouse button and select the option “Run the command line from here”
    • In the phone settings, enable USB debugging. Go to “Settings. For Developers”, check the box “USB Debugging” and turn on the mode itself (switch on the top right). If there is no “For Developer” item, we go along the path “Settings. Help. Software Information” and click on the build number 5-7 times, a message will appear stating that you have become a developer.
    • We return to the console on the PC and enter the command “adb devices”
    • We reboot the phone in recovery. “Adb reboot recovery”
    • The phone will reboot into recovery mode. If the menu does not appear on the phone screen, click the volume and power buttons.
    • We do wipe data / factory reset (delete everything that is not needed by our smartphone). Navigation by volume buttons, OK. power button.
    • We extract the firmware from the archive and put it in the adb folder. I was flashing version WW_1_15_40_20. The downloaded archive must be unpacked and renamed. Unpack to the adb folder and rename to
    • In recovery, select the second item (apply update from ADB) and confirm with the power button.
    • In the console, enter “adb sideload” and wait for the firmware to load into the phone’s memory. When the download is complete, the phone will begin updating the firmware.
    • After the update is completed, select the first item “reboot system now” and press the power button.
    • We are happy with the new firmware.

    To flash the latest firmware, unzip the downloaded archive into the phone’s memory, turn it off and on again. The system itself will detect updates and offer to flash.
    You can install the latest firmware by repeating steps 8-15 using

    How to install custom CWM / TWRP recovery on Asus Zenfone 5 (A500CG, A501CG, A500KL)

    First of all, we need to download ADB, if you have not done so already, download the link above.

    Then you need to download the installation file of the most custom recovery for the phone to your PC, here I offer you a choice (you only need one) or
    1. Make root any convenient way
    2. Install Busybox
    3. Turn on USB debugging
    4. Rename the file “recovery-from-boot.p” in the system folder to “recovery-from-boot.bak” using any file manager with root access
    5. In the same folder, unpack the files from the archive with CWM or TWRP (I installed CWM for myself)
    6. We connect Zenfone 5 to the computer, the phone must be turned on, we confirm the request that we trust this computer, if we did not do it before
    7. Run the install.bat file in the folder with adb, confirm the request for root access on the device itself
    8. After which the phone should reboot with the already installed custom recovery

    How to enter custom recovery:
    1. Turn off the phone
    2. Hold down the power key, until the vibration response
    3. Release the power key, hold down the volume down button

    How to get ROOT rights to Asus Zenfone 5 (A500CG, A501CG, A500KL)

    I want to note right away that the author of the file separately indicated that on devices with a CN version of the firmware this file does not fit! He is not responsible for an accident! There is a separate “.apk” for the CN version.

    1. Download the program RootZenfone-1.2r.apk
    2. Install it on your smartphone, after checking that in the “Settings”. “Security” was checked “unknown sources” which allows you to install applications on your Asus Zenfone 5 phone from unknown sources.
    3. Turn off WiFi. We transfer the device to “flight mode” (in order to exclude any penetration of the device into the Internet when “.apk” is running).
    4. Run the installed application. A warning will appear that “. you are at risk. I am not responsible. etc.”. Click “Do not ask” (“leave me alone” in Russian).
    5. After that, select the program for assigning root rights (I recommend SuperSU) and press the button below (With the inscription “Come on already! Do the RUT!”)
    6. After the demo mode starts. When it comes to the image of the device with the inscription Zenfone 5, quickly press (hold) the power button and select “reboot”.
    7. After the reboot, we return to the “Root Zenfone” program and give it root rights (click “provide” in the “SuperSU” question box). Then press the button “After the update, save ROOT” in the program.
    This way you will not lose your root rights after the OTA update.

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