How To Flash A Phone

The phone in our lives plays an almost integral role. Few can imagine themselves without a potential source of communication. Thanks to the phone, even at a distance, we somehow became closer to each other. And as soon as something happens with our phone, we immediately feel like “no hands”. In the article we’ll talk about how to flash a ZTE phone.

Device firmware

There are several ways to upgrade ZTE, let’s take a look at the CWM application (download it at for ZTE Blade.

  1. To get a high-quality result of the work done, it is advisable to use a Gen 2 phone. If you have a Gen 1 device, you need to download the Swedish Spring RLS4b or CyanogenMod firmware, then when the phone is off, hold down the “-” and “on” keys, wait for the appearance FTM inscriptions and connect the phone to the computer. Run download_nochecksGen2.exe. and wait for the full installation. After which your phone will receive a performance of Gen 2.
  2. Then download the necessary new firmware from the Internet, connect the phone cable to the PC and enter Recovery using the “-” and “on” keys.
  3. If a2sd is not available in the downloaded firmware, then you need to start the steps from the item described below, otherwise you need to format the flash by choosing the following advanced steps. “partition sd. ext = 512, swap = 0, fat”. If the flash card is a budget option, then some problems may arise, then try to format it again or replace it.
  4. Then go to the action “wipe data / factory reset”, “wipe cache partition” or do “wipe battery”.
  5. Next, copy to the flash firmware, but without opening it. So that the PC can see the smartphone in the CWM program in the main menu “mounts and storage”, click on “mount USB storage” and copy everything that is needed, then click on “unmount”.
  6. Then we go into Recovery “install zip from sdcard” and are directly involved in installing the firmware.
  7. After installation, click on “reboot system now” and the phone can be rebooted.
  8. After rebooting, a new firmware will appear on your phone. This method is suitable only for ZTE Blade, and as for new updates, they can always be obtained through the phone settings.
  9. If you have completed all the steps, and the new firmware has not been installed on your phone or installed incorrectly, then you must repeat the whole procedure again.

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ZTE breakdown

ZTE phone malfunctions occur in the following cases

  1. Mechanical disturbances that can be eliminated only by replacing components or repairing them. This repair is almost impossible to perform at home and requires the intervention of only a service center.
  2. Replacing firmware.

Why flash the phone?

The phone should be flashed for the following four reasons

  1. The phone has stopped turning on.
  2. Constantly reboots independently.
  3. The phone must be restored from unsuccessful firmware.
  4. There is a desire to install a newer version of the firmware.
How To Flash A Phone

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