How to Fix Samsung Duos Mobile Phone

Technical specifications Samsung Metro B350E

There are several generations of communication: 1G (NMT, TACS, AMPS), 2G (GSM, CDMA, PDC, TDMA), 2.5G (GPRS, EDGE), 3G (UMTS, CDMA2000, WCDMA), 3.5G (HSPA, HSPA, HSDPA , HSUPA), which increased the data transfer rate to 42 Mbps, in 2008. 4G (LTE-Advanced, WiMax Release 2, WirelessMAN-Advanced). The latest generation is being developed. 5G.

(115 kbps phase 1, 384 kbps phase 2)

GSM (Global System for Mobile) is a standard of the second generation of cellular communications, one of the most common.

The frequencies 900/1800 MHz are used for operation in Europe and Asia, 850/1900 MHz are used in the USA, Canada, some countries of Central and South America, as well as in Africa.

UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System). like GPRS was created as part of GSM. Uses W-CDMA technology and development. It is the main broadband access for 3G network services.

How to Fix Samsung Duos Mobile Phone

Phone Supported UMTS Frequencies. For example: 850, 900, 1700, 1900, 2100 (MHz). Frequencies used may vary from country to country.

Samsung Metro B350E Short Review. August 2016

Pluses: Screen, and appearance. worthy

Reasonably good battery for the button player. 1300

Confidential, loud audibility of the interlocutor

Ringtone volume

At least some kind of camera, you can click an ad

Long cord charger

Contacts and calls book

In SMS, the font can be increased

The back cover is rough, scratches will not be visible

Minuses: overpriced

Somewhat confused desktop

No USB cable included

Comment: I will compare with C3322:
The screen is large with a decent viewing angle, better than 3322
Audibility of the interlocutor is better at 350
Good build
The cameras are the same
Switching a SIM card for 350. hold
The sound of an incoming call is also reduced by the joystick
The size is larger at 350, but not heavy
Flashlight shines mine well
The contact book looks like 1000 numbers
The number of characters per contact is 20 as in fly 241, against 40 for c3322 and Filipka 1560
The buttons on the C3322 are softer and more pleasant to work with, but 350 letters larger
There is t9, until the trainee understood or not
The desktop is like a smartphone, switching the table by moving left and right, on the push-button it is inconvenient or still unusual
The menu has the ability to move the icons for themselves, while remembering the game in the corners. They’re wise.
The vibro of the c3322 seemed to be stronger
THAT is what I did not like at the end of the call, in order to go to the initial screen, you must at least three times press the reset button.
Through 8 contacts stubbornly does not determine from the book, only after 7
RESULT: on c3322 the menu is more convenient and the buttons work more pleasantly, aluminum gave strength and solidity.
350 screen is better, charge is longer, audibility is better.

I recommend a phone for purchase, chose between fly 241 and Philips x1560

Philips 1560 has such drawbacks that I can’t put up with: 1) with such a capacious battery there is no flashlight

2) and most importantly, he calls from a SIM card that is installed by default, that is, switching between SIM cards will not work, you will only call from the main one, so to speak.

For the rest, I liked Philips, especially its no-frills menu, and surprisingly nice buttons)

I have enough B350 for three days of very active conversations. Yes, there is not a super capacious battery, but otherwise I liked it.

I put 4 points only because of the menu, and so I would put 5.

Have a good shopping!

Shmelev Andrey
May 09, 2016
Nizhny Novgorod
\ Usage experience: less than a month

Mobile phone Samsung SM-B350E, price. White color

Against the background of the buttons from Nokia, this is a masterpiece! The most important thing in a push-button phone is not a camera, not a player, but a phone book and ease of use. Contacts are called from the main screen. You can configure which contacts to display: on sim1, on sim2, on the phone. The main course is storing contacts in the telephone. Each contact may contain the following fields: Name: text field of 20 characters. Note: There is no division into a full name. Mobile Phone e-mail ringtone, picture. You can also add additional fields, through the [options] button.[add fields]. Additionally, you can add any two fields to the contact to choose from: mobile phone, group, e-mail, fax, and more. In total, I could store four telephone numbers and two emails in contact. There is a peculiarity, if you selected a contact in the phone book and want to call not the number that is displayed under the name, but with a different contact number, then you need to press the central button of the joystick, select the phone number in the contact and press the call button. Why did I pay attention to this trifle, because On my previous button-veteran 10 years ago, SE K310i, the choice of the number in the contact was made by the joystick left and right. But in principle, the Samsung has done sane. There is no binding of the contact or specific number in the contact to the SIM card, you must switch to the desired SIM before the call. Sim switch by pressing the [#] button. There is archiving the phone book on a memory card, there is synchronization, communication with a PC, but I have not used these functions yet. Standard options for transferring contacts from phone to SIM and vice versa are naturally present. During the conversation, you can turn on the speakerphone, and you can record the conversation. Conversations are written in AMR format.

Disadvantages: You can’t hang the joystick on the list of SMS, you need to go through the menu. The player is sharpened by categorizing music by artist, type, you can play playlists, but just play all the files from a folder without troubles. you can’t, you have to bother with the playlist. But if the composition folder contains different artists and categories, then compiling this playlist is still a mess, if there are a lot of tracks.

Advantages: A relatively normal contact book of commercially available button phones that are on sale; good loud sound in the speaker; adequate battery; there is a flashlight, comfortable buttons, classic design, it looks good, it lies comfortably in the hand; nice bright screen, visible even in bright sunshine.

Use experience: less than a month

Advantages: Good day # 128578; Let’s go through the merits of the phone, which unfortunately are not many. Firstly, it is worth praising the spoken speaker. the volume of the spoken speaker is sufficient, the interlocutor’s speech is heard without turning on the speakerphone, even in the subway. And in general, it works quite clearly, without extraneous noise, the sound is also not “like a barrel.” Vibro and speakerphone work adequately. Secondly, a good address book, for 1 contact you can select 2 phone numbers, specify email, select your picture and ringtone. Thirdly, the player can be attributed to the advantages of the phone. there are play sets (jazz, rock, pop, etc.), equalizer and visualization, and when using the mp3tag PC application, the Russian names of songs / albums / artists cease to be read screamers. ” And in general, the mp3 playback quality issued with a standard player via earpods does not differ much from the sound on the same ipod touch 6th.
Fourth, the case is quite tightly assembled, and although it, like the glass on the screen, is plastic, in 1.5 years I have scratched and scuffed only on the glossy plastic edging around the case.
Fifth, there is java 2me support
Sixth, there are themes, customizable desktops, widgets, you can change the location of the icons in the menu.
Seventh, there is a flashlight placed on the top of the phone, which is quite convenient.

Disadvantages: Unfortunately they are enough to think well before buying a phone.
– The screen is strongly inverted when tilted and poorly visible in the sun
– When the battery is pulled out, the time and date are reset. Apparently, it does not have a backup battery.
– No gps maps
– There is no 3g \ wi-fi, so the phone is inconvenient to use as a modem, and almost impossible as an access point (if only the Internet speed is 256 kb / s, at best. on Yandex.Market

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  • Use experience: less than a month