How to find your sony TV code

Features of searching for a model in the menu of different manufacturers

In TV sets of various manufacturers, information about the product, including the model, is located very similarly, but, nevertheless, differences are still present. Next, we will consider ways to find the necessary information of the most popular brands of television equipment.


The official website of the Philips company invites you to find out the model of its products by performing a series of manipulations. To do this, it is recommended to pick up the remote control, switch the TV to TV viewing mode and quickly dial “1 2 3 6 5 4” as when dialing channels. As a result, a menu will appear on the screen, the model number will be indicated in the top line.

Advice! To exit the Philips TV set menu, press the “Home” key.

You can find your Sony TV model (like most other manufacturers’ TV equipment) on the product packaging, in the instructions for it, on the back of the case, and in the device menu. But in TV receivers of this brand, this information can be obtained in one of three ways (depending on the type and version of the operating system).

  • To find a model for Sony TVs with Android TV software version up to 3.533, you need to open the menu, select “Settings”. “TV”. “About device”. “Device name”. “System information”.
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  • To search for a Sony Android TV model with software version 3.843 or earlier, press “HELP” on the remote control, go to the “System Information” block.
  • You can determine the model of conventional TV sets by pressing the “Home” button on the remote control, selecting “Help” or “Settings”, then. “Customer support”.

Smart TV

Smart TVs are modern smart devices that make it much easier for their users to solve many problems. If there is no instruction and packaging, and the label is not available because the equipment is firmly fixed on the wall, the user can enter the product menu, go to “Support” and look for information of interest there.


If the nameplate on the back is not available, you can find out the model of Samsung TV Panel in the menu. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  • use the remote control to open the TV receiver menu;
  • find the section “Support”;
  • open the “Contact Samsung” tab.

Important! The necessary information is in the line “Model code”.

In the TVs of the South Korean company LG, you can also find the model data in the device menu. The actions need to be performed as follows:

  • open the menu;
  • go to “Settings”;
  • select “General”;
  • open the tab “Information about the TV”. in the corresponding field there will be the necessary information.

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Philips TV device names in their code include the following information:

  • the first digits are the size of the TV screen;
  • letter P. Philips;
  • letters U, F, H, O. resolution: U. Ultra HD, F. Full HD, H. HD, letter O. OLED models, resolution. 4K;
  • letters S, T, H, K. tuner type: S. DVB-T / T2 / C / S / S2; T. T / T2 / C; H. DVB-T DVB-C; K. DVB-T / C / S / S2;
  • the first number after the letters is a series, where 9 is a premium vehicle;
  • the second number is a sub-series indicating differences in technical characteristics;
  • the next number is the design;
  • fourth. release year: 3. 2018, 2. 2017, 1. 2016, 0. 2015, 9. 2014, etc.;
  • letter C (if present in the code). curved TV;
  • last characters. region: 60. Russia, 12. Europe, etc.

On a note! Devices from other manufacturers also have their own decryption options. You can find such information on the official pages of the companies.

So, it is not difficult to find the model of your TV receiver, even if it is impossible to see this information on the box, in the instructions and on the information plate. Such data is placed in the menu by almost every manufacturer, but different paths are needed to find them, which were described in this material. In addition, knowing how the model is deciphered, you can get complete information about any TV, which is relevant, for example, for telemasters or when buying used equipment.

How can you determine the model of the TV receiver

If the TV is on the bedside table, it is very easy to find its model and serial number. To do this, it is enough to unfold the device and look at the nameplate (information plate). the necessary data is contained in the line “Model” or “Model”.

But if the TV receiver is attached to the wall with a fixed bracket without the ability to unfold the device, or the data on the information plate is damaged (unreadable), you can find the model in the TV panel menu.

How to find the TV code?

The code is required to be able to communicate with third-party devices. Among them are remotes, smartphones or tablets.

It ensures device recognition and correct operation. Consists of a unique set of numbers that can be recognized in this file, as well as in the TV itself. This will require:

  • log into YouTube;
  • open settings;
  • choose the ability to connect to the phone;
  • after entering the “Connect manually” section, a blue code will appear;
  • remember it or write it down.

How to set up a universal remote control

Each device comes with an instruction manual detailing the setup process. We will consider setting up models from popular manufacturers.

Setting method

When your device does not have a special key on which “SET” is written, then you have it multifunctional and can be tuned to a TV, a modern dvd player, etc. In this case, you will need to press a special button named “SET” at the same time and any other available on the control device. For example, when you make a connection, then you need to press the button with the name “TV” and the shutdown key, then the installed indicator will light up and you will need to enter a special code for a certain type of device.

Player “BBK”. 0743, 0983, 1313, 1873. “DAEWOO”. 0021, 2531, 2581, 0061, 0661, 0861, 0931, 1111, 2051, 0081, 0351, 1211, 1811, 1931, 1891, 2411. ” JVC “- 0051, 0171, 0821, 1031, 1181, 0641, 1451, 0301, 1261, 0351.” NEC “- 0021, 0031, 0261, 0081, 0661, 0751, 0051, 0861, 1281, 0421, 0531, 0931. 2481, 0061, 1211, 1321, 1561, 2031. “Goldstar”. 0001, 0211, 0281, 0021, 2051, 0081, 0061, 0311, 1191, 0501, 1371, 0071, 0431, 0651, 1351, 1341, 2591. 0931, 1031, 0231. “LG”. 0001, 0021, 0081, 2591, 1031, 1351, 2051, 0501, 0211, 1341, 1191, 1371, 0431, 0061, 0071, 0231, 0281, 0311, 0651, 0931. “Philips”. 0021, 0151, 1021, 0931, 1391, 0061, 0291, 0301, 0331, 0391, 0661, 1401, 1571, 1081, 2511. “Hitachi”. 0051, 0181, 0201, 0071, 0121, 0211. 0231, 0061, 0321, 0081, 0361, 1191, 0761, 0591, 0161, 0281, 0311, 0771, 0781, 0791, 1611, 0931, 0841, 0861, 0971, 0981, 1381, 1891, 2041, 1491, 2001. 1111, 1671, 2391, 0911, 2451, 1991, 2211. Panasonic. 0001, 0061, 0201, 0231, 0371, 0311, 0631, 1611, 0911, 0 931, 1161, 1841, 1861, 2361, 2461. “Samsung”. 0021, 0061, 0101, 0121, 0081, 0471, 0501, 1371, 0801, 0931, 0171, 0231, 0341, 0281, 2051, 1281, 1041, 1061, 1131, 2221, 2111. “Sharp”. 0051, 0171, 0221, 0301, 0331, 0451, 0831, 1611, 1181, 1551, 1951, 2081, 2371. “Sony“. 0031, 0051, 0061, 0191, 0221, 0611, 0931, 1791, 1981, 2401, 2471, 2331. Thomson. 0061, 0441, 0591, 0931, 0961, 0211, 0491, 1061.

This device is very convenient and quite practical to use, but before that they must be configured as correctly as possible. To carry out the configuration, you can use the information provided above.

You may need a universal TV remote control for various reasons.

For example, to control multiple screens or due to breakage of a branded device.

In this article, we will briefly and simply explain how to set up the universal remote and where to find the codes from the TV.

What is a universal remote

If you have become a happy user of digital television, then a new device with a remote control has appeared in your apartment. a set-top box receiver. And in order not to add another remote control to everyday life, let’s figure out how to use a universal remote control.

Despite all the breakthroughs in technology, remote controls have not changed at all. They can have different shapes, but the design of any remote control still consists of a body, electronic circuit, buttons, LEDs, and an autonomous power source.

The universal remote control has an identical internal structure, only it can be configured to control several devices at once. For example, having bought such a device, you can remove the television, set-top box and multimedia remote control in the closet, and register all their functions in the universal remote control.

Can any remote control be universal? Not. Although outwardly they are similar, their internal electronic circuit is different. Only dedicated devices can be configured to control multiple devices.


Automatic tuning algorithm:

  • turn on the TV, point the remote control at it and hold the Power button, release it after the indicator lights up;
  • if the setting is successful, a volume control bar will appear on the screen
  • turn off the device using the “Power” button.
  • find the code for your device in the previously mentioned article;
  • turn on the TV, point the UE at it, hold the Power button without releasing it, enter the found code;
  • only after the indicator has blinked twice. release the power button.

If after setting the universal remote control does not work, contact the seller or the service center, there may be a defect.

First, you need to double-check the codes and repeat the manipulations, sometimes mistakes are made when setting up.

Equipment manufacturers are trying to equip each of their devices with a remote control so that the user is comfortable using their products. You do not need to get up to turn off the light, adjust the operation of the air conditioner, fan or turn on / off the TV, everything can be done while sitting on the couch. This, of course, is convenient, but over time, coffee tables become cluttered with different remote controls, which creates a certain confusion and annoyance.

If you still do not know that there is a universal remote control that can be configured to control several devices at once, then in this article we will tell you about all its capabilities and provide instructions on how to use and how to properly configure it.

What is a universal remote

It sounds complicated, but in fact, this is a simple device that creates signal pulses suitable for most TVs and set-top boxes.

Huayu, Gal, DEXP, Supra are considered popular and high-quality PC manufacturers.

To configure them, special codes are used that differ depending on the brand of the TV, and you can see them on this page.

The universal model will fit a large number of common and popular manufacturing companies, for example, Samsung, LG or Philips.

How to decode Sony TV markings

By marking the TV, the buyer can find out the most important characteristics of the model, such as year of manufacture, series number, screen technology and display diagonal.

Sony designates all of its TVs as KDL (KD) so that they can be distinguished from other equipment.

Sony LED TV Service Menu Code, Factory Setting and How to Factory Reset. Detail in Urdu/Hindi

  • K. means TV;
  • D. stands for Display;
  • L. means that the model is with Full HD / HD Ready resolution (the absence of this letter means Ultra HD resolution);

KDL. Sony Full HD TV.

Then there are two numbers indicating the size of the diagonal of the screen in inches.

These numbers are followed by a letter indicating the level of the model:

  • A. OLED;
  • X. premium model (4K resolution);
  • S. curved screen for premium;
  • W. middle level (usually HD 1920×1080 resolution);
  • R. entry level;
  • Z. is 3D.

Depending on which level the model belongs to, so much can you expect new technological improvements from it.

After this letter, since 2016, there is a letter designating the year of manufacture. Prior to this, the letter of the year designation was at the end of the marking.

  • AH / XH / ZH. 2020;
  • AG / XG. 2019;
  • F. 2018;
  • E. 2017;
  • D. 2016;
  • C. 2015;
  • B. 2014;
  • A. 2013.

This is followed by the model series numbers. The series, like those of other manufacturers, go from the 4th youngest to the 9th oldest and most expensive. After the appearance of OLED TVs in the lineup, the 9th series is assigned specifically to OLED models. Models for each series are not produced every year, but the order remains, the older the class of the model, the more technically perfect it is. After this number comes the number of the sub-series designation (different level within the same series). The technical differences are negligible. This number is followed by one or two numbers indicating design differences.

  • B. black;
  • S. silver;
  • W. white.
  • AEP. all of Europe (with the UK);
  • AE2. all of Europe 2;
  • U. Great Britain;
  • E. Eastern Europe;
  • R. Russia and CIS.

Example of decoding marking

Take for example another 2015 KDL 40W705CBR.

KDL stands for Sony Full HD TVs.

W. indicates the TV group (X. premium, S. curved, W. middle class, R. entry level).

streak (4 to 9, older streak is better).

sub-series, indicates minor changes in technology.

С. year of issue (D. 2016, С. 2015, В. 2014).

Now an example of decryption for OLED TV 2018 SONY KD55AF9BR2.


Connecting a TV to the Internet no longer seems like a crazy idea, because manufacturers are trying to keep up with the times and produce modern, high-quality, and most importantly, multifunctional devices. But to unleash their full potential, a Smart device requires an Internet connection. This can be done in one of two ways:

  • Using a LAN cable;
  • Using a Wi-Fi wireless network.

In our case, it is better to use Wi-Fi, because it is really more convenient, since there are no boring wires and other not very convenient paraphernalia. And as soon as the connection has been made, the TV is completely ready to use. But to prevent other users from using your work, the connection is protected with a password. It is recommended to come up with a complex PIN so that no unauthorized person can use it, because the more devices are connected, the weaker the signal can be.

How to find the PIN code on the TV

When using TV equipment, an unpleasant situation may arise when the user forgets the password from the device. How to find out the pin code from an LV TV and Samsung and find out.

  • 1 Forgot your pin code from Samsung
  • 2 Forgot your LG TV password

Forgot your Samsung PIN

You may need a PIN code or password from Smart TV Samsung in two cases:

  • The user wants to lock the Samsung TV or certain channels (parental control system). This is convenient if there are small children at home who need to hide inappropriate content.
  • The Samsung device has already been locked and the person cannot remember the code.

To find out if the Samsung TV is locked, just look at the monitor. A window with fields for entering a four-digit number will appear there.

To remove the restrictions, you need a remote control. You can also use a smartphone with a downloaded “Remote” application. Without these devices, attempts will be in vain. To find the pin code for your Samsung TV, you need to study the instruction manual. There should be a separate section dedicated to this issue.

If the user did not change the data on his own, then the Samsung TV pin code will be the standard. 0000 (less often they use. 1111). By entering the numbers, the TV is unlocked and you can continue watching.

In case you forgot the previously set code, you need to roll back TV to the factory settings to return to the standard option (0000).

To reset the code, you can use the push-button remote control:

  • Turn on TV device.
  • If Samsung TV is older than 4 years, hold down the “Exit” button on the remote control for a few seconds. A new window will open.
  • If the Samsung TV is new, the factory reset is different. In order, you will have to press the following keys: Mute, 8, 2, 4, Power.

The keys must be pressed quickly, otherwise the combination will not work.

Factory reset with touch panel:

  • Press the power button.
  • Lead the following combination: Mute, “plus”, update key, “minus”, “update”, “plus”, “update”.

If the first time you did not manage to return to the factory settings, you need to try again. The buttons will need to be pressed very quickly until the operation is successful.

Forgot your LG TV password

Different companies set different codes on TVs and the methods of resetting to factory settings are different. Therefore, it makes no sense to carry out such an operation using the Samsung TV method. The standard pin code on LG TVs is 0000. But in some cases, you can try another option. 1234. If you need to unlock the TV with basic settings, you just need to enter these combinations and enjoy watching. Problems arise when a user forgets the password he invented.

How to get a TV code

If the standard TV pin-code was changed to an individual one, and then it was forgotten, then the solution to this problem is to press the menu button, go to the settings, select the “Security” section. There should be a function to reset the pin code. Next, you will need to set a new password on the TV.

After the completion of the operation, you will have to do a few more steps:

  • Enter any numbers and confirm them by pressing the OK key.
  • Drive a combination: up, up, down, up.
  • Set the password 0313 and press the OK key.

After completing these actions, the pin will become standard. The method is useful if you have access to the menu.

Otherwise, you will need on the push-button remote control:

  • press the power button and turn off the TV;
  • enter the combination: Mute, 8, 2, 4;
  • turn on TV.

The procedure on the Smart remote to unlock the TV if you forgot your password:

  • turn on TV;
  • Press Mute, Volume Up, Return, Volume Down, Return, Volume Up, Return.

How to find the PIN on the TV Link to the main publication

QR code

On modern TV models, you can find a sticker with a QR code. The encrypted image contains information about the device. To read the identifier, point the camera of your mobile device at QR. For identification, you will need an application for working with QR codes, which can be downloaded from the Playmarket.


If you did not have time to throw out the TV box, carefully examine it. The manufacturer marks the packaging with the model name and device type.

An empty box is usually stored until the warranty period has expired. This means that the TV is new and all the information is easy to find out by other methods.


Philips took a different path. To obtain the necessary information, you will need to quickly dial the code using the remote control. Follow the instructions:

  • Turn on the device. Switch the TV to the mode of viewing terrestrial channels, it is not necessary to have a cable, digital connection to TV (channels may not be shown).
  • Quickly enter the key sequence “1, 2, 3, 6, 5, 4”. In case of an error, nothing happens, try to repeat the set.
  • The service menu will appear on the screen. Click on the “Set Type” tab.
  • The exact model identification code of the TV will be displayed. Write it down.

If the service menu does not open, try to re-enter the key sequence, follow the standard algorithm.

You can also find out your Sony TV model through the service menu. Your actions depend on the specific model. If the TV has Android with earlier software versions up to 3.533, the algorithm is as follows:

  • Turn on the TV, press the “Home” button.
  • Select the settings tab.
  • Follow the section “TV”. “About the device”.
  • Help information will be displayed, click on the item “TV Name”, “System Information”.
  • The window will display the serial number of the device (code identifier).

The new models are a little simpler. Press the “Help” key on the remote control and enter the system information section. There you will see service information, including the model number of the device.

If you are using a TV without smart functions, the procedure is as follows:

  • Press the “Home” key on the remote control.
  • The settings menu will open, you need the “Help” item.
  • Go to the customer service section.
  • Help information appears on the display. The model name is located at the top, on the right.

Another alternative way to find out the model, check the serial number and hours of operation of your Sony Bravia TV (for models older than 2016) is with the TV turned off, using the remote control, press successively: i. 5. VOL-. Power (On).

On the official website, the manufacturer warns: “The algorithm may differ depending on the device and software.”.

System menu

If none of the above methods worked, the internal menu comes to the rescue.

The exact information about the device model is registered in the settings: the current software version, information about the manufacturer. The arrangement of items in the control menu is different for different devices. Developers and manufacturers do not adhere to the same structure. Before proceeding with searches, make sure that:

  • You know the brand of the TV. The label on the front bezel is usually present.
  • The device is in working order and the screen is not damaged.

You will need a remote control and a few minutes of free time.

How to find your TV model number. all ways

Any TV set at the factory is assigned a unique name, an identification code by which you can find out the characteristics of the device.

I want to tell you about all the ways to detect this code and help you find out the models of TVs from Samsung, LG, Philips and Sony. I will also teach you how to decipher codes.

If you are too lazy to read the article, you can watch a video from Samsung:

And if this information was not enough,

How to find out the pin code and unlock the TV

On the locked device on the screen, instead of channels, there will be a blue background with an image of a key or a field for entering a password. The PIN code is also used to activate the lock. To remove parental control, you need a remote control and knowledge of a combination of numbers. In extreme cases, you will need to reset the TV settings to factory settings, that is, so that they are set by default. In many situations, the problem is solved on its own, especially if the instruction has been preserved.

It happens that the user did not set any passwords, but still faced a blocking problem. probably the children played around and accidentally pressed a certain combination of buttons. To unlock the TV, you need to know the pin code, and here the instruction will help, which indicates standard passwords and the procedure for using them.

Not everyone, after purchasing equipment, save the pieces of paper attached to it. Fortunately, in the era of the Internet, instructions can be found on the network, it is enough to indicate the model of the TV (the marking is on the back of the case).

The instructions contain sets of numbers, after entering which restrictions on channel search are removed. You can also unlock the device by pressing a button on the remote control, where the key is drawn. It is clamped for 10 seconds and after that the password is either removed or reset to the factory.

If you cannot find out the pin code of the LV TV, and the standard methods do not work, there is a cardinal one. resetting the settings to the factory settings:

  • Go to the menu, section “Settings”.
  • “Safety”.
  • Select the item “Reset pin code”.
  • After that, enter the wrong combination and press “Ok”.
  • Press “Up”, “Up”, “Down”, “Up” on the remote control sequentially.
  • Enter the code “0313” and confirm with the “Ok” button.

Then they see if they succeeded in resetting the password. If everything is in order, then whatever combination was set before, it will change to the standard one. To get rid of the block altogether. enter “0000”.

Another method, relevant for a push-button remote control:

  • They press “Power”, that is, turn off the TV.
  • Press the buttons “Mute”, “8”, “2”, “4” on the remote control.
  • Turn on the TV.

Method for owners of Smart Touch Control:

  • Turn on the TV set.
  • Sequentially press the buttons “Mute”, “Volume up”, “Return”, “Volume down”, “Return”, “Increase”, “Return”.

As you can see, there are several ways to remove the pin code. Now it will be clear how to act if someone accidentally blocks TV, thereby restricting access to TV channels.

You can remove the pin code in one of the convenient ways.

TV pin code. what is it for and how to find it?

Each TV model has a blocking function that blocks access to channels or the network. There are situations when a user sets a password and then accidentally forgets it. The article will discuss how to find out the code for an LG or Samsung TV, in what situations it can be useful at all, and how to reset it.


Again, the instruction will help, which can be found on the Internet. There is a special section in the user manual dedicated to blocking. If there is no instruction and no connection to the network, it remains to rely on your memory, but in such matters it often fails.

The Samsung manufacturer usually uses the standard PIN code. 0000 (sometimes it’s a combination of 1111). If the user has not dealt with blocking before, there should be no problems. But if something has changed, you will have to reset the settings:

  • Turn on TV.
  • On the remote control sequentially press “Mute”, “”, “update button”, “-“, “update”, “”, “update”.

You need to press the buttons quickly, so it does not always work the first time.

If a TV model was released before 2012, the standard password on it is 0000. You can also reset an already exposed combination like this: hold down the “Exit” button for 10 seconds.

On models older than 2012, the user password is reset as follows: sequentially press on the remote control “Mute”, “8”, “2”, “4”, “Power”.

Password change may not work the first time.

Why you need to know the TV pin code

Lock (parental control) is one of the useful options. It is used, for example, if there are children at home who, instead of studying, are distracted by the TV screen. Then the parents set a pin code, but sometimes they come up with such a complex combination that they then forget it.

As a result, the channels are blocked, and the user cannot watch their favorite TV shows. The problem is unpleasant, but you can solve it on your own, without asking for help from a TV master.

Where to find the WPS pin code

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is a way to connect your smart TV to the Internet. Its peculiarity is that you do not need to know the PIN code. The combination is randomly generated and is valid only during one connection. That is, the network name remains the same, but the identification number is constantly changing.

If the user is faced with a lock on the TV, it’s okay. Many people start to get lost because they don’t know the combination. All standard passwords are indicated in the instructions for the technique, and if it is lost, you will need to reset the TV settings to the factory settings.