How to find the IP address of your LG TV

How to find out the IP of your TV?

If you need to find out the IP of your TV, there’s nothing complicated about it. Your TV must be connected to the internet or home network. Then in the settings menu you will need to find the item responsible for the network connection and already in the network settings you can find the IP address of your TV.

Once set, you can navigate using the touchpad and on-screen buttons. To find out the IP address of your TV, go to Settings” “Basic” “Network” “Network Status” “IP Settings.

Setting from scratch

Start setting up your Philips TV from scratch. as if you had just brought it home. Nothing complicated, just do it step by step and it will work. But if anything. you can ask questions in Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Base setup

  • Connect to the network. Turn it on with the remote control. The TV should turn on. how it will behave in this case is unknown, there are a lot of models, versions too. So your interest may be different. In my case it’s like that, in yours it might be different. But the essence will necessarily remain the same. So you have to look and do it like this.
  • Choose your language. Russian.
  • Choose a country. Russia
  • Time Zone. just take the city in your own time zone. It will not affect anything badly, but the clock in the TV will run on it:
  • How the TV is installed. on a rack mount or hung on the wall:
  • Home or Store. choose Home. The Store is needed to show a random video in the Store (you’ve probably seen a few TVs showing tantalizing demo videos). At home we immediately switch the settings to the battle mode:
  • The settings for people with impaired hearing and vision. as you like, you can put, it will not be worse:
  • And here it prompts us to make a setting. Let’s press “Start” (but what did we do before?!)

Connect to the network

You could configure the channels, but first I suggest you connect to your wireless network.

  • Select the appropriate item:
  • Press “Connect.”and then select the type. by Wi-Fi or wired. If Via Wi-Fi. make sure that the router is on and is sharing the network (and you know the password), if wired. just do not forget to connect the wire from the router to the TV.
  • Connect via Wi-Fi. Right away we get a picture like this:
  • Almost all routers have a button WPS (spin it from all sides). It allows you to connect without a password. Т.е. Press it, select the item in this menu WPS. everything will connect itself. If you have a network password on hand, then press “Scan”. The TV finds networks:
  • Select the desired one and enter the password:
  • Network is connected and internet is available. If something went wrong, reboot the TV, restart the router, try entering the RIGHT password, or make a WPS connection:
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Software update

Immediately after connecting to the Internet, the TV will check for updates, and if it finds any, it will ask your permission to update:

Update it without a second thought. At another point, you can invoke the check through the TV’s “Smart TV” menu and the Updates item.

Channel Tuning

You need to configure the regular TV channels? No problem.

  • From the main menu, select “Installation.”
  • “Channel Tuning.” (regular terrestrial or cable), for satellite there is a neighboring button “Satellite settings”:

Next will start searching for TV channels. just wait and everything will tune itself. That’s what smart TVs are for.

The channel search process can take up to 10 minutes. just wait.

What to do if you can’t see the IP address of your TV with wireless connection

Initially you need to determine if your device has been assigned an IP. To do this, in the menu settings, select the section relating to the network, go to the settings and see the IP of the TV. The lack of connection between TV and router is indicated by IP entirely consisting of “0”. To solve this issue you need to recheck TV connection status. To do this you will need to go into the wireless network settings. If the device is not connected, it is possible that TV is out of the coverage area of the router. If so, you will need to shorten the distance between them or connect the devices with a cable. If the connection does not appear, you will need to test it by connecting another device to the router. If the test shows the presence of the Internet, you will need to contact the representatives of the manufacturer of the TV. If there is no internet, you will need to seek help from the representatives of your internet service provider.

What to do if you don’t see the IP address of your TV with a cable connection

In a wired connection situation, you will need to take the time to check the cables at all available locations. If after restarting it was not possible to solve the problem, then you should test the connection again through another device, and then contact either the representatives of the manufacturer or the company that provides you with the Internet connection service.

Why do you need to know the IP of your TV?

We have figured out how to find out the IP address of your TV and how to solve the TV/Router connection problem, but why do you need to know what IP address is assigned to your device?? To understand the essence it is enough to point out that IP is a unique network node address and it is needed to connect computers with each other. For example, if the TV is not connected to the Internet, you have to manually enter the network settings, in particular IP-address and other parameters.

Top manufacturers in the Yellow catalog

Among the manufacturers, whose products are presented in our catalog models with the possibility of cable or WI-FI connection to the Internet, it is worth noting:

  • LG. The products of the Korean company needs no introduction. In the new year LG introduced a completely new TV-models that have already been described by the market TV-equipment as a real breakthrough, t.к. They differ not only by the widest set of functions, but also look simply fascinating. Worth mentioning is the super slim model “Picture-on-Wall”. Models of LG use webOS as the software shell. Smart TV LG has a wide range of features.
  • Samsung. A serious base of Smart TV apps and all sorts of extensions allows you to view any type of content.
  • Sony. Sony also implemented the function of Smart TV, which opens wide opportunities for users through access to the Internet.
  • Panasonic. The distinctive feature of Smart TV is the Viera Connect service, allowing a number of additional options, not only on the Internet, but also on the network.
  • Ergo. Domestic TV brand that enjoys high demand due to its ideal price-quality ratio.
  • Toshiba. Japanese TV brand that introduces HD ready and Full HD screen resolution, as well as 3D TV functionality.
  • Philips. Dutch company TVs which offer 3D functionality, HD Ready, Full HD, 4K UHDTV screen resolution
  • LG. TVs from South Korea. Specially designed accessories for Smart TV.
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By contacting the representatives of our online store you can learn more useful information about the TV models in the catalog, their manufacturers and specifications. All contact information is listed in the appropriate section of the site.

Despite the fact that IP-addressing is a very important link in the construction of modern computer networks, many users do not have the slightest idea how to find out their IP-address. In our article we have collected information on how to find out the IP address of your desktop PC, laptop, router, TV and other devices.

Setting up old models

If you have NetTV OS installed on your Philips, you will now see 1 way to configure. After installation and setup you will be able to watch TV programs and movies.

First we need to go into NETWORK SETUP. Statistical IP Configuration. DNS 1, as shown in the screenshot below:

Now we need to change the address to Then reboot the TV, wait a couple of minutes and launch the Megogo application

After launching, the internal applications for watching movies should appear. Have a nice view!

How to set the IP address on your TCL TV? ( It is likely that this number is the IP address of your router.

What is IP address mask gateway?

In the second case, the original host for the system sends data to the IP address of the default gateway. The mask tells you which computers are on the same network and to which computer. It also gives information for which connection the gateway is needed.

LG TV ID, aka ID number, which is assigned to each TV is a unique alphanumeric combination, the symbols of which encrypt the information about the characteristics of the model.

Internal and External IP Address

As a rule, your computer has an internal IP address in your local network (at home) or in your ISP’s subnet (moreover, if your computer is connected to a Wi-Fi router, it is already in the local network, even if it is not another computer) and an external IP address in the Internet.

The first may be needed when connecting a network printer and other local network activities. The second. in general, more or less the same as to establish a VPN connection to the local network from the outside, network games, direct connections in various programs.

How to find out the external IP address of the computer online

In addition to the above-mentioned Yandex service, you can use many other services that provide the same information about IP. To do this, simply go to any site that provides this information, this is free. For example, you can go to the website or and immediately on the first page to see your IP address on the Internet, provider and other information.

find, address, your

Specify internal address in local network or ISP network in router settings and with command line

When determining the internal address, pay attention to the following moment: if your computer is connected to the Internet via a router or Wi-Fi router, then using the command line (the method is described in several paragraphs) you can find out the IP address in your local network, and not in the provider’s subnetwork.

To determine your address from your ISP, you can go to your router’s settings and see this information in your connection status or in the routing table. For popular ISPs the internal IP address will start with “10” and not end in “.1”.

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Otherwise, to find out your internal IP address, press Win R on your keyboard and type cmd, then press Enter.

When the command line opens, type ipconfig / all and see the IPv4 address value for your local network connection, not for PPTP, L2TP or PPPoE connections.

I should note that the instructions for determining the internal IP-address of some ISPs may specify that it is the same as the external one.

How to find out the IP address of your computer

Quick introduction: if your PC is not directly connected to the Internet, but through a home router or ISP’s local network, it will have two IP addresses: internal (local) and external.

find, address, your

In most cases this is how a network is set up, so our instructions are aimed primarily at users with this type of connection.

How do I know the local IP address of my computer

To find out the internal IP address of a computer or laptop on a local network (for example, home network) is possible in several ways, however, we will consider only two of them: the simplest and technically correct.

From the command line

To find out the IP address of a computer running Windows (it does not matter if it is Windows 7, Vista or maybe Windows 10) through the command line, use a simple algorithm:

  • Open a command prompt in one of the following ways (e.g. via the Start menu).
  • Enter the ipconfig /all command and execute it by pressing the Enter key. The command will show all network connections of your device.

My PC is connected to the router via wireless Wi-Fi connection, so the local network address I’m looking for (marked in the screenshot above) will be in the “Wireless LAN Adapter” block. It’s easy, really?

This method also gives you access to other information (MAC address, DNS server IP address, etc).п.).

Through the properties of the connection

This method does not require the use of the command line, but at the same time it is not fully universal, because the graphical interface of Windows, although slightly, but different in different versions of the system.

  • Click on the icon of your network connection with the left mouse button. In the window that appears, look for the name of your connection (if you use Wi-Fi) and click on “Properties” under it.

How to find out the external IP-address of your computer

Identifying an external IP address is even easier than the internal one. To do this, you must go to one of the specialized services, such as

Once there you will see your external IP address, information about your ISP and other details.

Ask Yandex! Type IP in the search box and the system will show you your external IP address. In my case, the domestic search engine detected a network address that belongs to the UK, since I use a proxy to log into Yandex and a number of other sites.

How to manually enter an IP address?

Go to ‘Network Connections’. Right click on the ‘Local Area Connection’ icon and go to the properties. Select ‘Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)’ and press Properties. Enter the IP address, subnet mask and standard gateway according to your contract.

  • Turn on the TV and the receiver. Press “Menu” button on the remote control of the receiver to show the menu window
  • Press “Up” and “Down” buttons on the remote control to select “Status” in the menu.
  • Press the “OK” button. You will see 12 digits on the screen in the bottom line. This is the ID of your equipment.
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