How to Find Stolen Samsung 9

Modern smartphones from the Samsung Galaxy line are not cheap. Therefore, it is not surprising that when they are lost or stolen, the owners make every effort to return the missing device. Fortunately, Android developers have taken care of the safety of mobile devices and have provided several effective tools to find them. Let’s look at how to find a lost Samsung phone without contacting law enforcement.

Ways to find the missing Android

There are several ways to find a lost or stolen smartphone:

  • using the standard Remote Control service or Device Manager for all Android devices;
  • via Samsung’s built-in Find My Mobile service;
  • through additional software that can be downloaded from the Play Store absolutely free.

Whatever search option you choose, its success will depend on the following factors:

  1. How long have you noticed the loss. Remember that when the phone is stolen, time plays against you. If you do not take instant measures, the attacker will be able to remove the SIM card from Samsung, perform formatting or perform other actions, after which the chances of a successful outcome will be minimal.
  2. Is your device tied to Google’s virtual services? Most search tools require the gadget to actively pair with Google Play. In his absence, it will be very difficult to find the loss.
  3. Whether the operating system has been configured properly. Absolutely all search methods need to be pre-configured Android. Without it, you only need to contact the law enforcement agencies, which find stolen phones extremely rarely.

Search Samsung via Google Account

All mobile devices running Android OS are closely related to Google. If you are tied to this service, the owner of the device opens up wide opportunities for free use of licensed software, backup of personal data, protecting the device from intruders, etc.

In the search for a lost phone, the built-in Google function called “Remote Control” will help us. By default, it is inactive, so you need to enable it:

  1. Through the Samsung settings, go to the “Security” section.
  2. Click the Device Admins tab.
  3. Activate the item “Remote control” by putting a checkmark in front of it. In some versions of the OS, the required service is called “Device Manager” or Device Manager.
    How to Find Stolen Samsung 9

After performing these steps, the smartphone owner will be able to:

  • determine the coordinates of the device with active mobile Internet, Wi-Fi or GPS;
  • remotely erase personal information stored on the device and perform a complete reset;
  • set and change the code for the main screen;
  • send SMS to the smartphone even if the thief changes the SIM card;
  • ring the phone for 5 minutes at maximum volume, even when using silent mode.

When remote control is enabled, Samsung will search as follows:

  1. Using any browser installed on your computer, go to
  2. Log in with the same Google account that the missing mobile is tied to.
  3. Start the search by clicking on the appropriate button.

If the stolen phone is connected to the Internet, its approximate location will be displayed on the map. In this case, you can call him, block or format.

Find your phone through Find My Mobile

You can also use the free Find My Mobile tool to search for lost or stolen Samsung Galaxy. Its configuration is performed in the following sequence:

  1. In the device menu, find the section “Lock screen and protection”.
  2. Open it, and then go to the “Find your phone” page.
  3. Link the gadget to your Samsung account.
  4. Activate the “Remote Control” and Google Location.

After stealing the phone, you need to search for it:

  1. From your PC, go to
  2. Log in using your Samsung account.
  3. Select the “Device Search” tab and click on the virtual button with the same name.

If the smartphone has Internet connection enabled, the exact location of your device will be displayed on the map. Otherwise, the search will start automatically as soon as access to the network appears on Samsung.

From the Play Market you can download other programs that search for the missing mobile phone. Among such software, Lost Android, Wheres My Droid and SeekDroid are considered the most effective applications. All of them also need to be pre-configured and search on the Internet and GPS.