How to find someone else’s iPhone from another iPhone

Tips and recommendations for tracking someone else‘s iPhone

In the frantic rhythm of modern life, we can not always be close to our loved ones. But we all want to know that everything is fine with them. So often you need to track the movements of the child (from school and back) or long trips of elderly parents. Agree, it is not always convenient to bother them with calls to find out where they are now. And here “smart” technologies come to our aid. You can find out where someone else’s iPhone is currently located. Consider in this review available tracking options.

To always have an idea where your loved ones are located, you can use the “Find Friends” service proposed by Apple. With it, you can independently track, where a friend’s iPhone is noted on the map, and not ask about his whereabouts now to come to the meeting. So it will be much easier to cross in our time with forever loaded graphs. The same can be done with all your family members who have apple gadgets.

To activate the service, download the application and send your friends to the email invitation to connect to the service. After confirming the installation of their program on their smartphones, you will get the opportunity to see them on the map, and they will also see you. Information about the whereabouts of the group members seems to be like this:

In addition to receiving coordinates, you can also configure the notification mode so that the iPhone reports about the events you are interested in. For example, when the child reached school or came home. Very comfortably!

You can view information about human movements with both iPhone and iPad (or iPodtouch), the main thing is that they are connected to one account.

This application can be downloaded from the application store. Itunesstore, and absolutely free.

How to monitor the iPhone without installation of applications

If you need to quietly monitor someone‘s iPhone, and you would not want to install an application-tracker on it so as not to leave any signs of your surveillance, the Cocospy application with the function of tracking iPhone is ideal for you.

How To Find Someone’s Current Location On Iphone

Cocospy is the best IPhone Trexer application. It will be useful to parents who want to know where their children are, and employers who want to make sure their employees do not walk around the city instead of being at the workplace.

Cocospy has a wonderful and unique feature. This application allows you to monitor the iPhone you are interested in without the need to install on it.

Why do I recommend Cocospy?

Free tracker for Cocospy mobile phones has many advantages. This is a fully legal application that can be used to monitor iPhone devices. Than 1 million users from more than 190 countries trust him, so it is tested in practice.

In addition, Cocospy has the installation function without breaking the firmware, thanks to which the task of organizing tracking the phone is greatly simplified.

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How to follow the iPhone without application?

To take advantage of the cocospy iPhone tracking function, follow the following actions:

Register for free on the Cocospy website

Go to the Cocospy website and create a account for free, specifying the following parameters:

Click on the “Sign Up Free” button (“Free registration”).

Indicate iCloud account parameters for the iPhone you are interested in

  • Enter your account Cocospy
  • Indicate the login of the account of the owner of the smartphone you are interested in
  • Indicate his ICLOD account password

Follow the iPhone quietly

After you indicate the iCloud account parameters tied to the phone you interested in, you can quietly follow it. After the initial synchronization with iCloud, the Cocospy application will provide you with data about this smartphone, updating them every 24 hours.

Whether you will have to hack the firmware or install the application on the phone?

NO! You do not need to carry out hacking the official firmware iPhone (the so.Called “jailbreak”) or install the application on it.

Cocospy provides all the following data without hacking a smartphone:

  • Call registration journal
  • Contacts
  • Saved and remote text messages and messages IMESSAGES
  • History of visiting websites through a browser
  • Notes
  • Events
  • Real time
  • Messages Line
  • Whatsapp and other messengers and social networks
  • Other installed applications

How to hack iPhone using Spyzie?

Spyzie. Another spying and hacking iPhone. In reliability, it is somewhat inferior to Cocospy, but has a number of impressive functions.

By spyzie you can intercept phone calls, control electronic correspondence, view the history of the browser, monitor activity in social networks and much more.

Like Cocospy, Spyzie is also introduced into someone else’s iPhone remotely, through authorization in iCloud.

Spyzie options:

  • Establish temporary restrictions: using the “parental control” function, you can set temporary restrictions so that children can use the phone only at certain hours.
  • Social Security Monitoring: You will get full access to the profiles of social networks and instant messengers, such as WhatsApp. An alien personal correspondence will fall under your control, and together with the date and time, as well as all the media files.
  • GEOFENCING: With its help, the “safe” and “dangerous” zones are set up. When the phone enters or leaves one of these areas, you will immediately receive a notification.
  • Intercession of calls and text messages: you can read all messages, view the call log and a list of contacts.

In addition to the above options included in the category “advanced”, there are other, no less attractive.

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Find iPhone by IMEI

IMEI. This is an individual number of the device that is assigned to the gadget at the factory during manufacture. These data are stored in the firmware and are intended in order to judge the device on the network. This code, as well as the serial number, is indicated simultaneously in several places. It can be found in the device itself, for this it is enough to dial on the keyboard # and the number will be displayed on the screen. The code is also recorded by the models, on the box from the gadget and in the warranty coupon.

If there is a statement by the police or the owner, then the mobile communications company can find iPhone by IMEI, even if the device is turned off. It is officially believed that the password is not faked, and during the inclusion of the iPhone, the new “owner” can be determined by the new number. This will help to find a lost device. But sometimes criminals manage to get around this moment.

The ability to track iPhone by phone number

Some people are still wondering if the iPhone can only track by phone number. In fact, it depends on whether your SIM card is replaced by others or not. Your mobile provider provides you with a phone number. Therefore, if others do not extract a SIM card and do not use your iPhone to make a phone call, you can track the stolen iPhone by phone number to find out the location in real time. You can even find out where the phone call was made and who was made by the phone number you can go to the police to find your lost / stolen iPhone back. But if your SIM card was replaced, you cannot track the iPhone location by phone number.

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For people who want to track someone on a mobile phone, using a phone number. This is a simple idea. You can use your smartphone to process all the places where this person was unnoticed. And the ability to get a phone number is quite high, true? In a word, you can track the iPhone by phone number so that they do not know with ease, regardless of whether you want to track someone or return the stolen iPhone.

The methods described in the article explain in detail how to find iPhone through a computer, icloud or other iPhone. The easiest way is to contact a person who finds the phone or track the device through iCloud. It is more difficult to find a turned off device or without access to the Internet. Then the most effective solution is to contact law enforcement agencies.

And you had to look for iPhone? What method helped to find the phone? Write about this in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Iphone loss or theft is always a big problem, since the mobile contains a huge amount of personal information and all kinds of passwords, including from payment systems. In addition, in the presence of potentially discrediting information, the user can become a victim of blackmail, and the presence of a device related to the work in the memory can lead to dismissal.

There are a lot of ways to find lost iPhone. Both official and third.Party. Let’s figure out which of them suits you.

Service “Find friends

Sometimes you need to find not your own, but someone else’s iPhone. This can only be done with the consent of its owner. Apple has created a special service to ensure this possibility. To use it, you need to have on the phone of a special program “Find friends”. Usually it is included in the supply, but if it is not, you can download for free from the AppStore and install.

To be able to use this service, you need to turn it on. To do this, they perform such actions:

  • On someone else’s iPhone, which is planned to be looking for, they open the “Find Friends” application.
  • On this phone click the “Add” button.
  • On its own iPhone, it is necessary to activate the AirDrop function.
  • You need to expect until the icon of another smartphone appears.
  • After click, choose the line “share indefinitely”.

Tracking the position of another device can be limited in time. For example, as a duration of the action of a function, you can specify a day or two.

After the indicated settings have been made throughout the period of the function of the function can be monitored, where the owner of someone else‘s smartphone will be located. This is done as follows:

  • You need to find an icon denoting someone else‘s smartphone, and slip it on it.
  • A map will open, where the location of someone else‘s smartphone will be indicated using a large green point.

A prerequisite for tracking is the geolocation included on someone else‘s gadget.

How to use the “Find iPhone” function is described in detail in the video

How to track iPhone using Google

You can also track the iPhone without a person who knows Google. There is no need to use the iPhone Tracker application to track the iPhone location using Google products, you can also easily find lost iPhone back. But make sure you are satisfied with the appropriate conditions.

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How to track iPhone using a Google temporary scale

Note. It is necessary to additionally enable the location definition services on your iPhone, and your iPhone should be connected to the Internet.

Step 2 Select “Today” or the current date on the left panel.

Step 3 Scroll down and find the last location renewal.

Step 4 Track the iPhone location on a temporary Google scale.

If your location on the iPhone remains unchanged, you need to switch to it to find the lost iPhone. However, if the location of the iPhone moves, then it was definitely stolen.

How to track iPhone using Google Photos

Note. First turn on automatic download using Google photo. After that, each photograph taken by the thief will be uploaded to Google photo online.

find, someone, else, iphone

Step 2 Check your last photos.

Step 3 Select the last photo and check its location on the right side.

find, someone, else, iphone

Tracking iPhone using Google photos

How To Track a TURNED OFF iPhone (Stolen/Lost)!

How to track iPhone using Google Maps

Google always collects information about your iPhone. Therefore, you can rely on Google cards to track the iPhone anonymously.

find, someone, else, iphone

Step 1 Find Maps.Google.COM/Location History.

Step 2 Select today’s date from the calendar.

Step 3 Check the last reported location and corresponding update time.

Tracking iPhone using Google cards

Improved IPhone Search Function

Immediately, after you purchased an iPhone mobile smartphone for yourself or as a gift, be sure to ask the seller of the consultant to install the IPhone Search program. Thanks to this function, you can also find out where any person is located. By the way, to find someone else’s iPhone, it is also possible on the same condition. It is turned on or works in autonomous mode.

To begin with, you need to make sure that you have an original iPhone and it is in order to make a function for geolocation (go to the settings menu, then go to the privacy item and there will be a geolocation menu).

It is worth noting that it is necessary to activate iCloud.COM, after which you must immediately connect the “Find iPhone” service in the ICLOUD bookmark.COM located in system settings. Naturally, this procedure is not able to protect you from what you lose or you will steal a smartphone.

We want to clarify again that ICLOUD special service.COM finds the iPhone lost by the owner only if it is turned on! This is quite simple and does not require much effort. You will just see exactly where the iPhone is at the time of the request. What you need to do for this:

After that, the exact coordinates of the place where your iPhone is located will be shown on a special map if it is turned on.

In addition, to find your lost iPhone, you can simply create a special protective password on iCloud.Com. For those who have lost their iPhone, it will be very important to find out that the person, thanks to the icloud website.COM can just completely erase all the information from his own iPhone in a few minutes, and if a person has lost a smartphone, he can send an SMS message to his iPhone, which has lost somewhere somewhere. But most importantly, thanks to icloud.Com, a person who has lost this smartphone can start an “emergency siren ICLOUD”, which will continue until the moment is turned off the real owner to find out and possibly hear somewhere nearby. Iphone sounds very loud and at the same time, sounds in any condition. Even in the turn off mode.

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