How To Find Samsung Original Or Not

How to check the authenticity of your laptop warranty

The original device uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 APQ8064T quad-core 1900 MHz processor (in the older Exynos 5 Octa 5410 models) and uses a Power VR SGX 544MP3 chip (Adreno 320 in the GT-I9505) as a video accelerator. The clones most often use cheap MTK or Richtek chips, less often Exynos. You can study the hardware stuffing and find out using the CPU-Z, GPU-Z and An Tu Tu Benchmark test utilities.

The first two allow you to see the model of the processor and graphics core, respectively, and the last one. to test the performance. The performance of a real device is more than 28000 points, the Chinese are usually less.

The serial number consists of 11 or 12 characters (numbers and letters). “. it is she who confirms that the gadget is original. The rest of the points are devoted to the international warranty for the device, which has a duration of 1 year from the date of purchase, and the right to a free consultation by phone. the owner of i Phone can use this right within 3 months.

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If the iPhone is not yet activated, you will see an exclamation mark in the yellow field and the caption “Please note: if the serial number of the gadget starts with the combination” 5K “, then you see a Refurbished i Phone, that is, refurbished by the manufacturer or seller. completely new, despite the fact that the repair is usually of high quality and that Apple gives a full warranty on such a device.

It is possible to check the authenticity of the gadget by IMEI using two services: Actually, the site of the international identifier is available at info. To verify, you need to enter a 15-digit number in the window “This service allows you to check how high-quality the hardware of the tested smartphone is. as a rule,” underground “Manufacturers use the lowest-grade components. CNDeep Info service is universal and is suitable for checking not only i Phone, but also gadgets of other brands. Enter the IMEI number in the window and press the button” If you want to know more about what information the certificate gives, click by the round button with the letter “i”. in the picture it is circled in red.

The certificate in the form of a banner can be inserted into other resources. Click the “” button, and you will have access to all kinds of links and codes: A link, for example, to the image of the certificate, the iPhone seller can place in the advertisement for sale. this will increase the level of trust of potential buyers. “If you lose a gadget, you should use this particular button. this way you complicate the task of selling the phone for the attacker.

It is better to check the iPhone by serial number and IMEI if you buy a sealed gadget. the seller is unlikely to agree to open the packaging just for you to look at the smartphone, but when buying an i Phone from hands without a box and documents, it is very important to pay attention to visual inspection. the typical signs of Chinese fakes are described here. When buying popular headphones, especially from a brand such as Apple, there is a risk of encountering a fake.

How to check Samsung original or not. How to check by Samsung serial number

True wireless earbuds from Apple, by definition, cost a lot, even if they have been used. A noticeable difference from the official price is at least suspicious, not to mention an order of magnitude discrepancy. You can determine the originality of Air Pods by the way the packaging is made. earphones on the front side, the Air Pods inscription and the company logo on the side surfaces.

There is also a small description on the side. it is really short: completeness, serial number, barcode, place of development and assembly. There should be no additional advertising, mentions of third-party companies or unknown logos on the box, as well as cheap marketing techniques. Apple is too big and stylish to write “super-duper-bass” or something similar. Pay attention to the quality of the packaging : the text should be clear, not blurry, drawings are well printed.

Read the product name carefully: Air Poods (doubled “o”) or Air P0ds (zero instead of a letter) are not Air Pods. And if you are wondering how to check the originality of Apple wireless headphones, know: there are no wireless Ear Pods, this name is used only for the wired model. The original includes a handy charging case and a matching Lightning cable (keep in mind that the company plans to switch to wireless cases), as well as a compact user manual. Make sure to inspect the case. it’s a great way to check whether the Airpods are original or not.

How to check Samsung TV on

Apple has carefully worked out the details, so the material must be strong and elastic, not squeezed when pressed. The surface should not have burrs or drops of material, as well as any blots or irregular elements. It opens without excessive force, and when closed The lid fits without gaps. Another feature that allows you to check for originality of both Air Pods and Ear Pods is the exact color match of the case and headphones.

If the shades match, then most likely the real manufacturer is “Uncle Liao” from an underground factory. You can also check the weight of the case and each earpiece. for a wireless original it will be 38 g and 4 g, respectively.

Examine the speaker mesh. it is made from neatly woven metal strands.

How to check Samsung Galaxy S4.

The use of fabric or cheap foam rubber, obviously asymmetrical meshes are all signs of a fake. Make sure there are no separate buttons on the headphones to turn on or connect to the sound source. Also check how quickly the smartphone finds them. With the original Air Pods, the connection is almost instantly established. (after all, Apple’s proprietary chip is very good), but with fakes, you can spend a lot of time before the i Phone somehow sees them. Pay attention to the additional elements necessary for correct operation. for example, sensors to determine what the earpiece is in the ear.

The fact is that Chinese counterfeits of popular expensive smartphones are increasingly flooding the market. The topic of this article is a hackneyed one, but nevertheless, I still would like to touch on it again, summing up the available information. The fact is that Chinese fakes of popular expensive smartphones are increasingly flooding the market. The original Galaxy S4 has a display that does not have a large bezel around it, and some of the knockoffs are of high quality workmanship, almost identical in appearance, and can only be identified by little details.. and 2 or more times. Clones often have a large space between the display and the actual edge of the smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S2 does not turn on. what to do Samsung Galaxy S2 is the flagship of 2011, many users are still in the ranks and regularly perform their functions.

Samsung has already updated its flagship Galaxy S series this year, as well as the Galaxy A line. A user manual from a certain Galaxy J7 Duo has become available on the web, which should be the first entry-level device with Bixby support (in the Bixby Home variant, without some functional features Samsung Galaxy S5 disassembly Complete annotation on Samsung Galaxy S5 disassembly, for users who want to change any component that has failed during the operation of the phone. With the help of our annotation you will learn how to simply change a broken screen, battery, phone case or a speaker. For disassembly tools are useful for you. model Model Support Server Maintenance March 4th LEARN MORE Smartphone Charging Precautions LEARN MORE GT-S7500 ENTER MODEL NUMBER Find Enter Model Number How to Find Model Number? Select your product from the menu below and we will show you where the number is. Left. original, right. fake Chinese clones are made on the basis of other chipsets and processors, have a more primitive screen matrix and camera.

How to Check Samsung Phone Workers Protection

And in order to purchase a really high-quality product, you need to know the signs of real Air Pods: how to check for originality by the serial number, what to look for during an external examination, what should and should not sound like. The first and most important way to check the authenticity of Air Pods. find their serial number through the Apple website: The site must identify the original AirPods by correctly indicating the type of product. Below will be information about the time of purchase, the possibility of contacting technical support and repair under warranty. If instead, information about the replacement is displayed, or the code is not determined. then there is a high probability of forgery or other fraud.

You can indirectly check the authenticity of Air Pods by the way the number itself looks. Original products may contain the number “0”, but the letter “O” never occurs. The serial number must be indicated on one of the sides of the box. on the receipt or invoice issued at the time of sale and inside the case. You can also see it in the device information when connected to a smartphone / tablet with i OS. Often fake headphones can be recognized without using a number. A quick check of Air Pods for originality is the price the seller asks for them.

Serial iPhone Authentication

The MTK processor and the reduced amount of RAM are visible in CPU-Z Of course, the clone runs on a very similar cost-optimized Android, but the version is not the same. The original ships with Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean), while in the Build number information (Build number ) you can see the discrepancy between the number and the name of the OS version. In addition, the original device comes with a proprietary shell Touch Wiz 5.0 (Nature UX). which is “visible by eye”. A complete guide on three easy ways to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy 7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. At the end of February, the main flagships of Samsung of this year were officially presented and now, when sales have already started actively, it’s time to understand important issues use.

How To Find Samsung Original Or Not

Explore the characteristics of your desired smartphone or tablet

If you study the technical characteristics of the desired smartphone or tablet in advance, this will help distinguish the original from a fake. The fact is that copies have significantly better specifications, so it won’t be difficult to see the difference.

Ask the seller to test the device against popular benchmarks such as Antutu, Geekbench and GFXBench, and then send you screenshots. Most likely, he will refuse to do this, which is a good confirmation that the device is not original. We also recommend installing the AIDA64 program on the phone, which displays a full list of characteristics on the screen.

Copies, for example, use other screens, processors, memory, flash drives, and cameras.

IMEI check

Checking by IMEI number is not a very reliable way to determine if the device is original, but in many cases it really helps. The determination procedure is also not very complicated, it consists of only two steps:

First you need to find out the IMEI number of the phone. To do this, enter the service code # in the dialer and in a moment you will see it on the screen. It also has on the box from the device and we recommend checking them at the same time (the numbers must match).

Now go to the Samsung website and enter the IMEI. It’s worth noting that you won’t check the device here if it’s older than the Samsung Galaxy S7. For example, I entered the number of my Galaxy Note 4 and the system reported an error. In this case, use the services of another service. Enter the same number and press the “Check” button to check. You should see device information if it is original.

Keep in mind that particularly advanced scammers can steal the real IMEI from a genuine Samsung gadget and replace it with a Chinese copy. However, this happens very rarely, and the third method will help you make sure whether the Galaxy is a fake or an original device.

How to check a Samsung Galaxy phone for originality

Today we will answer a very important question: how to find out if the Samsung Galaxy is original? Many consumers want to save money by buying devices on various ad platforms, where it is quite deceiving to the unknowing person. If you buy from official retailers, then this problem should not worry you, as they sell 100% original gadgets.

Due to the current economic situation and neighboring countries, people are forced to look for better deals. Unaware that you can be deceived, you buy a smartphone 2 or even 3 times cheaper than the average retail price and only after a while you realize that you bought a fake.

So how can you tell an original Samsung Galaxy from a fake? There are several ways that you will now learn about. Choose the most convenient for you and use when buying a smartphone or tablet from the Samsung brand.

Checking with the service code

This is the easiest and fastest way to test any Galaxy smartphone for originality. Each device of the company has a proprietary menu that is launched by a secret code.

  • Open the dialer app
  • Enter code #
  • Such a menu should appear on the screen, where there are various options for testing phone components.
  • If you have it, then the device is original.
  • Identify by touch

    The next time you get a copy of it, you will immediately notice the difference. Due to the poor quality of the materials used and the less capacious battery in the Chinese counterfeit, you will feel the difference in weight. The original will probably be heavier and better assembled.

    Now you know all the popular ways to check a Samsung smartphone for originality. If you still have any questions. feel free to write them below.

    How to check your phone for wiretapping: 7 signs that the phone is being tapped and 3 security programs

    Smartphones are not just an accessory for an active, business person. Owners trust this device with personal and work conversations, SMS-correspondence and communication using various instant messengers. Pictures, videos and other files that are not intended for prying eyes are stored in the device’s memory and on the flash card. Therefore, it is important to take care not only of not losing your smartphone or having it stolen, but also about protecting the data on it.

    How spies steal information, what malfunctions to pay attention to and how to check the phone for wiretapping?

    How is the wiretapping of mobile phones?

    To check if your phone is tapped, you need to know how intruders can connect to it. There are three ways:

    Fraudsters will install malicious software on the phone. Thanks to wireless communications and special hacking software, users of almost any level can use this method. Using viruses of a certain type, criminals can steal and destroy personal data of the owner of the smartphone and other information stored on the phone. So, the encryption system can be changed by hackers or disabled completely. Such software can get on a gadget:

    • via MMS messages;
    • via mobile internet;
    • using bluetooth;
    • via Wi-Fi connection;
    • when the owner connects the smartphone to the computer.

    Hacker programs can turn on a microphone and the criminal will receive information from within a radius of 100 meters from the owner of the phone.

    Wiretapping of phones using special mobile devices. Such systems usually consist of a computer or laptop and two telephones with special modifications. It seems to some that such equipment is easy to operate and available to almost any user. This is not true. Only a professional signalman can handle such equipment. The system will have to pay up to several hundred thousand dollars.

    This method is the most expensive. For wiretapping, special complexes are used, the price of which starts from several hundred thousand dollars. This technique is sold semi-legally. It can only be serviced by signalmen with professional education and experience. This method is used to listen to other people’s conversations in real time.

    Phone wiretapping indicators

    To determine a wiretap, you need to pay attention to the following 7 details:

    The smartphone seems to “gurgle” at the moments when it is next to electronics. computer speakers, TV. Interference is natural if you are using the device at this moment. But when the phone is idle, there is reason to think.

    The gadget “independently” turns on and off, re-registers on the Web. If the user inattentively installed and configured unverified applications and programs, this situation is normal. In the opposite case, the device can be operated without the knowledge of the owner.

    The battery should not heat up if the phone is not used for a while. Hidden running programs can overheat the battery. It is possible that spyware.

    The wiretapping is indicated by the mobile screen, which does not turn off when the device is turned off. Or the phone itself cannot turn off for an unusually long time. But such failures can be the result of installing software without a license and other software errors.

    The battery is being discharged faster than usual. A gradual decrease in battery capacity after a year of using the device is the norm. Trouble of this kind with a new phone speaks of the included microphone and continuous recording of conversations.

    An unknown operator appears in a smartphone that supports two SIM cards, signed with several numbers.

    Echoes or crackles in the speaker during a conversation confirm the fact of eavesdropping.

    How to know if a phone is tapped?

    If the concern about the possible wiretapping of your mobile is uncomfortable, you can contact your service operator for help. The telephone company most likely owns the line testing equipment. It is worth going to the police if there is evidence of espionage.

    There are also programs for smartphones that help to find out if the current conversation is encrypted or accessible to intruders:

    Checking the phone for wiretapping using EAGLE Security FREE. The program analyzes the location and identifies the stations. A useful feature is the study of applications that secretly use the camera and microphone, and the ability to close access to the camera.

    Using Darshak, it is possible to detect programs and applications that send text messages without the user’s knowledge.

    For advanced owners, there is an Android IMSI-Catcher Detector program. You need to find and download it yourself. This application is not in Google Play, but it will save the gadget from fake base stations. CatcherCatcher has the same functionality.

    It should be noted that the programs created for verification and security are compatible only with modern gadgets. Unfortunately, you can’t put them on simple mobile phones. But, using special protective software, smartphone owners will be able to protect personal data and conversations from strangers.

    See what are the signs of wiretapping on a mobile phone.

    How to check Windows 7 for authenticity

    If you are faced with the task of finding the authenticity of Windows 7, then first look at the sticker with the license key on the PC case or on the bottom of the laptop, if there is none, then the task becomes much more complicated, because this OS has a weak protection mechanism against activation by pirated tools. If you ask this question on the official Microsoft website, then you will be advised to install the KB971033 update, made specifically for OS authentication, but for example, this update is installed on this PC,

    and the system is activated by a pirate activator and I will prove it for you a little later.

    You may also be advised to enter the command line: slmgr.vbs / dli. but the message “License status: licensed” does not justify anything.

    Also at the office. Microsoft website recommends you to download the MGADiag.exe tool,

    providing detailed information about the authenticity of Windows, but often he also will not be able to distinguish a pirated OS from a licensed one, as in our case. The utility outputs the result “V alidation status. Genuine ”or“ Verification status. Genuine “.

    In the Licensing window, you can see the partial product key. 7TP9F and “License Status: Licensed”.

    But the key YKHFT-KW986-GK4PY-FDWYH-7TP9F can be on Win 7 installed on Acer laptops, but not on Win 7 installed on an ordinary desktop computer,

    he constantly comes across to me on pirate sevens. This key installs a pirate activation program Windows 7 Loader by DaZ Activator or Windows7 ULoader

    There won’t be a real license key at all “Google because information about it shouldn’t be on the web.

    How to check Samsung Galaxy S9 for authenticity

    The design is serious, decorative elements are absent, the dark color dominates. All this underlines the premium status of the product. The screen has no frames, in the sense that there are no costly parts on its integral plane, there is only a narrow frame made of duralumin profile. This profile is anodized and dark colored. The front edge of the profile is beveled inward, therefore, in spite of the dark color, the framing along the bottom of the screen in some criteria can give a faint glare from ceiling lighting devices. The outer surface of the matrix is ​​mirror-smooth and relatively resistant to damage, because even after repeated cleaning with a slightly damp cloth, there are no micro-scratches on the display.

    How to find out if the licensed Windows is installed on the computer. Review of Samsung QE65Q9FNAUXRU 65-inch QLED TV with 4K Ultra HD resolution

    Well, I will try to answer all these questions, but let’s, like last time, agree that everything that will be written here. my personal worldview, and the article was written for my clients and other ordinary users who are interested in choosing a modern new TV set. There was somehow a real case I am repairing TV at my own good clients, and a young wife harasses her own spouse, who is going abroad: Will you bring me a car? You promise me a year now, well, when, when?

    How to distinguish an original Samsung TV from a fake T32E310EX LT32E310EX / RU

    For a few days I’ll write down how everything went, because I saw the guys with such discrepancies. Bosfor TV Guide. these are custom options from the TV menu. need to dig there. If you throw off a photo of the CM menu and all submenus. I’ll see what could be exchanged. One more question. in the integrated player there is no ability to switch to a certain time in the movie while watching from a flash drive or disk? I read here what kind of fake TVs we sell in Ukraine that even got vague doubts In this regard, I thought about whether it could be possible to calculate a fake by performing a reset through the CM factor?

    Good night. Good day! Now my hands have dropped completely. The change of the provider did not help, the TV set went into loading, and it leaves, both along the waffle and along the lace. I have no strength completely mine anymore, what to do?

    Does this mean radio headphones? I connected yesterday to the TV set from the phone for 5 hours and chased it. normal flight. I just called my wife. the telly works until it is overloaded. I can’t understand, can this ailment be caused by the fact that the options were automatic? Then from here the question If it suddenly flies again, I can register completely different options, for example, as when connecting from the phone?

    The network will probably scold? The child looks at cartoons at IVI for kids, a window pops up with the inscription: No connection to the network, etc. He presses the return button, then enters the same cartoon again and looks again.

    What can you recommend? I did not find a suitable topic for my own question, I decided to write in this one, modders, I beg your pardon. Question: the Russian language disappeared from the menu, I stitched it with the latest firmware. I did not solve the question. Everything is like on the Samsung-Fun forum. Samsung Smart TVs. Not registered yet? Forgot your password? Description: Archive of messages. Search topic Print version.

    Continued topic »My TV Samsung. eight “. What is the difference between Russian and Slovak assemblies? Technically speaking, none. Do not listen to sellers who convince you that in the Russian assembly there is a super-duper power supply, voltage stabilizer, etc., so to speak, adapted for our networks; there is also no advanced tuner for receiving channels. this is a divorce.

    Internet myths 1. You must be given a universal BWC warranty card. In which case, your TV will be repaired at an authorized service center. The repair period should not exceed 14 days, in an unpleasant case, you have the right for the first time 12 months warranty for a new TV, or terminate the purchase and sale contract and claim to return the funds for you. During the warranty period, repair work and components are paid by the manufacturer, everything is free of charge to you. After the expiration of the warranty 24 months, you pay for all repairs and components.

    Also, do not forget to take a cash receipt. When the warranty option comes, your TV will be repaired in a specific service center with which the individual entrepreneur has a contract, when buying, check with the dealer. usually these are the same authorized SCs in which Russian Samsungs are repaired.

    All repair costs will be borne by the merchant. If the SC refuses to repair for any reason, you have the right to take the TV to the merchant and he will have to make repairs within 14 days, otherwise you have the right to receive a new TV, or terminate the purchase and sale contract and claim to return the funds to you but it will not be so easy to do.

    After the warranty expires, you pay for all repairs and components. Since September, Slovak Samsungs have been running without a Russian menu and with a blocked Smart-TV.

    The solution to this problem has already been found, read the appropriate topic. Since mid-November, Slovak Samsungs can be stitched with a Russian menu in Poland, or by merchants before selling. Russian samsungs are more expensive. Adding Check for dead pixels in more detail Upload pictures to a USB flash drive from here. Open the pictures of snow-white, dark, blue, reddish, greenish colors on TV and look intently at the screen, look for points, the color is good from the image.

    Look especially closely at the blue background. Run the drawings a couple of times. Broken pixels are allowed as the ISO reference. If you find them, then immediately decide to change the TV or not, in the future you can no longer change the TV with dead pixels under warranty, if their number is allowed by the standard. Checking the image, the player, the control panel, the matrix, the microprocessor with the rollers here Checking the Smart-TV Slovak Samsung Operability applies only to Samsung brought from Poland assembly Slovakia.

    Before buying, ask the merchant about Smart-TV functionality, whether it is unlocked in your country. Since September, Slovak Samsungs have been running without a Russian menu and with a blocked Smart-TV in almost all countries. But the presence of the Russian language does not guarantee that the geo-blocking of the Smart hub has been removed. To make sure of this, you must first configure the TV output to the Internet via wi-fi or lan. Next, launch Smart-TV multi-colored button with the letter M in the center of the remote control and try to launch the browser.

    If the browser has started, then exit Smart-TV mode by pressing EXIT on the remote a couple of times. Restart Smart-TV and wait a couple of minutes. If it doesn’t show This product and accompanying software and services including Samsung Smart Hub are specifically designed fore users residing in the EU.

    As Smart Hub is geo-blocked for this particular product, Samsung Smart Hub may not be available in your current location. If you have seen this inscription, I advise you to discuss this moment with the merchant. Until the lock is removed, you cannot use Smart-TV. If you are not convinced that you can do it on your own, then ask the merchant to do it for you. Since this procedure requires certain abilities, and a person who generally does not understand computer programs and the TV service menu can easily “destroy” TV.

    Adding Calibration Most of the TVs are calibrated at the factory. therefore, apparently the manufacturer has foreseen manual calibration in the “Cinema” mode, while each digital signal source must be calibrated: TV channels, Viewing via widgets in Smart Hub, 3D, etc.

    Why and why this is all, you can read it in Russian here on the example of F details from the experience of foreign colleagues for the E series here or here. for F series: UE55F here; here and here. for UE46 55 F and F from the Germans here with tips to reduce uneven illumination. Calibration of all diagonals N. details. N. in more detail. H. details. F. details. F. more details and many others. Apart from these options, there is also professional hardware calibration-calibrators, colorimeters and spectrophotometers. more details here. supply and demand for private traders in the main., or for some professional equipment.

    For normal configuration when watching Home effect movies. it is created using the Motion Plus float, go to the Menu. Image characteristics. Set Motion Plus to Fine or Off if you want to give your movies their normal look. Select 3D mode according to the input signal. Available 3D modes may differ depending on the input signal. Certain types of 3D content may not be available depending on the selected 3D mode.

    In this case, change the 3D mode for viewing. Select 3D mode from the list of available modes. Some formats do not support this mode. If the file is displayed incorrectly after selection or there is no mode selection. tasks in the file. There is a method when the largest file is extracted from the disk view, then its extension is renamed to m2ts. The reddish and blue square on the 3d glasses is designed for a more conventional removal of the protective film. pull on them.

    Type of battery in glasses. CR The service life is about an hour, it will be enough for watching movies, if you watch movies for a month, then the battery will last for 1 year. Next Menu. Network. Prog. AR: Prog. With automatic assignment of IPs, Android devices may not connect. assign IP manually for all network members.

    Enabling creeping line adding a widget to startup. Customize your favorite running stitches to display automatically when you turn on the TV. Creeping line is a service that allows you to show stock quotes, announcements and weather forecast on the display in real time.

    When you turn on the creeping line service while watching TV, the most burning information is displayed on the screen. For her work in the list Ed. If the selected application is not installed on the TV set, you must first install it from the App or our Archive. read more here Implementation of recording function on TV Samsung.

    Current recording when playing terrestrial digital TV channels: Info. Reddish button A. Recording is carried out on external media previously formatted by the TV set 2.

    Setting the time characteristics of recording from Smart Hub: In the hub, go to the EPG TV Guide, look at the appropriate program and then use the reddish button A to select the Schedule Manager and there. Schedule Recording.

    Windows Authenticity Labels

    as for the device cases. certificate of authenticity (COA) and holograms.

    Should I take a “gray” TV?

    Not uniqueness, when merchants, while proving the authenticity of the phablet, so zealously point to its IMEI. But how to find it correctly, and how to check the Galaxy S8 by IMEI for authenticity, our light will now be shed on this. Determining the serial number, IMEI Samsung Galaxy S8 Usually, the IMEI is located on the end of the box There are several basic ways to find the IMEI on the Galaxy S8, we demonstrate them below: box Samsung Galaxy S8. Dear Readers! Our articles talk about typical methods of solving legal issues, but each case is unique in nature. If you want to find out how to solve your specific problem. contact the online consultant form on the right, or call the phones presented on the website. It’s fast and free! Mobile phone, phone or tablet On the nameplate If the battery and back cover are removable, there is a nameplate underneath. The nameplate shows the model, IMEI and serial number.

    How to recognize an original Samsung Galaxy S6 from a fake

    Currently, the youngest model of the Samsung Galaxy s6 family impresses with its performance, attractive appearance and makes it one of the cutest phones.

    Let’s start with the box. The counterfeit is very similar to the original, but there is a detail that should attract your attention, this is the IMEI number. in the case of an unusual phone, it will always be located on a sticker on the back of the box, and in most fakes it is absent.

    To ensure yourself, do not buy a product at a cost significantly lower than the factory one or outside the official distribution channels.

    The vast majority of fakes are of Chinese origin, specifically a fake Samsung Galaxy S6 phone.

    This is nothing new. For many years, people have been falling for offers of very low prices, which in practice turn out to have even less capacity than those stated.

    You should always exercise restraint when making a purchase. what is available is not the result of the kindness of the merchant.

    If the merchant wants to hide his identity from you or even contact information, in other words, a signal that something is wrong.

    You should also focus on quality. The unique Samsung Galaxy S6 is made of quality materials, the back is finished with glass, and the fakes are usually made of plastic. Even inexperienced consumers should feel the difference.

    Another detail you should be looking at is the screen. This is the most expensive part of the phone and in fakes its quality often leaves one to crave the best.

    Another element that will allow you to distinguish the original from fakes is the camera lens. The unique Galaxy S6 has a very professional fit that even the untrained eye will see.

    In the case of a fake, this is the usual dark eye. In addition, the LED lamps in the counterfeit are more yellowish than in the unique phone.

    The biggest difference between the real thing and the fake can be seen in the device specification. Unique Samsung has a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, an Exynos 7420 microprocessor and 3 GB of RAM.

    A fake one is usually unable to meet even half of these parameters.

    Such high expenses, which implies the purchase of a new phone, must be approached very carefully. It is worth checking the reliability of the source from which you want to purchase the product.