How to Find Remote Applications on the Phone

The main reasons for uninstalling applications

Applications on the phone are uninstalled for several reasons. We will consider the following scenarios:

  • Buying a new phone: you must restore all the settings from scratch, connect the user’s google account and reinstall all applications.
  • Removing applications as a result of factory reset: after resetting to factory settings, you, in fact, get the device in its initial state. without applications, with default settings
  • You deleted applications a long time ago and decided to restore them to Android, but forgot the name.
  • Applications are deleted accidentally or without user intervention. It is required to find and restore them.
  • You deleted the game, became interested in it again (would like to continue the passage from the moment it stopped).
  • Viruses removed (damaged) Android applications

As you can see, there are various situations, but, fortunately, restoring applications, games on Android is not as difficult as in the case of files. For these tasks, you do not need additional programs, just follow a few simple steps. Actually, we will talk about them later.

App recovery through Google Play

1. To restore applications to your smartphone or tablet, the standard Google Play application is suitable. You do not need to download it, since it is present in Android initially.

2. Find Google Play in the list of applications on your phone. You can do this through the search bar on the device.

Note. If Google Play is not found on the phone, download the apk file on a third-party resource like forum.

3. Once in Google Play, click on the icon with three lines. The main application menu will open.

4. Go to the “My Applications and Games” section.

5. In the tab “All” collected all ever installed applications. both deleted and present at the moment. If the application is already installed, you will see next to it “Established” or “Refresh”.

How to Find Remote Applications on the Phone

6. Find remote applications by marks “Is free” or by a button indicating the cost.

Note. If the remote application is not found, be sure to use your Google account. Remember if you have other Google accounts and log in if necessary.

7. If you want to find an old application, it is easier to navigate by the date of its installation. At the top of the list are recently installed applications, at the bottom, respectively, are the oldest. Or vice versa, depending on the sorting method.

8. Find the required applications in the list and install them one by one.

Readers Questions

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I inserted the SD card into the device, but the applications on it do not appear on the screen. What to do?