How to find out your friend’s Apple ID

Can I know my Apple ID from my phone number??

If you use your cell phone number as your Apple ID, you may not be able to find your Apple ID.

Go to your Apple account ID and click “Forgot your Apple ID and password”. If asked to verify your phone number, use the steps for two-factor authentication instead of. Enter your Apple ID, select the option to reset your password, and then select continue.

How to find your iCloud account by IMEI

To find out if you can find an Apple ID with an IMEI number, you first need to learn more about IMEI. IMEI Number. is a unique numeric identifier for each mobile device that helps distinguish each device from another. The iCloud account you have on your iPhone or other iOS devices will not be associated with the IMEI number. Simply put, you can’t find your iCloud account or Apple ID with IMEI.

As the identification number of your iPhone, you can contact your ISP to lock the IMEI number when your iPhone is lost or stolen. So, your iPhone may not be using the Wi-Fi network, or law enforcement often keeps a record of your lost and recovered iPhone.

Go to “Settings” “General” “About”, you can see the serial number of your iPhone. Of course, you can also scroll down to find the IMEI / MEID and ICCID. After that you can write down the IMEI number for your iPhone.

What is UDID iPhone?

UDID is a unique identifier of your Apple device, consisting of 40 characters: lowercase letters and numbers.

Example UDID number: DAF7SD7A88D65988VE56CCFG5D6B14C71J97HGKL

The UDID number can be used so that the developer can send a beta version of their app or game. UDID is also actively used by advertising companies, which use it to provide personalized advertising to iPhone users.

Exactly in our case UDID is required to get Apple ID of previous iPhone owner and further unlock from iCloud. Not everyone knows where to get or know UDID, which in such situations is indispensable!

How to know your Apple ID and password?

Go to Apple‘s System Preferences menu and tap Apple ID. Click “Password and Security”. If you need to enter your Apple ID password, click Forgot Apple ID or Password?”Follow the instructions on the screen.

Click the “Edit” button in the “Account” section. Under the Apple ID, click “Change Apple ID”. Enter the cell phone number you want to use as your Apple ID and the validation code will be sent to that number.

Shipping and Refund


The main goal of our team is to provide quality service and successfully unlock your iPhone smartphone. We do our best to review every order placed within 24 hours, regardless of workload. Once the unlock process has started, the order cannot be canceled or accelerated by the customer. After the unlock process is completed, we will notify you about the result and new “unlocked” status.

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We collaborate with carriers all over the world. With their help, we process every request to unlock your smartphone and do the unlock. In most cases a successful result is achieved within the time allotted for the unlock. However, we can’t influence absolutely all situations. Sometimes mobile operator’s server doesn’t respond to requests. as a result we can’t complete the unlocking of the phone within the allocated time. Cyber-attacks on our servers are very rare, which also slows down turnaround time. From time to time mobile operators change their unlock policies, which also affects the turnaround time.

If your phone is not unlocked in time, please contact us. Our support team will help you resolve your issue and complete your unlock.

We advise each and every customer to read carefully our Terms & Conditions before placing unlock request for iPhone, this document specifies all conditions and possible order execution time.

Refund policy

We guarantee full refund of your order only if you received “Not Found” status while the unlock package you selected was fully compliant with your iPhone model, mobile operator (country), contract status, and your black or white list status. In such a situation the money is returned to the customer’s account within seven working days.

In all other cases no refund is possible. Please read the Terms of Use carefully and review our Returns Policy before you place an order for unlocking your iPhone to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.

Thank you for choosing us! We are always glad to provide the best service to make every customer satisfied with the result and get a full SIM-card unlock in the shortest time possible.


This service will not unlock iPhone, it only unlocks iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4.

Here’s how to get Apple ID on iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4

Make sure your phone fulfills all conditions above.

Request and pay for the service. Provide IMEI and UDID of your iPhone in the order form, and a working email for the result of the check.

Wait until you receive a reply to your mailbox.

Instructions “How to get UDID number of iPhone

Turn on your iPhone and connect it to iTunes.

Select your iPhone in the column on the left.

Click on the serial number and you will get the UDID number of your iPhone.

Bottom line

Find out your Apple ID in the Settings menu on your iPhone, as well as in the App Store, iTunes Store, and the desktop version of iTunes. If your phone is locked, you can get information from a trusted device or from the company’s official website. It is possible to find the Apple ID of the former owner without his help, carefully reviewing the saved data; if the search is unsuccessful, you must contact Support. the expert, after asking the necessary questions, will be able to deactivate the old account, which will allow the owner to create a new one.

How to Find Your Apple ID Weight Using IMEI, Device Serial Number, and д.

How to find out your Apple ID weight by IMEI, device serial number, etc. д.

Apple ID is an ID with which you will find your weight iPhone, iPad or iPod. Without it, the management of the device is unreal. What in fact, how to get it back and find out will be discussed.

What is an Apple ID. The essence of the problem

Apple ID is, in fact, an email address of the form “” that you create once when you buy an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or MacBook from iCloud. With it works all the familiar Apple services. (Mac) AppStore and iTunes Store.

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It is thanks to AppleID you can download at least any application from the Apple store, find a lost device or Apple PC, arrange meetings, knowing the location of each other on the map and much more. De-authorize by AppleID. you’ll be lost, and you’ll be able to find your stolen or lost device the only way, the old-fashioned way: by contacting the police with only the IMEI listed on the package.

From any device on the search service

  • Open the appleid service and select “Find Apple ID.”.
  • Enter your first and last name, mailing address. You can enter your first and last name in the Latin alphabet. if that’s how you entered it.

Everything! Now you know your Apple ID and password. Write it down and put it in a safe place. This method works for any Apple device. and you can even use it from a computer at an Internet club or library.

Find out the Apple ID of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod using your serial number, IMEI, iPad, or iPod

The iPhone 6 is used as an example. Go to Settings. General. About this device.

And it may help you recover your Apple ID

You’ll see the serial number, IMEI, and MAC address which you can use to track down your Apple ID and contact Apple Support if you’ve unauthorized and lost both your Apple ID and password. Remember that there is no “grey” way to find out your Apple ID. the security policy is fine-tuned by Apple.

There are some sites, which supposedly help you to scan your Apple ID via IMEI, serial number, etc. д. This is all bullshit! People who offer to do this are 99% crooks. You can also try to “punch” the Apple ID on the IMEI-server.But this is also a dubious service. No one but Apple and the security services are allowed to do it. Don’t fall for this trick! Apple is unlikely to reveal all their secrets. their security policy is designed to keep the user as safe as possible and make his life easier, without telling him too much about “how, what and where to bypass”. In addition, the same Apple ID can be used for all Apple equipment in the house. it’s just an iCloud account, giving you access to the cloud iCloud (Drive), the AppStore, FaceTime, iMessage, and allows you to protect your gadget from loss and theft.

How to find out the Apple ID on a locked phone or other Apple iDevice

If your device was inadvertently and carelessly locked and you can’t unlock it, even to view info about it as described above. remove the SIM-card tray by pressing into the hole with a needle, the end of a paperclip or a toothpick.

This is the first information you need to recover your Apple ID

Now take a look at the back of the device. the FCC-ID and IC identifiers are listed at the bottom, with a similar format.

How to find out the previous owner’s Apple ID

Friends, in this video I’ll show you how you can without any effort or skill based on.

This information is listed differently on different devices

On older models of gadgets, such as the iPhone 4s (A1387), the IMEI was not duplicated here. But! There is no serial number listed anywhere on the outside. Now you can safely write to the technical support, if necessary, enclosing the receipt and/or the warranty card, if possible.

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How do you know your ID on your MacBook PC?

This requires authorization in iTunes and MacAppStore. Launch iTunes and go to the MacAppStore. Give the command “Shop. View account”, however, it will already be “highlighted” in the specified menu item.

What is an Apple ID and where do I get one??

An Apple ID is an account that is used to access Apple services such as iCloud, App Store, iTunes Store, Apple Music, and many others. If you see a message that your email address is already associated with an Apple ID, you may have already created an Apple ID.

The easiest way to get information about the ID code is to use a special digit-character combination. Go to the dialing menu, then use the keypad to type ##8255## and hit the call button. After that, the smartphone should display the ID you’re looking for.

How do I know the previous owner’s Apple ID??

If the iPhone was purchased illegally and the new owner did not bother to get the Apple ID from the seller and for some reason cannot call or write, there are two ways out.

Try the previous options

It’s worth checking all of the above methods again. if the former owner did not manage to de-authenticate, the Apple ID will remain in the Settings menu. In addition, if the sale announcement contained an e-mail address or communication was via e-mail, it is worth trying to find the Apple ID on the manufacturer’s site, stating the seller’s name and surname. It didn’t help? There is only one way that does not compromise the personal data of the new owner and does not threaten his wallet.

Contact Support

Apple ID is hardcoded to your iPhone and reflashing it won’t reset it. The user has to write and call to the Apple Support, convince the experts in all possible ways that he/she really has the right to own the device and, accordingly, to change the account. There’s no way to predict how much time and effort it will take, which is why buying an iPhone from an individual, even if the previous owner is trustworthy, is not recommended.

To contact Support Apple Inc. can be contacted as follows:

  • Go down to the new page and click on “Want to talk?” link “Contact Apple Support”. “Community”, located next door, with the removal of restrictions on the Apple ID will definitely not help.
find, your, friend, apple
  • In the opened window the owner of the phone should write his name, last name, contact number and e-mail address, and then click on “Continue”. the free specialist will call in a few minutes.

Important: The same result can be achieved by using the neighboring “Deactivate account” button instead of “Delete account”.

The new owner of the phone should be prepared for exhaustive questioning: when, where and from whom he bought his device. We’ll have to give you the last name, first name and number of the previous owner, as well as prepare data about the device. the IMEI might come in handy, too. Even with the most optimistic scenario, it will take at least one or two weeks to remove your Apple ID.

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