How To Find Out Which Ipad I Have

On iPad, how do I know which version of Mobile Safari I have?

I would like to know which version of Mobile Safari the iPad I am using is. Is there a way to find out (preferably from the device itself)? There is no menu in Safari Mobile, and thus no one can select “O”. If you go to Settings | Safari, you see various useful things, but not “O” or “Version” or the like, which surprised me.

Since Ross McNab’s answer no longer works.

Bookmark this (or any) page. Then edit the bookmark. Name it whatever you like, but change the url to.

You can now check your user agent anytime you like from your bookmarks. Thanks to Apple!

Or if it’s just a quick one-time check you want and you’re online, do what was originally posted on TJ.

The only way I found Ross McNab’s way was much better, but unfortunately doesn’t work anymore (thanks Apple); Billy Moon’s job works, but a little awkward for one-off checks.

Another way to do this is to use an external website (there are many options to choose from, just search for “my browser”) which will tell me my user-agent string.

So, for example, these sites tell me that my user-agent string is:

From which I can tell I am using Mobile Safari 5.0.2.

You can get the userAgent string without visiting an external website by entering the following in the Safari address bar (where you would normally enter a URL):

You must enter it exactly as it is here, appropriate case and punctuation.

An alert popup will appear with the entire useragent line containing the Safari and iOS version number.

None of the javascript answers worked for me. I found an easier way! There are several “what is my IP address?” pages, such as this one. These pages tell you your IP address and, in some cases, what your browser is, what your operating system is, and if your browser is up to date.

You can visit to check user agent and safari version

Convenient alternative if you want to copy this information / you are already: connect your iPad to your mac (let’s assume a platform!) And in OSX Safari, remove the debug device and copy the User Agent from the resource bar in the request headers ,

Enabling remote debugging:

  • In the OSX Safari preferences area, under Advanced, select the Show Menus checkbox in the Menu Bar.
  • On iDevice: Safari Preferences Advanced

IOS users (e.G. Ipad, iPhone, iPod touch) can browse the Safari and WebKit versions. Visiting “What’s My User Agent”,

From the settings of the iPad itself

The fastest and most accurate way to find out which iPad you have. Look at it on the device itself. In this case, you should go to Settings General Information. In this section you should find “Model Name”. As there you will find the exact version of the device. Of course, you shouldn’t confuse it with “Name”, as the usual name appears at this point, which is usually called “iPad of (your name)”, although by clicking on it you can change it to your liking for any other.

In this section you will find other interesting information such as software version, model number, serial number, and even the period during which the terminal’s warranty ends, if it has not expired yet. You will also be able to find out data such as the number of songs, videos, photos and apps you own, which is displayed just above the total iPad memory and what you have.

If you can’t watch it on iPad. What iPad model do I have? Keys to find out

You don’t need a scientist at Apple and its devices to get the most out of it. In fact, the most common thing in the world. It is that among all the existing iPad models and others, you may not remember which model you have. Unfortunately, there is no printout on the body of this screen to make it easier to recognize, so you will have to resort to search methods such as those described below.

How To Find Out Which Ipad I Have

From an iPhone, iPod touch, or another iPad

If you have an iPhone, iPod touch, or another iPad model in addition to an iPad, you will have the option to check the model. To do this, you must sign in to iCloud with the same Apple ID as your tablet, then go to Settings your name and look for iPad. You will see that it appears along with the rest of your devices with the name that you gave it, and a little lower, in gray, it will indicate which model it is, although it will not indicate the generation to which it belongs. To do this, you must click on it and check the serial number.

This number can determine which model it is, and in the past, Apple had a public list where they could be verified. However, this is no longer possible and you will have to use existing Apple communication routes to ask a technician about this, so you must have a verified serial number.

From a Mac or Windows computer

As in the previous section, your Mac can be the key to locate the iPad’s serial number. To do this, you must go to the Settings system and go to the settings of your Apple ID, which should match the settings of the tablet. When you find iPad, click on it and you will see the serial number among other data.

If you are not signed in with the same Apple ID, or you are going to do a verification from a Windows computer, you should go to the Apple ID website. Sign in with the credentials you have on your iPad and scroll to the Devices section of the window. At this point, you will have to click on the device and the serial number will appear. Remember that in both this and the previous case, you must contact Apple so they can tell you which iPad model of your device is based on the serial number.

In original iPad box

If for any reason you cannot access your iPad, either because it is not near you or because it does not turn on due to a malfunction, you can check which model it is if you still keep the original box it was installed in. They usually have an iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air, or iPad mini on the sides, but if it’s a model that doesn’t have a number associated with its name, it will be difficult to tell apart. However, you will know exactly which generation is watching your back.

There is a sticker on the back of iPad cases which gives some useful information to the user. Here you will see not only the name and generation of the device, but also the capacity of the internal memory and even the serial number and IMEI. Thus, it is more than an ideal place to quickly find this information.

From Apple website

Apple has a complete guide to manually check which iPad model you have. In it you will find a complete updated list with all your tablets illustrated with pictures with which you can distinguish the exact model. Or because of its size, the design of your camera, or the location of the buttons, you might be able to figure out which model your equipment is. You can access this Apple guide by clicking here.

Benefit: “How to find out the model of Apple iPad

In fact, iPad 2 (2nd generation), New iPad (3rd generation) and iPad with Retina Display (4th generation) are very SIMilar in appearance, so it is not easy to determine by eye which iPad, of the above, is in front of us. An advanced Apple user of course will look at the cable connector, carefully examine the box, look at the pixel detail and determine the model. But what should an ordinary user do when he sees a tablet for the first time in his life? How to determine which iPad he is holding? We will try to answer these questions today. After reading carefully to the end, you can also find out the version of your iPad.

The first thing we can suggest is to read the articles. “How to check an iPhone by serial number”, and in exactly the same way, using the Apple technical support site, check your iPad. This method works, but for some reason not everyone is able to check and figure out the model, so we will consider a few more ways:

Box Apple iPad 2. Top view


So, we take the box with the iPad inside, which Ivan brought, and examine it, we are especially interested in the underside with the sticker. This sticker has many details, but the first line, highlighted in bold, is of interest, in our case it was indicated:

MC770RS / A iPad 2 Wi-Fi 32GB Black

Box Apple iPad 2. Bottom view

From the name it immediately becomes clear that Ivan has an iPad 2 (2nd generation) with 32 gigabytes of memory, the tablet must be black with Wi-Fi support and without an additional communication module (3G / CDMA). If the tablet was new and sealed in its own film packaging, then there would be less doubts, but since the iPad has been used, the box may not be native, so we follow our advice and check if the packaging is native.

In our case, the box turned out to be native, and the Method dispelled the remaining doubts about the iPad model. In our case, we were still able to identify the model using a sticker on the box, but not everyone succeeds. For example, many stickers SIMply say. Ipad, as is the case with our other tablet, the first line of the sticker on the box looks like this:

MD368C / A iPad Wi-Fi 4G 64GB Black

And try, guess what this model is. The same situation worries the owners of iPad tablets, bought without a box or lost the box in the process of moving or other situations. Therefore, we move on to the second method.

Apple iPad settings. About this device. Model

Iphonefrom service
In order to determine the version of the iPad using the special iPhonefrom service, we need:

  • Access to the Internet
  • And the ability to determine the batch number

The Internet works, the batch number (Part No.) of our unrecognized iPad in the first part is MD368C / A. We go to the website, enter our batch number (which is sometimes called the model number) in the line and press the button. Find out.

Internet service iPhonefrom. Determine the iPad or iPhone model

We look at the section: Name, where we see that our tablet is called New iPad, which means it is the third in the iPad version. In general, the iPhonefrom service is designed to recognize iPhone models, but you can also find out which iPad is in front of you using this service.

When determining the model using the service in brackets, after the model name is indicated. 4G (maybe 3G), the same value is indicated in the first line on the box, this means that you can insert a SIM card into the iPad and use a mobile 3G or 4G- the internet.

To completely blow your mind, I propose another short article where we examined the varieties of the iPad 2 tablet, it turned out that 2012 brought us slightly modified iPad 2 tablets, unlike the 2011 models.