How to find out when the computer is turned on

Is it possible to find out when my computer was turned on and who was working at it?

Question from a user


Can you advise if it is possible to find out if my computer was turned on and if it was, who did it?? I just can’t find certain files, it’s like someone deleted them.

Finding out when the computer was turned on is quite easy (unless, of course, the data has been deliberately erased). As for the person who did it. it’s rather complicated (unlikely that you can, unless you have previously set up a security device, so it automatically filmed everyone who sits down to work on it, or you have not installed video surveillance ✌).

Anyway, in this post I will try to solve your question. By the way, I recommend to make backups of important files and set up password to access PC (see links below for help) to not let this happen again.

How to view recent activity: work history

In Windows, there is a special. The registry logs a lot of things, like when the computer was turned on and off, crash codes, warnings, etc.д. But of course, we are interested in the time when Power./off.

To open the log: press WinR. “Run” window will pop up. type eventvwr.

After that the events window should appear. you should select the “Windows / System Logs” tab and open the current log filter. Then select the date, check the “Details” box and click on OK. my example below ).

See our login history. PC for the last 24 hours

Now look carefully at the list of events: if you have filtered them out, the list will not be big. We are primarily interested in the “Power. “. my example below shows that someone logged out my PC at 7:59 Moscow time.

Were you able to use your computer at that time?

Actually, we already know what time was the PC up.

find, computer, turned

How to see the time of the last login

In the user has the ability to enable the output of messages about the time the computer was last turned on. The next time the computer is switched on, the user will get the data containing the time of the last power-on. And it can show all of the failed logon attempts for your account.

You can enable the display of the last logon time information with the help of local group policy editors or the registry. In either case, it is better to back up Windows 10 earlier. The backup created in time allows you to roll back the last changes in the operating system at any time.

Group Policy Editor

The editor allows you to make changes to Windows 10 Group Policy. It is possible to open the local group policy editor in the Corporate and Professional editions of Windows 10.

This policy setting determines whether the computer will display information about previous successful and unsuccessful login attempts when a user logs on. By default, data about previous authorization attempts is not displayed.

Registry Editor

We recommend that you back up your Windows 10 registry before making registry changes. If the registry data is changed incorrectly you will always be able to quickly rollback the last changes. To display information about previous login attempts, you will have to create a registry parameter yourself. The result will be the same output as after changing group policy.

After using any of the methods of displaying information about the last logon time, you must reboot the computer. For the next logons, you will be able to find out when your computer was last logged on.

Methods presented by many experts with the implementation of a single command, unfortunately do not work in the current version of the operating system Windows 10. Users can only find out how long the computer has been running on Windows 10. To learn when the computer was turned on last time, you must use the window of viewing events or enable the output of information at user authorization.

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Greetings dear readers! Just recently I received an e-mail from a user. A user asked me a question: How do I know when my computer was turned on by a coworker while I was away??

To answer this question in detail, I decided to write a post on this topic. When you turn on your computer, this is when you start recording the actions you perform on your computer. precisely, there is a record of “event log”, which shows the date and time of a specific operation, as well as running processes of the operating system.

How do you know when your computer was turned on (turned off)?

Every time you turn on your computer or notebook the operations performed on it are immediately recorded in the system log. It makes a record of “event log”, by which you can determine the date and time of any actions on the computer, running processes of the operating system.

It is very useful to find out if you want to know if your device is being used by someone else when you are not at home.

Look through the event log following the algorithm:

Open “Computer Management”. (right click on the My Computer icon. “Manage”) or (click on “WinX”, there is a corresponding line in the menu)

In the window of the main functions of the operating system to work with your computer, select “View events”.

Click on the arrow on the left that opens the submenu, expand the “Windows Log” menu.

Expand the menu with the arrow on the left, click on “System.

In the central part shows statistics of all events, look for lines recording times of switching on and off the PC at the right time of day.

The screenshot shows that 23.01.2016 machine turned off at 11:30 p.m., turned on at 24.01.2016 at 6:40 a.m.

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That’s too easy. You can also use sodium pantothenate

if your device is not used by someone else when you are not around.

Not mine, I have a BIOS password, a boot password, a Windows login password

I don’t want to look at the logs. I live alone. in case I see someone using my computer when I’m not there? Screw it))))

If your goal is to prevent anyone but you from using your computer, you should create an account with a password no one knows about. If the entrance is free, then what is the point of spying, who and when he used it. I do not understand the situation.

As an addition you can also put a limit on the time of the account, so that it is at night did not play.

And in general, all this nonsense, the child quickly learns how to bypass all these restrictions.

Sometimes the prohibitions on using the computer through passwords determine his life later

This option did not come to mind, no children.

How to prepare 7000 documents for tax audit in 5 days and not to lose your mind?

Few people think about it, but the responsibility of the transport company in respect of the client does not end with the fact of completion of cargo transportation and payment.

Let us list the burdens that fall on the heads of our employees at a time when the cargo owner has completely forgotten about us (until the next shipment) and happily sells out the goods at the destination point.

Ready? We warn you right away. it’s a long time. Because there are a lot of items!

In addition to the actual delivery, we must keep all documents of economic activity of their organization for at least three years. By the way, there are hundreds of contracts, thousands of invoices, tens of thousands of waybills.

They may well be required by the tax service on special request.

By not responding to these requirements, we very much screw up our partner, because it may even come to the need to pay VAT on these acts of cooperation. For a minute, these are amounts that can cause significant damage to the organization.

This should not be allowed. So, we keep everything according to the rules, but we report according to the law.

And then came the happy day when the FTS demanded the documents of transportation with a particular company for a period of for example, one year.

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We quietly wipe away the tears of happiness and realize that since the receipt of the request inspection agencies are asking for documents within 10 days. It’s not much, and if we’re talking about collecting more than 1000 pages, there’s a risk of not having enough time to prepare everything.

How to do the work as quickly as possible, while not paralyzing the team?

Determine the scale of the problem or the approximate number of items. To do this, you can unload information about all entries on request from a database 1C or other accounting program. This information will help you understand the scale of the upcoming work in the equivalent of the number of pages.

Assign people responsible for the task. In our experience, 1 person in 5 working days handles about 2,000 A4.

We gather materials in full accordance with all items of the request, flies separately, cutlets separately.

Depending on the volume choose the principle of copying.

Up to 1000 copies. make photocopies and print on your own all-in-one printer. It’s not difficult.

From 1000. 4000. It is necessary to scan on own all-in-one printer (preferably with autofeed) in electronic format for further actions. Evaluate the capabilities of your own printer.

а). Do in-house if your device allows.

б). Send it to the printer (as a pdf-format, of course), which is comparable in cost to a new cartridge, but reduces your time and extends the life of your office equipment. Many printers for jobs of 1,000 or more are happy to provide free shipping to your office.

From 4,000 or more forms. At this point, time flies, and mistakes will result in a missed deadline. All paper is prepared at once in piles, so that after processing they only need to be sewn, not gone through again.

а). Copy at your place with a special fast scanner (ordinary ones with auto-feed won’t do), and by all means give the pdf-files to the side for further printing.

б). If your organization does not have a super scanner at its disposal, then you have to assemble sets for photocopying and give everything to the printer directly. Be sure to ! Hand over the documents in boxes to be given mirror copies. This measure will cut down a lot of hours on the registry.

If you have reached this stage, you are already very good. There are a few more steps to take:

Number and staple everything according to that checklist from the IRS that you received earlier. Numbering is done with a simple pencil in the upper right corner. The number of sheets in one pack should not exceed 150, and stitching is done in a special way (see the photo under this paragraph for the correct way to do it).

What to do?

The most trivial thing you need this information for is to see if your children have violated your PC ban. If the penalty extends to prohibiting the use of the computer only at night, this article will also help you find out when the computer is turned on.

Or maybe someone has been using your equipment in the personal cabinet. After all there are situations when you urgently need to leave the office for a long period of time, but the opportunity to protect personal information on your electronic device is not provided. Besides, there is no chance to see if someone is working at your PC. But it is possible to determine the last time the computer was turned on.

Finding out when your computer was turned on is quite easy. All you need is your computer, basic knowledge of how to use it, and following the instructions below.

Where you can see when your computer was turned on?

To get to this log and see the history of events you can open the “Start” menu and in the search field enter the phrase: “View events”.

This will open the main window “View events”. Now, on the left side of the window, open the directory called “Windows Logs” and open the “System” section.

As you can see, the event log window has opened, in the form of a table. This table records the level of the event, its date and time, code and category.

Exactly with the help of this table you can find out if somebody turned the computer on while you were away. For example 09.09.2012 at 23:33 the system was started, and the next one was already on 05.05.2015 в 08:16. It turns out that in the absence of the owner of the computer, in the period between these dates, his PC did not turn on.

As you can see, everything can be checked quite easily. Now you can always be aware of everything that happens with the technology while you are not near it.

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How to see when your computer was last turned on

You can view when your computer was last turned on or off in the Windows 10 Event Log. The event log in turn allows the user to view additionally all the events that take place in Windows 10. Often the event view is used to detect problems that cause system malfunctions.

An event from the Winlogon source sends a notification of a user’s login to the enhancement software. After applying the filter in the results you can see not only the time the computer was last turned on, but also find out the time of shutdown of Windows 10.

Users only need to look through the data presented in the window in order. The first to be displayed will be the date and time the computer was turned on, the second will be the date and time the computer was last turned off.

Visiting pages on the Internet

Answering the question of how to see where you logged in from your computer, it is worth noting that this is done by analyzing the history of your browsing. This is done in the following way:

  • In all modern browsers, pressing the key combination Ctrl H (History) opens the history of the Internet. To make it easier to find information, the browsing history is grouped by periods: for the past hour, for the past day, for the week and for all time. There’s also a “Clear History” button.
  • If a Google account, such as a mailbox or YouTube user, is registered on your computer and active by default, Google tracks any activity of that profile. This service is similar to the browser history. To open the history from Google in your account settings, select “My Activity” or enter the text “ “History History” button is also located there, and you can put it in the address bar and on the page that opens, click on “Show actions”.

Find out when you turned your computer on and off in Windows 10 or Windows 7

Sometimes situations arise when you need to find out who turned the computer on while you were away. For example: parents often want to know if their child has used the computer while he was home alone. And today, “Computer tricks” will tell you how to find out the time and date when you turned on or off your computer.

The Windows operating system records all the computer on and off, and in order to find out, we have to go into the event log. To do this in Windows 10, right-click the menu and select “View events”

Next, in the window that opens, in the left column, select “Windows Logs” and in the sub-item go to “System”.

And in the central window you can see all the activities of your system. Look for the computer on and off in the table. In my case, you can see that the computer was turned off 24.04.2018 and the exact time 16:04:07, and the line above shows the exact date and time you turned on your PC.

We have looked at how in Windows 10 to know the date and time to turn on or turn off the computer.

To find out the power on and off PC on Windows 7 we need to open “Control Panel” then select “Administration” and here go to “View events”, then everything is the same as we described on Windows 10.

find, computer, turned

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