How to find out what is a hard drive on a computer

Will my hard drive work on a different computer? Will Windows?

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How to understand on which disk is Windows installed

Do not know how to find out the version of Windows, which is located on your installation medium? After applying the method from the following instructions, you can do a quick check in a few seconds.

Windows operating systems files in ISO formats, which are recorded on DVD or USB carriers, look the same. The developers of the corporation are always trying to maintain a familiar and well.Functioning structure (location) of folders and invested files.

Before you start installing or reinstalling the OS on a computer or laptop, the user creates an installation disk with that version of the operating system, the image of the disk of which was loaded in advance and stored on HDD. Update to the last relevant assembly usually occurs after posting OS and setting up active Internet connection.

The user involves a pre-prepared installation media on a DVD-disk or USB drive. The version, assembly number and the architecture of the OS, which is recorded on it, often is difficult to remember. In this case, the situation will clarify the built.In system of the system string or PowerShell.

First, you need to make sure that the installation media is connected to the computer. If this is a DVD or USB disc, insert it into your PC. If this is an ISO file, mount it in the drive.

5 Ways To Check Your Hard Drive‘s Health. Windows 10

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In the tenth version of Windows, the built.In files of the file conductor will be worried about this. In the seven you will need a third.Party tool for mounting ISO files, for example Ultraiso.

How to find out what a hard drive costs. A method 2

This time we will use another system utility called “Device Manager”. This method allows you to quickly see the hard drive model, and after a couple of clicks with the mouse, find out the volume of the hard drive and its sections. In this case, the size is indicated in megabytes.

Click the Winpause key combination and on the left side of the window, select the “Device Manager”.

Next, go to the section (expand it with a double.Click of mouse) “Disco devices”. You will see hard drives connected to your computer (internal and external). Their names consist of names of models.

Now click on the desired hard drive with a double click of the mouse, or click on it with the right mouse button and select “Properties”.

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In the window that opens, go to the Tom tab and click the “Fill” button. After a few seconds, information will appear about the size of the hard drive and its sections.

We learn the style of disk sections using a command line

To use this method, you can either run the command line on behalf of the administrator in Windows OS, or press the SHIFTF10 keys (on some ShiftFNF10 laptops) during the installation of Windows from the disk or flash drive to open the command line.

In the command line in order, enter the commands:

Pay attention to the last column in the results of the List Disk command. If there is a mark (asterisk), then this disk has the GPT sections, those discs that do not have such a mark. MBR (usually MBR, since there may be other options, for example, the system cannot be determined what kind of disk is for a disk ).

Powershell team

There is a possibility of determining the type of disk using PowerShell, but the disadvantages of the method are the same as in the first case. Just run Windows PowerShell and enter the command: Get-Physicaldisk

If the MediaType column is indicated by SSD, it is it that.

How to find out SSD or HDD in Windows 7

If you use the Windows 7 operating system or the methods described above for some reason did not suit you, then you can determine which disk on the computer using third-party programs.

Crystal Disk

Crystal Disk (official website) is a free program for obtaining information about drives. It allows you to view the drives installed on the computer, find out their technical characteristics and evaluate the condition. Among other things, using Crystal Disk, you can find out the type of disk that is installed on the computer.

To do this, you need to start the program, select a disk and see the parameter “speed of rotation”. For hard drives (HDD), rotation speed will be indicated here (for example, 7200 RPM).


Hwinfo (official website) is a free program for obtaining information about computer configuration. With its help, you can find out a list of installed components and their characteristics.

To get information about the drives, go to the Drives section and select the disk, the type of which you need to define as SSD or HDD.

If this drive is a hard drive, that is, HDD, then on the right side of the window, in the line “Media Rotation Rate” its rotation speed will be indicated (for example, 7200 RPM).

If the drive is a solid-state disk, that is, the SSD, then the “Media Rotation Rate” will be written “SSD Drive (Non-RATATION)”.


Speccy (official website) is another free program for obtaining information about a computer and its components.

To find out the type of drive, pay attention to the data in the “storage” unit. There will be information about all the discs that are connected to the PC.

In this case, next to solid.State disks (SSD) there will be an appropriate mark.

Device Manager

If there is no way to install these programs, then you can simply find out the name of the disk model and look for information about it on the Internet.

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In order to use this option, you need to open the “Device Manager”. This can be done in different ways, the easiest and most universal is to press the Win-R key combination and execute the MMC Devmgmt command.MSC “.

In the window “Device Manager” you need to open the section “Disco devices”. Here you will see a list of all discs on your computer.

Enter the name of the desired disk in any search engine and study information about it. Thus, you can easily determine the type of SSD or HDD drive.

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How to find out what hard drive is on a computer

The hard drive is one of the main components of the computer. Because it is it that is used to store most data, both user and systemic. In this article we will talk about how to find out what hard drive is on your computer and what are its characteristics.

The easiest way to find out what hard drive is on the computer is to use built.In tools in the Windows operating system. To do this, open the “My Computer” window, click on any hard drive with the right mouse button and select the “Properties” menu item.

After that, the “Disk Properties” window will open in front of you. Here, on the Equipment tab, there is a list of all drives connected to a computer.

Among other things, there are hard drives on this list. The only minus of the names of the hard drives are presented in an abbreviated form.

In order to get more information about the hard drive, just enter its abbreviated name into any search engine. And you will easily find a page with a description of all its characteristics.

Method of HDDLIFE Professional.

If you do not only want to know what a hard drive is on the computer, but also get all possible information about it, then you can use the HDDLIFE Professional program for this. This program is paid, but there will be enough information about one hard drive and TRIAL version.

As can be seen in the screenshot above, the HDDLife program provides information about the hard drive model, the manufacturer of the hard drive, the technical condition of the hard drive, temperature, as well as the logical disks.

The HDDLife Professional program can be downloaded on the developer website. There you can also download the HDDLife for Notebooks programs (laptops version) and SSD Life Professional (version for SSD drives).

Crystaldiskinfo. Can be considered a free alternative to HDDLife Professional. Crystaldiskinfo displays information about all the hard drives that are on the computer. At the same time, for each hard disk, the name of the model, the firmware version, the serial number used by the Inte Wee, the letter of the volume, the speed of rotation, the total time in the work, the temperature, the temperature, the data of the system S are displayed.M.A.R.T., as well as other information.

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For SSD drives in Crystaldiskinfo, some additional information may be displayed. For example, the volume of read and recorded data for the entire time of the drive. You can download the program on the official website.

In conclusion with our article on checking hard drives for serviceability.

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How to determine the serial number using PowerShell

An alternative option is to use the PowerShell console. The main actions here are exactly the same as in the previous case. First, press the Win-R key combination and in the window that appears, we perform the PowerShell command in order to open the console.

After the PowerShell console appears, you need to execute the command:

As a result, information about all connected hard drives and SSD drives will appear in the console. The name in the system and the serial number of the device will be indicated here.

The inscription on the nameplate

Once I have already come to this, I can not help but mention the tested and beloved by many. To open a systematic and see what is inside. Keep in mind that to extract the hard drive most likely you will have to unscrew the fixing bolts holding it in the rack.

The device model is written at the top of the nameplate glued on it. Usually it is placed on the left, immediately under the logo of the manufacturer (but not always). You can count the same data from the barcode, if you have a suitable scanner, but unfortunately it usually does not, so we go to the following options.

The use of third.Party utilities

A number of programs have been created that read information about components of a computer or laptop from built.In sensors. Among the most effective I want to note:

The first three paid, but have a free trial period. The rest are distributed for free. In diagnosis, the application will issue all the information you are interested in.

I also advise you to read “All about SSD M2: what is it and is this thing good?””. I would be grateful to everyone who shakes this post on social networks. See you soon!

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