How to find out the model of the Samsung Smart TV TV

How to find out the exact model of your TV

Samsung TV marking has differences depending on the year of release of the model, due to technological improvements. TV models until 2021 had a distinctive type of marking, we will consider on the example of Samsung UE75K9000AB.

How to Check Model and Serial Number of Samsung LED TV

  • U is the type of TV display, in this case LED;
  • E. Region of application, Europe;
  • 75. Diagonal in inches;
  • K. The year of release of the gadget, 2016;
  • 9. Series number, followed by zero are intended for developers and wear information about design;
  • AB. Tyuner type.

However, since 2021, some changes have appeared in the marking of televisions, for example, the series number may include three characters. If you disassemble each of them separately, then the first means the number of the series, the second modification, and the third is that the TV supports permission in 4K.

Another change applies to the presence of the HDMI port: if there is a symbol, then there is no port, if it is installed in that. At the end of the marking, the meaning of the tuner and the country of destination are used. Detailed decryption of the QLED TV using the example of Samsung QE65Q90RBUXRU:

  • Q. QLED display;
  • E. For Europe;
  • 65. Screen size 65 inches;
  • Q9. Series number;
  • 0. Modification number, judging by one symbol, model 4K;
  • R. 2021 years of issue;
  • In. The presence of the port of HDMI;
  • U is the meaning of the tuner;
  • Xru. TV is assembled for Russia.

Definition of the TV model

Stick on the rear wall of the TV

This is perhaps one of the simplest, most reliable and quick ways to find out the model of the device (even if it is broken or not turned on). I draw attention to the fact that such a sticker should be sought on the back wall of TV, not far from various ports: HDMI, USB, etc.

My example shows how it looks like in the model 32LJ500V-ZB.

By the way, if it is difficult to get to the sticker (for example, if the TV is fixed on the bracket and hangs on the wall). It can be photographed with a smartphone, and then increased the photo and view.

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Through the device menu

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If the TV is turned on and works, then the model and the TV series should be presented in the settings menu (provided that your device is quite new).

1) First you need to open the settings (usually, this is the Settings button on the remote control).

2) Next, go to the menu “Information about the system / version”.

1) First you also need to open the settings menu and go to the Samsung Support / Contact / Contact / Contact.

2) In this information window you will see all the necessary information: the version of the software, model code, QR code, etc.

When viewing TV programs, click the buttons on the remote control buttons: 123654. Next, a “blue” menu will appear on the TV screen, the first line of which will indicate the device model.

Using QR code

For new monitors and TV 2019, now they often began to glue the QR code, which can be considered on the smartphone in an instant and find out not only the device model, but also get a link to the official support site.

Those. Documentation

If you have preserved those. Documentation or operating instructions (these things are always in the kit for the TV). Information about the model is almost certainly present in them. One example is presented in the photo below.

TV sticker

On a TV box (as well as from monitors, laptops, etc.) usually you can also find stickers and information windows from those. Characteristics of the device.

True, the method is not very reliable, t.To. Almost no one stores large boxes at home.

How to find out the Hitachi TV model?

Their main difference from technology 7 of the episode 7 is greater than the LEDs of the Matrix backlight and more PQI. In addition, if Samsung 7 TVs have a frequency of 800 Hz, then in the 8th series. Already 1000 Hz.

How to find out a TV model without a box?

Samsung in 2019 changes QLED TV markings: now the series number can be indicated by three digits: the first is the series number, the second is a modification in the series, and the third is added for TVs with a resolution of 8k. If only two digits are indicated by the series, then the resolution is 4K.

How to find out the model of Samsung TVs

The easiest and most proven way to clarify the marking is to use the stickers on the rear panel, where all the information about the TV is located. You can also use the information on the original box or in the official accompanying documentation.

But what to do when these sources of information are not available? For example, when the box is absent, and the wool-hobby is damaged.

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Firmware and software come to the rescue. The search instructions are as follows:

  • We go to the main settings menu;
  • We open the subsection “On Support”;
  • Choose the line “Appeal in Samsung“;
  • In the dialog box, we find the paragraph “Information about the device”;
  • A list will be displayed where the information claimed is indicated in the section “Model code”;
  • The necessary information is presented here.

Ways how to find out the number of the Samsung Smart TV TV series

The first method is on the back panel

The easiest way to find out the TV series number. This is to see its marking on the back panel. There is all the necessary information.

The second method is on the box, in the documents

But very often it happens that the TV, being part of the interior of the room, is located so that there is no access to its rear panel. In this case, you can find information about the series on a box or in the documents to the device that is included.

The third way. Through the menu

If the device set is lost, that is, another way to find out the number of the series. Since the Samsung Smart TV TV. This is exactly the so.Called smart TV, then information can be found in the user menu. To do this, you need to open the “menu”, go to the “support” item, then. “Appeal in Samsung” and find information about the device there.

Detailed decryption of the information found can be found on the official website of the manufacturer.

You can ask a question to the masters from our service center by calling on the phone or writing your question on the feedback form.

Perhaps you will also be interested in

Search for the necessary information through the menu

Information about the TV used. Model, series code, year of release. The manufacturer places in the sticker on the back of the case. If the device is fixed on the wall, quickly clarify, if necessary, information about the model is problematic. You will need to contact the system information of the TV, for which a number of manipulations with a remote control should be carried out.


In Smart-TV, this popular South Korean brand information about the model is posted in the “Support” menu section. Next, the transition should be performed along the submenu points:

LG (Elji)

Smart-TV has a no less popular brand from South Korea, the modeling of the model can also be found through the menu. The sequence of manipulations by means of remote control is as follows:

  • Go to the device menu;
  • Open the section “Settings”;
  • Go to the point “Appeal”;
  • Click on the tab “Information about the TV”;
  • In the information text, find the necessary “Model Cod”.
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The methodology for addressing systemic information for “smart” televisions of the European brand was decided differently. The user needs to use the remote control to convert the device into the viewing mode of the ethereal TV. It is not required to proceed to setting up channels. It is enough how to quickly enter the digital sequence “1 2 3 6 5 4” when choosing a channel. The service menu will be displayed on the screen. Followed by:

To remove the device from the service mode, you need to click on the PDU “Home” button.


For Smart panels of the Japanese brand, the method of addressing system information depends on the version of the Android TV operating system.

  • On TV with a version of the system up to 3.533 inclusive to read the model code, you need to click the “Home” button and perform the transition to the following sections of the device menu: “installation” → “TV” → “On the device” → “Name of the device” → “System Information”.
  • Crossing sequence of SMART Sony SMART panels with 3 version.843 or later other. After pressing the Help button, you should go to the System Information block. Marking can be found when opening the screens: “Smart Help” or “System Information”.
  • On the Sony TV without Android, the model marking is reflected in the menu section “Customer Support”. To cross the transition, click the “Home” button on the remote control, open the “Help” / “Settings” tab. In the list of sections, open the right.

Models of other manufacturers

For TVs Toshiba, Sharp, Supra, Panasonic and other less well.Known brands of clear instructions for referring to system information through the device menu. The name button of the menu call can be viewed in the operating instructions. In the same place, the manufacturer indicates the sequence of transitions by points in order to highlight information about the model on the screen. Often such sections are called “settings”, “options”, “properties”, “addition”, “system information”.

Why know the model

Accurate information about the TV model from Samsung will be needed at:

  • Downloading and installing updates from the Internet;
  • Loading programs and applications;
  • Purchase of additional compatible devices;
  • Choosing additional devices (holders, stands, brackets);
  • Discussing repair issues with the service center.


All these situations require knowledge of the exact brand. Where and how to see this information? Both old-like physical methods and tips in the software of modern home gadgets come to the aid of the user.

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