How To Find Out The Amount Of Memory iPad Air 2

How To Find Out The Amount Of Memory iPad Air 2

Choose the storage size on the iPad Pro that is right for you.

The iPad Pro comes with three sizes of internal memory: 32 GB, 126 GB and 256 GB. Choosing the right size is very difficult, especially considering that the larger the storage, the higher the price. Due to the fact that digital content is expanding and there are more applications, manufacturers are rational in developing operating systems. It is annoying to overpay for free space that you do not need. Or find out that the memory is full. How much memory will be enough?

Price distribution according to size

The company has always set different on the iPad, depending on the amount of storage. Apple can equip devices with any functions, but the price always depends on the size of the built-in memory. The larger the storage, the higher the price.

Pricing for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro:

  • 32 GB. 799 or 24.97 per gigabyte.
  • 128 GB. 949 or 7.41 per gigabyte.
  • 256 GB. 1099 or 4.39 per gigabyte.

Pricing for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro:

  • 32 GB. 599 or 18.71 per gigabyte.
  • 128 GB. 749 or 5.85 per gigabyte.
  • 256 GB. 899 or 3.51 per gigabyte.

The price of the iPad Pro with a capacity of 32 GB is high, but a tablet with a capacity of 256 GB will be a bargain. If you are only interested in cost, then for 150 you will increase the amount of memory by 4 times, and for 300. By 8 times.

Local or cloud storage

ICloud allows you to store an unlimited amount of iTunes content for free. Including iBooks, music, movies, TV shows and apps. You also get 5GB of additional storage for backups, data, and the iCloud Photo Library and iCloud Music Library services, allowing you to store personal photos,s, and music. You can purchase additional iCloud-memory: Apple has reduced for all offers:

  • 5 GB. Free
  • 50 GB. 0.99 / month
  • 200 GB. 2.99 / month
  • 1Tb. 9.99 / month

ICloud service integrates with iOS and OS X, so content is stored in one place and does not need to be searched for. Thanks to rational content management, iCloud will provide quick access to the new and old contents of the store: just click on the button and download everything you need.

If you prefer a different solution, use the built-in support for Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive and other storage services.

But the Cloud cannot be used instead of the internal storage. You cannot shoot and save it immediately in the cloud. However, you can store anything in it.

  • If you often use cloud services, 32 GB is definitely enough for you.
  • If not, then it’s better to choose 128 GB or 256 GB.

Photo and content

Existing iPhone ranges range from 8 to 12MP cameras with the ability to capture 63MP panoramas and resolution of 1080p and 4k.

This means that the internal memory can run out very quickly. The iCloud Photo Library service will distribute all captured content in the storage, but you must pay for this service. But here it all depends on how often you shoot.

  • If you can rarely be caught shooting a photo or, 32 GB will be plenty.
  • If you like to capture every moment of your life and shoot 4K, you should buy 128 GB or 256 GB.

Media content

Standard resolution iTunes movies weigh 1-3 gigabytes. If you prefer HD, the size is increased to 6 GB. One series of TV shows and a series usually weighs in half, or even four times less than a movie, but most often you download several episodes at once. Audio files themselves weigh a little, but can take up a huge space, especially if you like to download entire albums and store them on your device.

Streaming services, such as Apple Music, Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Spotify, also use the free space for caches, but do not litter your iPhone memory for a long time.

  • If you often use streaming services, get 32 ​​GB.
  • If you prefer to download movies, TV shows, music to your device, you will need 128 GB or 256 GB.

Apps and games

Thanks to new technologies such as App Thinning. Optimizing and compiling applications depending on the version of the system. Apple and developers create applications and games that take up little space on the device. This means that you do not have to download unnecessary megabytes to your iPhone.

However, not all developers use App Thinning technology, and not all applications use this feature. Therefore, if you download tons of games or applications with high-quality graphics, you will need a lot of internal memory.

  • If you do not like to clog devices with different programs, 32 GB will be enough for you.
  • If you use a huge number of additional programs, get 128 GB or even 256 GB.

You should buy an iPad Pro with 32 GB of internal storage if:

  • You use streaming services
  • You work in an office, studio or classroom where all content is stored online
  • You are using web applications.

If all you need is web resources that process data on the server, then 32 GB is enough for you.

You should buy an iPad Pro with 128 GB internal storage if:

  • You do not want to depend on the network
  • Do you want to store media files, applications and games on your device
  • You work with several stream services and a lot of digital content.

If you do not overload your device with content, then an intermediate option, that is 128 GB, is suitable for you.

You should buy an iPad Pro with 256GB internal storage if:

  • You are constantly using the device and want to be sure that all content is in easy access. 256 GB is what you need.

I am sure this thought crept into your head, but I will say it again. If you want a lot of free space, then this is definitely 256 GB.

Still not decided?

If you still have not decided on the size of the storage, contact the iPad-forums and communities, which are sure to help make a decision.

Also remember that you have the opportunity to test the iPad Pro and return it if you are not comfortable with something. Therefore, make a decision as soon as possible. Download all your favorite apps and games, movies and TV shows, photos ands. Test the new device to the fullest. If you realize that you do not have enough memory or, conversely, there is too much free space, simply exchange this model for another.