How To Find Out How Old A Tortoise Is

How to find out how old the tortoise is?

How To Find Out How Old A Tortoise Is

If you approach the problem purely in practice, you can try to determine the approximate age of the turtles as follows: you need to calculate how many grooves are on just one scale of the very top of the tortoise shell.

I want to note that this calculation is very difficult. Not all turtles are the same, not all are clearly visible, but, in most cases, this can be done. If you really manage to calculate the number of grooves on her scales with your pet – you are very lucky. This figure will be the approximate age of the turtle.

If you don’t like this type of age determination or you are not sure that it is accurate, you can resort to the same calculation of grooves not on one, but on several scales, and then simply add the resulting numbers and find the arithmetic average value.

The next way to determine the age of the tortoise is a method of counting annual rings on its shell. From practice, the observation of the owners of young turtles showed that these annual rings appear when your turtle is not even one year old.

If you specifically accelerate the growth of the turtle (artificially) by, for example, increasing the protein content in its feed, then the tortoise’s carapace can become very deformed, it can become not smooth, beautiful, but lumpy and nasty.

All turtles mainly grow two-thirds of their lives, while becoming adults somewhere around the eighth year. this only applies to European species of turtles. In very old individuals, the carapace for life becomes very smooth, like in newborns, and their annual rings turn pale.

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Many lovers start houses of water or land turtles. With careful care of them, these amazing reptiles can live at home even up to 50 years old! Very often turtles fall into our hands as adults, so I really want to know how old they are.

In general, in nature, the approximate age of land turtles can be determined by the weight and length of its shell. For example, in one year, the length of the carapace can be about 50 mm, the weight can range from 25 to 35 g. At ten years old, male turtles can grow up to 15 cm and females up to about 17 cm. Basically, after nine to eleven years, the growth of turtles ends.

Water turtles have slightly different standards. Their age is also determined by the length of the shell. For example, newborn turtles about 3 cm, about a year. 5-7 cm. After five to six years, male turtles reach 14 cm, females up to 18 cm.

There is the largest tortoise of our Planet. it is leathery, it lives in the deep sea, lives in almost all seas, oceans, except the North. The maximum weight of one of such representatives of the living world that a person found was about one ton – about 916 kilograms.

These turtles are listed in the Red Book. The shell of such a turtle is significantly different from the shell of other turtles that inhabit our Planet. Therefore, it was called leathery, since its carapace is covered with skin. Such a turtle does not often catch the eye of people.

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There is one interesting case. In the capital of Vietnam, in the city of Hanoi, there is Hoan Kiem Lake (or Lake of the Returned Sword), the most famous turtle was discovered in it. centenarian. The Vietnamese say that she is about 1000 years old, according to one legend, the turtle brought people a magic sword from the bottom of the lake to fight the conquerors.

Legend is very close to a fairy tale, only that turtle is real. It pops up very rarely, but those people who have seen it at least once say that the size of this reptile is very impressive – its carapace is more than two meters long!

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