How to find out how many paint is left in the printer

Ways to find out the level of ink in the printer HP, Epson, Samsung

Many users of a personal computer at home have an All-In-One Printer or another printing device with which you can print texts, photos, graphic documentation. It is not difficult to learn how to work with peripheral equipment, but not everyone understands its settings, the features of the icons that appear on the display.

For example, many do not know how to check or see how many paint is left in the printer. But if there is little coloring substance, the documents will be printed with marriage. We have collected for you several ways to find out the level of ink in the printer HP, Epson, Samsung.

find, many, paint, left, printer

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Checking Windows

Active users are well aware that the Windows operating system does not have a universal way to check the level of paint in the printer. It all depends solely on the model of the device that you use. First of all, you need to study the passport you bought by the printer, as well as the documentation attached to it. It is there that you can find out how to see the paint in the printer and what needs to be done for this.

Users have another opportunity to check the amount of ink in the printer without reading documents. If there is such an option in the printer model, then it can be found in the “properties”. To make viewing, you should go to the Start menu, enter the control panel. After that, you need to select the “Printers” or “Equipment and sound” tab. When the corresponding window opens, you need to click on the icon of your device twice with the left mouse button.

After the list appears in front of you, you should choose the option “Properties”. A window will appear in front of you in which the parameters of your device are displayed. You will need to click on the “Color Management” tab. It is here that there should be data on the level of paint in the printer. If such information is absent, then the program cannot provide for pre.Viewing the level of paint in the printer.

We use software

How to understand that in a printer with M of dye is possible through the use of special programs. The “Start” button is used here, in which to find the “control panel”, “devices and printers”, and there it is already to determine the right printing device. Open the “Service” or “Print Settings” item, where the level of ink in the printer will appear.

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Often immediately after connecting and setting up the equipment, the icon that must be launched on the “Task panels”, then go to the “Settings” tab and see the ink.

In addition, with configured operation on a local network, the condition of the cartridge is checked both from the PC, which is used at the moment and from the main computer. For verification, you need to drive a special application and find the tab, where the rating level will be shown.

Note! Using specially developed programs, you can check the level of paint only if there is a factory dressing. All cases of additional refueling of the cartridge will not show the real state.

We determine the amount of toner

How to find out if the toner ended in the cartridge? Typically, the faded color of printed documents and light stripes remaining on the printed sheet of paper indicate that this dye has ended.

A similar effect, as a rule, is formed due to the uneven distribution of dye residues in containers with consumables. The question arises of what to do in this case? Faced with such a nuisance, first remove the cartridge and shake it well. Thanks to this action, the powder remaining on the walls of the hopper will be distributed more or less evenly, so it may be enough for printing several more pages. This visual method for assessing the level of toner is the simplest and most effective. Thanks to him, you can reload the almost exhausted consumable of the laser printer in advance so that at the right time it does not disappoint you.

Many modern models of printers of this type report that the toner is over, using a special control panel, which displays the corresponding message. If there is no screen on the device, the LED bulb begins to glow on it (as a rule, there is a “toner” inscription next to it or the bulb itself is made in the form of a toner pile). To decipher such a signal, you will most likely have to use the instructions attached to the printer. But the accuracy of the indications in this case will be guaranteed only if the consumable material of the office equipment is original, and its owner buys a new cartridge in full consideration of the old toner.

How to find out the balance of paint in models of different brands

As a rule, along with the printing device in the configuration, there is a disk where drivers and software are recorded, one of the functions of which is monitoring the state of coloring substance.

find, many, paint, left, printer


Usually immediately after connecting the printer to the Windows computer sets the drivers you need for it. If this does not happen, go to the official website of the manufacturer, enter the name of the model and download the distribution. Drivers will be installed automatically, and a shortcut will be carried out on the desktop. Click on it, go to the Service tab. Section “Status monitor”.

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A few rectangular figures of different colors will be displayed on the screen, where the amount of remaining paint is visually indicated. Broken and non.Original cartridges give out inaccurate information, which should be taken into account.


If there are no drivers, download them from the site by introducing the name of the model of the printing device. Next, Install the software, go to the settings: “Control Panel”. “Printers and Scanners”. Choose a model there, click on “Properties”. Canon state monitor will display.

In the window, click “Service”. “Information about the condition of the printer”. The diagram will open, where it will be displayed, how filled the cartridges. When the level of paint is at a critical level, the system window pops up.

On the panel

Find the icon “drop” or “toner” in the menu with the name “levels” or “paint indicator”.

Printer Settings


  • HP Smart. If you use Windows 10, then this program can be easily downloaded from the “store”. Adding a widget to view the level of ink to the desktop is not difficult.
  • Print and Scan Doctor. After loading and installing the utility, open it with double pressing the shortcut. Select the Printer menu item, and in it the item “Levels of consumables”.
  • On the printer. Find the HP Solutions Center on your PC, and after the “Service” section.
  • Easy Printer Manager-will help to find out the number of remaining toner in the laser cartridges All-In-One Printer or Printer.


HP Ink Ink Tank or Smart Tank Printer models are equipped with transparent ink containers with the designation of the minimum and maximum level.


  • If a model with a screen, press Menu and 2 times on Enter. After that, data on the technique will be displayed (the desired line. “Toner Remaining”);
  • If there is no display, then at the same time, 8 seconds, click the cancellation of the WPS seal of the screen;
  • Multifunctional models even easier. From the built.In screen go to the menu. Settings. Reports. Consumables.

Display to help

Many modern models of a color printer or any other are equipped with a special indication. If the indication begins to change color or blink, then this suggests that the cartridge will soon need to be filled with paint.

Newer models of a jet printer are available with a built.In display. How to check the level of ink in such a device. Everything is simple. It is necessary to open the settings, select “Ink level in the cartridge on the screen”.

Determination of the amount of remaining paint in the printer

As you know, laser printers use a special toner-powder and only black, and inkjet printers used multi-colored liquid ink. Sometimes the owners of such devices need to determine the approximate amount of ink remaining in the containers. Next, we want to demonstrate all available ways to solve this problem.

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First, consider the most common option when ink ends in the cartridge. Usually at a low ink level, the program automatically displays a warning in the dialog box. Read the information on the main page and follow the instructions to restore your work.

If the warning does not appear, but does not print, it is necessary to use the manual diagnostic method. In this case, follow the following manipulations:

find, many, paint, left, printer
  • Pay attention to the quality of the printed sheet. If ink is not enough, the image becomes pale, and some parts are not displayed.
  • If the program does not display information, you should go into the menu yourself and check the condition of the cartridge. To do this, go to the “Start” menu, then find the model in the “Devices and Printers” section. Click the viewing button.
  • You can check the number of remaining ink using special software installed with a set of drivers on your computer.
  • In addition, in some versions there are special buttons on the printer display to view ink information.
  • Some models use a transparent case, so you can evaluate the condition by looking at the ink inside the cell.

Important: the system sometimes mistakenly warns about the low level of ink in the cartridge. This can happen when using a non.Native battery or when refueling. Some templates work only with their own elements and elements of handwritten input.

Display to help

Many modern models of a color printer or any other are equipped with a special indication. If the indicator begins to change the color or flashes, soon you will need to refuel the cartridge in ink.

The last jet printers have a built.In display. Check the level of ink in such a device. You need to open the settings, select “Ink level in the cartridge on the screen”.

Service maintenance

Systematic maintenance involves the conclusion of a contract with service companies for monthly maintenance of regular apparatuses. Of course, we are talking about medium and large offices/enterprises. This expense item is calculated by multiplying the amount of the annual contract by the number of years of operation of the device.

Episodically, when any detail requires replacement or repair, is resorted to one-time service. The amount of such service is calculated similarly to the contract: the annual cost of calling the service engineer is multiplied by the estimated printer service life.

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