How to find hidden apps on Android

Hidden Android apps: How and where to find hidden apps on Android

Apps can be hidden on a smartphone either accidentally or intentionally. How to find such applications on Samsung, HTC, Xiaomi phones and other models through the default settings or the launcher. we’ll consider further. Here’s a link to the instructions. If you have questions about a specific phone model, ask in Комментарии и мнения владельцев or via feedback form.

  • Where hidden apps are located
  • Location of apps on your phone
  • What apps can control visibility
  • How to hide apps
  • The potential harm of hidden components
  • What are the dangers of hidden Android apps

How to find hidden apps on Android

Like any operating system, Android has hidden sections. You can access them if you know the right sequence of actions. There are several ways to find hidden apps:

Through the default settings

  • Open “Settings” Android.
  • Go to “Apps
  • Switch to the “All” tab.
  • If there are no tabs, open the menu in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Activate “Show system apps.
  • Check the list of apps again.

Note. On older systems (versions 5 and below) you need to swipe the display from right to left twice to show all apps, including hidden ones.

via the application that manages the desktop (e.g., Apex)

  • Open the application panel (usually called by pressing on the central button of the device)
  • Locate the icon with six or more dots at the bottom of the screen and click on it
  • Now open the menu

Viruses. hidden applications!

The app itself is unlikely to automatically be added to the list of hidden apps, but if you suspect that your phone is being attacked by some program, be sure to check it with Malwarebytes antivirus. The basic version is free and quite effective.

  • Almost any application installed from an untrusted source can be dangerous for your phone.
  • It is recommended to use a proven service to install apps like Google Play.
  • Applications that can hide other programs and folders. this is an incomplete list of malware. If an application appeared in the system that you do not install, stop it and search for information about it in search engines.

Potential danger of hidden applications

If your device consumes more power than usual, or you know for sure that hidden applications have appeared in the system, but you cannot remove them, you should check your device with an antivirus. For a basic scan, you can use any free version from well-known manufacturers, such as Avast Mobile Security, Kaspersky Internet Security or Norton Security and Antivirus.

How to clear viruses from your phone

In addition, hidden apps can display hidden ads. it is not easy to disable them (for example, here describes ways to disable ads on Android, but there are no 100% ways).

Where are applications after you install them on your Android phone?

All Android system applications are stored in the service folder /system/app, and installed by the user. in /data/app, but the contents of these directories are not intended for convenient viewing.

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The list of installed applications can be seen in Application Settings. In this section of the menu, you can see all the available programs, including the system programs. However, there are special applications that allow you to not show certain programs in the list.

Applications capable of hiding or changing icons on the desktop

So, there are a number of applications originally designed to protect personal data. messages, contacts, folders with certain content, etc.п. For example, ZERO Communication, KeepSafe, AppLock, Hide It Pro and others.

Their functionality is different, but practically all of them can hide certain folders or replace their icons with other ones, for example, similar to usual applications like a calculator or a planner. If you try to open an app from the desktop with a hidden folder underneath, you will most likely be prompted for a pin code, which, if entered incorrectly, will display an empty folder on the screen. The most advanced applications do not require a password, but simply launch the desired program, so the user will not even realize that if you perform additional actions, the same icon can open a protected folder.

All these features can be extremely useful in a situation where the phone is lost and not protected by a pin code or a graphic key. the person who found your device simply will not be able to access personal data, even if they try. But there is a downside to this functionality. as a rule, such applications are used by adolescents, who are too closely watched by their parents, so that they can keep sensitive (from their point of view) information practically in plain sight, but never have access to it.

Other ways to hide apps on Android

There are standard ways to hide the application in Android. not as elaborate as in specialized programs, but for the convenience of using the device, they are quite sufficient.

find, hidden, apps, android

For example, if the list of applications contains everything in the system, including unintelligible Android services, it can be edited to see only the necessary programs. It is impossible to remove most of these services, because they are either important for the correct operation of the whole device, or are pre-installed and preset in the firmware (a striking example are Google services, most of which are not used by anyone).

How to hide icons through lowers

Launchers, such as Apex or Nova, allow you to hide icons of rarely used programs.

Launcher is a program that visually and functionally changes the Android interface.

The method is suitable for Android versions that support installation of the Launcher (usually from version 4 onwards).0).

Apex Launcher

  • Install the Launcher and open the “Apex settings” item.
  • Select “App Menu Settings” and then “Hidden apps.
  • Tick the checkboxes of the programs you want to hide and click “Save. Checked icons will not appear in the Apex menu.

By default, the icon of the launcher itself is hidden. You can add it to the applications panel by unchecking.

To return the hidden icons, repeat the previous steps and uncheck the programs. Also, by uninstalling Apex, you will automatically return the menu to its default appearance, which will cause the hidden icons to start appearing.

How to hide icons through Apex Launcher (gallery)

Step 4. Check the desired apps Step 3. Select “Hidden apps” Step 2. Click on “App menu settings” Step 1. Select “Apex settings”

Nova Launcher

The Nova Launcher app is available in the Play store. By installing the paid version of Prime, you will be able to hide app icons. Instructions:

  • Open the application bar, select “Nova Settings”.
  • Open the “App Menu” and select “Hide apps” under the “Groups in app list” tab.
  • Mark the necessary programs and exit the menu with the “Back” button. Changes are automatically saved.
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Instructions for hiding applications via Nova Launcher (gallery)

Step 3. Select the hide function Step 2. Select the applications menu Step 1- Select Nova Settings in the applications panel

Transferring applications using AppMgr III

A useful utility for Android, which allows you to transfer applications from the internal memory to the memory card more conveniently than it is implemented in the system itself. The main feature of the application is the automatic sorting, which divides all the applications into groups according to their location. The utility works without root rights.

  • Transferring applications to the memory card in a couple of clicks;
  • hiding applications from the system menu;
  • clearing the cache of all applications with a single click;
  • batch management of applications;
  • Sort all installed applications into groups On Phone (are in the phone memory and can be transferred), On SD card (are on SD card) and Phone only (can not be transferred from the phone memory).
  • Does not always work correctly in newer versions of Android;
  • Does not completely move the cache to the memory card, so the application’s main data stays on the phone.

How to find hidden applications on Android

Keep in mind that by looking for hidden applications on other people’s smartphone you are violating their privacy, so do it only in extreme cases.

When we take the smartphone in our hands, we see the applications on the main screen. However, not all the applications that are installed on your smartphone may be located there and you can find them in the settings as follows:

  • Go to Settings. Apps;
  • Tap the arrow in the upper left corner where it says “All apps” and select the “Disabled” option.
  • Done! In front of you will appear a list of applications that have been hidden.

Pay special attention to standard applications like Calculator or Flashlight, as they may hide a completely different application.

If, on the contrary, you want to hide the application, then you have to go to the menu “Applications”, find the right one and select the option “Disable”.

Check out the Android Trick apps

Just looking at the icon and name of an app may not be enough to know what’s going on your Android phone or tablet. There are many apps in the Google Play app store that look like the same type of app, but are designed to hide images, videos, and other data.

One popular example is the Smart Hide Calculator app, which looks and works like a basic calculator app, but is a file storage app. The user interface of the calculator is fully functional, but when the user enters their PIN code, it reveals and reveals its real purpose.

To verify the authenticity of any Android app, follow these steps.

Press the application icon until a small menu appears.

Tap the little me in the circle next to the pencil.

A page will appear that details everything about the app, from its storage size to its permissions. Tap App Details.

This will open the product page of the app in the Google Play store. From here you can read official information about the app, including reviews from other users.

App Search

Using the Settings app

If you use the Settings app on your Android smartphone, you can view all of the apps you have installed.

Note that the ability to reveal all apps, including hidden apps, may be labeled differently depending on the manufacturer or OS version.

As a side note, you can also use the Settings app to display system apps and system files. Tap the three dot menu icon and select “Show System. It doesn’t require root access on your phone.

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Using App Drawer

The applications panel allows you to view all the applications installed on your Android device, including those that are not on the main screen.

Now a complete list of applications will be shown. If the option “Hide apps” is not available, it may mean that there are no hidden apps on your Android smartphone.

Is it possible to hide apps on your phone?

Gadgets allow you to hide any shortcuts. Why? First of all, to clear the desktop. Modern gadgets combine organizer, phone, PDA, media player and are a kind of virtual office. And, as an office, everything should be in order. The second reason. the desire not to “show off” a particular application to others. Maybe the conversation in the messenger is confidential. Maybe, in the gallery of photos there is a photo of planned gift for birthday of the dear person. Or a kid might accidentally watch something that isn’t exactly censorious.

Differences in how to uninstall

The operating principle and architecture of the Android operating system is the same on all devices, from budget models to the market flagships. But figuring out which files can be removed from Android, you should take into account the fact that the ways of performing uninstallation on different devices are markedly different. Here everything depends on the manufacturer’s policy, as well as the firmware version.

Nevertheless, a lot of preinstalled software is easily removed with a few taps on the screen in the standard way. To do this, touch the program icon and hold it until a cross, an urn icon or the inscription: “Delete” appears at the top. It remains to confirm your decision, and that’s all. the problem is solved.

But with some models of smartphones such a trick will not work. For example, in Asus, LG, Samsung devices simply moving the icon to the trash does not give the expected results, and the user has to look for a special function “Remove/uninstall a program”. Only then it will be destroyed.

The latest smartphones from Samsung, especially models of Galaxy series, working on a different principle (by the way, in the root folder of the smartphone may be the program dsmlawmo, which can not be removed). To successfully remove a system APK file like badgeprovider, rebootandwritesys or zsprovider, it is important to follow this instruction.

  • Keep your finger on the program icon until a context menu appears above it (just like on computers when you right-click).
  • In the open list, you should select the item to uninstall the program and confirm your choice.

But the user of an Android device should understand that not all standard programs can be removed. This is not because these utilities are essential for the normal operation of the gadget, but only because the marketing company wants to earn maximum money at the expense of the user’s time. In this case, you have to use more radical methods of uninstalling unwanted software.

How to view hidden programs on Xiaomi

Unlike the standard hiding services on Android, the MIUI firmware allows you to fully work with classified apps. To go to them, you need:

Next, a window will appear, where you will be asked for a graphic key (or another way of locking that you have previously installed).

After that you will see a secret folder where all your hidden icons are.

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