How to Find a Samsung Phone by Geolocation

How to Find a Samsung Phone by Geolocation

Determining the location of a lost phone and searching for subscribers by satellite. a procedure available only under certain conditions. But everyone who uses a modern smartphone based on Android or iPhone has a way how to find a phone by geolocation. The probability of a successful search depends directly on the current state. the device is turned on, or it was turned off. But even so, there are ways to determine the last known location.

Positioning is not possible if the geolocation function is disabled. After all, it was specially introduced to solve such cases. By standard, it is turned on, or activated when you enter the Internet. If you just lost your phone, then you will find it 100%. If someone picked it up or stole it, then the search speed depends directly on the insidiousness of the attacker.

Google phone search

Your phone must be authorized at least once with Google services. If you log in to YouTube or Google, then your phone is automatically linked to your account, and you can log in to it on your computer, and then google the phrase “Android Device Manager” and select the first page that appears. If your phone is switched on, you will immediately see its location on the map via satellite, online. Otherwise, the information of the device’s last Internet connection will be available to you. You can also block and display a message on the phone asking for a refund.

IPhone geolocation by satellite

Each iPhone is equipped with a built-in iCloud application that comes with the device not only to save backup copies of the phone’s memory and extra space, but also to determine the location. By standard, all location functions are included in icloud, right down to peering the place where the device was turned off. You just need to download iCloud to your computer and log in to the program using the AppleID data that is used on your smartphone. Next, go to the “Phone Search” section. There you can monitor the location of the phone online if it is turned on, or see the place where it was turned off. If the device is working, you can block it and display a message asking you to return the smartphone.

Phone location by operator and brand of smartphone

If you have logged in at least once on the website of a mobile operator or a manufacturer of your brand phone. you must return to the official sites, log in to your profile, and find the phone search function. As far as I know: MTC, Beeline and Tele2. they definitely have such a function and allow you to not only find the phone, but also track the location of loved ones.

If we talk about the site of the manufacturer of the smartphone, then Samsung and iPhone definitely have such tools. Regarding other models. It is worth checking on the manufacturer’s website. Indeed, even if your SIM card is changed, then using the IMEI code, the operator can determine the number of the new card, and probably who the SIM card is written on. If you cannot directly resolve this issue through the operator, then with the help of law enforcement agencies for sure.

With us you can track the location of a person by subscriber number.