How to find a phone on Imila via the Internet

How to find a stolen or missing phone

Theft of a mobile phone is an unpleasant situation from which no one is safe. But it can be found by completing the preliminary setting of the device. In this review, we will tell you how to find a stolen phone and prepare it for a possible loss.

Finding a smartphone is easier than a simple mobile phone. A protective tool is provided here. It will require preliminary activation. Otherwise it is impossible to find a stolen device. Next, we will talk about workers and non.Working ways to search.

How to find a phone number

There are no special services that allow you to instantly find the phone by number. If they are, then fraudulent. Data on the location of the cellular operators are simply not issued. As for the operating services of geolocation, they work only when obtaining consent to search. Here is a list of services from Russian operators:

The “where I” service from Megaphone allows you to track even its own coordinates, but for this you need to hold the phone itself. For our case it is not suitable.

If you use two tubes, set up a mutual search through one of the services. Disadvantages. Subscriber board, low accuracy of determining coordinates. Advantages. Work without the Internet.

How to find a phone on IMEI

Track the location of the mobile phone in IMEI is from the field of fantasy. Open services with similar functionality do not exist. Only law enforcement agencies use this search, making requests to mobile operators. We will talk about this later. If someone offers to find a stolen smartphone on IMEI, then this is fraud. This method does not work.

Service “Android Device Manager”

The correct name of this service is “Finding a phone“. He is looking for lost and stolen smartphones via the Internet, determining the location on the map. To find a mobile phone in the future, set it up immediately after the purchase:

  • Indicate or register a Google account.
  • Go to security settings, select “Find the device”.
  • Install the switch “Inclusive”.

Ready. Now you can find a stolen or lost phone.

Search is carried out on this page. Autominate and select the desired device on the main page.

Indicate the password again, on the page opened, click the “Find” link.

After a few seconds, a piece of card will appear on the screen indicating the location of the device accurately home.

Go to the specified address or report to the police to jointly search with law enforcement officers.

  • Call. Click the “call” button, a call is activated on the phone that allows you to give out the location of the tube in the crowd of people.
  • Blocking the device. The phone will turn into a useless “brick” that does not respond to the actions of the attacker.
  • Cleaning the device. Delete all confidential or secret data.

All actions are carried out when the phone is turned on and active connection to the Internet. Do not forget to include the determination of the location in the navigation settings.

If the value of stored data is above the cost of the gadget, it is recommended to immediately activate the cleaning of the device. To save valuable data, use backup copying.

Search methods depending on the OS

  • Dial a short code. Get IMEI for searching is simple, you need to open the call menu and dial the code # as if it are an ordinary phone number. Call button does not need to be pressed. This method is suitable for any device, all dependencies on the operating system.
  • Look into the settings. In this case, the search algorithm is different. To find the required data in Android, we go to “Settings” further sheets in the very bottom looking for “phone information”;
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To find the number of the identifier on the iPhone, we go “Settings”, then “Basic Settings”, then “On the Program”

  • Not always, but the number can be engraved on the back cover of the smartphone itself, and such phones, for example, include Galaxy S7 or iPhone 6;
  • On a tray with a SIM card. Also not on all models, but the number can also be indicated on the SIM card tray;
  • Directly on the box. The identifier is always indicated on the box from under the phone, sometimes there are even a couple of stickers with it.
  • See in iCloud. The method is suitable only for owners of apple products. To find out the number you need to log in through your Apple ID in iCloud. In the main menu, a list of devices should be displayed, you need to select the right device by clicking on it with the mouse;
  • View from another phone. For this, authorization will also be required, but on another device, then go “settings”, then “our own name in the upper corner” and leaf down, a list of all devices attached to one Apple ID should be displayed, select the right one and watch the identifier.

Upon recognizing the identifier, you can easily find the phone on IMEI, for this you do not need to be a detective at all, most modern smartphones are already equipped with remote control systems for the device.

Services for searching for a phone by subscriber and IMEI

Consider working and non.Working ways to search for a lost phone. Some of the above services are fraudulent.


This portal is not suitable for finding a lost phone. He is informational:

  • Shows a smartphone model by IMEI;
  • Shows the status. Stolen or lost (if the tube is stolen, enter it in shape and add a list of lost or stolen);
  • It can show the inconsistency of the smartphone to its iMei number (if he was reviewing).

The location of the device does not show.

Plnet (Phone-Location.Net)

The creators of the service claim that the lost device on the phone number can find. In fact, it does not work. Mobile operators do not transfer data on the location to third parties and services. The service is fraudulent, it was created for profit on gullible users.

We conducted an experiment. We used the service, despite the warning of Yandex. Entered the number of the currently turned off the telephone. The system showed the establishment of communication, correctly displayed the region. This is publicly available information. The city was determined. Mistakenly, during the experiment, the tube was in another city. Wi-Fi turned on was determined-erroneously, as this is a simple phone. After a few seconds, the service allegedly determined the location, requiring registration and money. Plnet is not looking for anything. Which was required to prove.

There are full of such services. They show only the operator and regional affiliation (this is open data). They will not be able to determine the location.


Another service similar to Plnet. It doesn’t work, don’t experiment. Precisely, it works. After registering with the phone number, money disappears from the account. Plnet works similarly. Remember, services looking for phones via a SIM card, IMEI number and other parameters do not work.

Features of independent search

So represent some search by IMEI

You stole a mobile device and you want to find it online by entering the IMEI code?

Then we will have to upset you. This opportunity is not actually provided.

There are no effective services on the Internet, they are able to show on the map exactly where your phone is located.

All such portals where you are assured of the possibility of quickly finding the phone on IMEI are fraudulent.

The bottom line comes down to the fact that you will be offered to pay a certain amount, after which a card with an exact location will be transferred in return in return.

The only true option is to search using internal services from mobile phone manufacturers, which allow you to quickly trace indicative coordinates, and then transfer them on the Internet.

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All other services are fantastic, no more.

How it works?

As mentioned above, the ability to find a phone on the IMEI satellite is not provided.

But the satellite himself takes an active part in the search. Even at the time of the purchase of the house, you need to register on a special resource from the manufacturer and synchronize your phone with it.

All basic information is maintained in the internal base. The IMEI code, the current version of the firmware and other unique identifiers.

Further, if the trouble happens, you need to open the portal again on the search for the phone, enter the unique IMEI number and wait a bit.

The system will automatically turn on the navigator on the device secretly from a person holding him in his hands.

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After receiving the coordinates, the owner receives a card, the data of which are updated every 3-5 minutes, depending on the features of a particular service.

As a result, you can only go to the place where your smartphone is located, and, getting the help of the police, pick up your phone.

In no case do not conflict with an attacker, because arbitrariness is also a criminal offset.

How to find a lost phone via the Internet

Although there are no really working ways, how to find a phone on IMEI yourself, the ability to find a lost gadget still exists. The main thing is that the necessary services are activated in advance, and the device also has access to the Internet. It is impossible to track the location of the shutty smartphone.

The function to find iPhone

So that the owner can find his lost phone (or, in extreme cases, remotely erase all the data from the gadget’s memory) all iPhones have the built.In “Find iPhone” function. If it is not activated on your device, it is worth doing. After that, to set the location of the phone, you will only need to go to the official website, and enter your Apple ID to access the account.

To find the phone, you should not only write a statement to law enforcement agencies, or look for a device on the Internet, such a simple action as to ask in the nearest police station or at a security point may also be useful. Gadgets do not always steal. Perhaps someone just picked up your lost smartphone and took it to the department.

Search via Google account

Google Account will also help to find a lost or stolen phone, as well as remotely block or clean it. As in the case of the iPhone, the function must be turned on in advance. Then, when a problem arises, you can enter your account from any computer or smartphone, and perform the necessary actions.

Both iPhones and Android Smartphones with the search service turned on have such a useful function as a remote inclusion of a call that helps to find the phone if it is lost somewhere nearby (the signal will sound even if the device was activated).

Can I find the phone on IMEI

And yes, and no. And at the same time. It will not work to break through the lost phone yourself. The operator does not follow the tubes, but the data on their position is maintained (coordinates are calculated by polling base stations). But calling the reference service with a request to track the phone is useless. The service is not provided. Also, there are no programs and applications for the search for tubes.

If the phone was stolen, find it according to the IMEI code. At least on its own. But you can always write a statement to the police with a request to find and return the stolen pipe. The search procedure is as follows. You pass on the police officers, they send requests to mobile operators. As soon as the SIM card is installed in the phone, the operator will transfer data on the subscriber to the police. And this person will have to explain where he got a stolen device.

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You can track the stolen phone by IMEI through the police, but in practice no one is engaged in this. The police stubbornly do not want to contact such statements, although he has at his disposal all tools to search for thieves. It is not clear why, but in our country this scheme works somehow selectively, it is not available to everyone (in this case, it is good to have some friends in the police).

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How to find your lost Android phone

What to do and how to find a mobile phone on IMEI?

In order to track the location of the phone by IMEI, to refer to the relevant authorities (police or police), to write a statement and attach documents proving the purchase of this device (for example, a check from a store or a warranty certificate, where the IMEI apparatus is indicated ).

In the future, law enforcement officers request information about the whereabouts and moving of the phone by the mobile operator. Based on the information received, they can conduct investigative measures.

The procedure here is described in a very simplified form. In practice, the whole process takes a lot of time, and the likelihood of success is extremely small.

How to use “find iPhone”?

Lost the iPhone? Do not worry, if the “Find iPhone” function was activated on the device, then you can find a mobile phone on the map in a short time using the instructions below:

  • If you select the “reproduce sound” mode, then your devices will make the sounds of an alarm, and a window will appear on the screen with a notification.
  • In the next window, specify the phone number that will be displayed on the iPhone screen. In many cases, the attackers themselves call and offer to return the device for a reward.
  • The setting of the “loss mode” function is completed, it remains to activate. As soon as the function turns on, you will see an orange inscription in the upper left corner of the window.
  • After the iPhone device has been found, disconnect the “loss mode” function. To do this, click on the function “Lossa mode”, and click on the “Acquaintance of the Lost mode” button.
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Search for a phone outside the house

You already know how to find a cell house. But act like if the sweat occurred on the street? Naturally, you will have to at least approximately find out the place of the fall of the apparatus. This is important, because by reducing the search site, you save time.

If there are several possible options, it is recommended to attract friends and relatives. This sharply increases the chances of the success of the operation.

  • You can facilitate searches if you are sure that the battery is charged and the phone is turned on. In this case, a call to the lost device should be made. However, remember that you should be in the place of loss.
  • You can also use a whistle or speak loudly. Vedas can work a keychain responding to these signs. Naturally, the jewelry will work only if the batteries in it are working, and you are within the access of the apparatus.
  • It is great if the smartphone has an “anti.Theft protection”. Indeed, in this case, the new SIM card inserted into the device sends SMS notification. You indicate all the numbers to which you have access. And it is on them that there is a mailing list of messages indicating a new number. It would seem that everything is so simple. But it is not always possible to agree with the new owner.

Searching for a mobile phone at home on a satellite is the most advanced method. To implement this, a special program should be set in advance. In addition, the smartphone should be equipped with a GPS receiver. Remember, it is this device that gives constant signals about the location of the iPhone.

Phone Lost or Stolen? Here’s What to Do!

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