How to Find a Phone Number on Samsung

First, find out the meaning of this abbreviation. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). personal 15-digit mobile device number. It is unique and is assigned at the factory upon release. IMEI allows identify phone, establish its authenticity and detect if necessary, even when changing the SIM card. This often helps to find the device after the theft and return it to its rightful owner.

In older models, the phone certificate was used. a unique electronic document that was assigned to devices based on the Symbian OS. is he also determined the authenticity of the smartphone, allowing or blocking the installation of additional applications and providing access to the full functionality of the device. Now for these purposes only IMEI exists.

This digital code is actively used by mobile operators. A 15-digit number is needed for authorization on the network. The company can block the device in case of theft and the corresponding statement of the owner. It is stored in memory and it is almost impossible to change it on modern devices. You can find out the phone model by IMEI, its origin, year of manufacture, the market for which the device was manufactured, as well as other data.

Methods for determining IMEI

The easiest and most common way IMEI Checker is a combination set # 06 #, after which the number appears automatically on the phone screen. On some models, two numerical values ​​may be displayed. No need to be scared, this is quite normal for devices with two SIM card slots. What to do if the smartphone cannot be turned on or is it locked?

How to Find a Phone Number on Samsung

An ordinary user will not be able to find IMEI by phone number. As a rule, most devices have this information in such places:

  • the internal panel of the phone under the battery;
  • SIM card slot (if there are two, then each should have its own number);
  • packing box (if the smartphone is certified and has an original origin);
  • warranty card.

For smartphones based on the Android operating system, there is another very convenient way to determine IMEI. If the device is unlocked and access to its menu is open, then in the “Settings” section there is an item “About Phone”. By clicking on it you will see “Device Identifiers”, where the basic information about the gadget will be collected, including the identification number.

If the phone is disconnected or if it is not available, you can use your Google account. By logging in, you will find a complete list of devices ever tied to this user. Selecting the desired model, you will see a brief information about it and directly IMEI. Using this service, you can even determine the location of the smartphone.

Defining IMEI on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

Finding a 15-digit IMEI in gadgets based on the iOS operating system has its own characteristics. With a normally working device, you can find out the identification number in the settings by going to the “Basic” section and then “About this device”.

On the switched off or locked iPhone of new models, you can see the 15-digit number on the back cover. For older models, IMEI is located on the SIM card slot. This applies to the series:

  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 4 (GSM model);
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3GS;

IMEI on iPad or iPod touch is engraved externally on the back cover, right under the Apple logo. You can also find this number in the iTunes online service, for this you need to connect the device to a computer. In the window that opens, click on the phone icon and select the desired model in the list provided. Then click on the “Overview” tab and all the necessary information will be displayed.

In the case when the device is not accessible, can be found IMEI on the original packing box. If it has not been saved, you should use your Apple ID account (via a browser on your computer or using another Apple device with iOS 10.3 or later). Then, in the “Settings” menu, scroll down to the “Devices” tab and select the desired model.

These methods should help even an inexperienced user know the IMEI of the phone.