How to find a htc phone by gps

How to find your phone with GPS on your computer and on the Internet. Tracking your phone via satellite

Mobile devices have been stolen since their introduction, and some careless people may accidentally lose their phone. In both cases, there is an option to locate your device. You can find the phone via satellite with the help of special applications and computer.

There is no way to track your phone by number over the Internet (except in special agent movies), but you can do it with the help of programs that are installed on your smart phone beforehand. There is a special function of geolocation or GPS (jeepees), which sends a signal to a satellite and determines the location of the device. As a rule, the option works on the basis of Google maps. This is the only real way to find your phone via GPS. It will only work if the function is enabled on the device.

Bitdefender Mobile Security Antivirus

The Bitdefender Mobile Security Antivirus package includes many things: an antivirus screen and scanner, app lock and privacy protector, and a built-in antivirus module. The app allows you to monitor your smartphone remotely through the BitDefender web service.

But a much more interesting feature is controlling your smartphone with SMS. It is very useful if the intruders who stole your smartphone have disconnected it from the Internet.

Send a special message and the smartphone will tell you its location by SMS, turn on the siren, or erase all data. You can also force the smartphone to call you discreetly, so you can hear what the kidnappers are talking about.

If the attackers change your SIM card, BitDefender will notify you and give you the new number.

BitDefender is an extremely functional application, but you will have to pay for it. You can only try it for free for 14 days.

Google’s timeline

Here’s what you need to do. Go to Google’s timeline of places (formerly Google Maps location history) and make sure the calendar has the current day selected. On the left sidebar you can see a full timeline of that day, including the names of all recorded locations. On the right, you can see all the locations shown on the map.

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In addition to Find Your Device, which uses the GPS satellite system for tracking, the timeline uses cell tower IDs and Wi-Fi location to collect data about the device’s location. This way you can identify frequent places where a thief may live or work. This will help the police catch the person who stole the phone.

Setting up Android Device Manager

Google is very sensitive to the privacy of personal information, so you must activate the “Android Remote Control” utility yourself and give it the necessary permissions. Follow these steps.

Open the device settings. Go to Security.

find, phone

Select “Device Administrators.”.

Check the “Android Remote Control” box. Familiarize yourself with the program features and agree by pressing the “Activate” button.

Go back and close the settings.

How to find a missing phone on the internet

Every company that is involved in the design and creation of a smartphone, tries in every way to protect people from possible theft, hacking of the device or situations where the device could go missing. This is why there are special services, which help to trace the lost device through Google, Android or Apple. They all involve the device being turned on, the Internet, and the ability to access the network from a computer.

The “Find iPhone” function

Since 2011, Apple has sewn a special feature into its operating system. “Find iPhone”. It is activated on the phone itself and allows you to do the following if your smartphone is lost or stolen:

  • Activate “missing mode”, which will lock the device;
  • delete information from the memory;
  • Make your phone emit a signal that will help locate it if it’s somewhere nearby.

This item should be activated beforehand through the following path: “Settings”, then go to the section iCloud, from there go to “Find iPhone” and switch the button to the “on” position. From now on, the satellite will track the location of the device, and the owner will be able to lock the phone through the site, using your account, which must be created in advance and activated.

Find your Android phone via computer

Apple’s main competitor among the operating system Android cares about its users no less, and also offers several ways how to find your lost phone via satellite through the Internet or by using special programs. They do not violate the law, do not require a special application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs or to the telecom operator, but you should prepare for such a situation in advance.

Using special programs via Google

The Android Device Manager is one of the programs, which helps to find your device when you have enabled internet and the gps-software. Download the application from the official store from Google for free. The program provides the ability to perform the same actions as the function “Find iPhone”: to block access to the device, force the signal or locate. You only need to go to the google and perform the necessary actions.

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For the correct operation of this application on your phone must have an activated account on Google, enabled service, which is activated as follows:

  • go to the “Settings” section;
  • Select “Security”;
  • Click on “Device Administrators”;
  • check the “Device Manager;
  • in the window that appears, confirm the possibility of remote actions with the device.

How to find your iPhone if it is lost

The procedure is the same as for Android. First of all, open the iCloud settings, log in and find the “Find iPhone” item. If you turn it on, you can also determine the location of the gadget anywhere in the world.

The iPhone has an even more advanced feature. Even if the device’s battery is dead or it’s just turned off, it will still “communicate” with smartphones around. Through BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) the signal can spread to the nearest distance, even if the battery is dead. As a result, the signal on the detection of your smartphone will send the smartphone passing by a passerby.

How to find the phone, if it is turned off

There is also a situation: you have lost your smartphone, tried to call, but all to no avail, and eventually the battery runs out and the gadget shuts down. Is it possible to track the phone, if it is turned off? In this case, you will have to apply to law enforcement agencies, because it will be very difficult to find the device yourself. To do this, you need special equipment, which finds devices by the built-in GPS-sensor and communication with the satellite.

If a cell phone is stolen, and the intruders immediately shut down the device, then you will not be able to find the device on your own, either. You can call all the pawn shops, but the best way is to go straight to the police and report the theft. You must have your identity documents, as well as proof that the smartphone belongs to you: serial number, receipt of purchase.

An overview of proven ways to find an Android phone

The Android system was developed by Google, who cared about their reputation, so they created several service applications to help you find your lost phone. But to use them, you need to register in the system, you just need to do it, only with an activated account you can try to find your Android device.

find, phone

It is also necessary to connect to the built-in GPS module from Google, which determines the location of a lost gadget.

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In addition to Google’s service apps, there are third-party apps that can also be used to find it by location, number or other data.

But even if you find your device, there’s no guarantee that your cell phone will be returned immediately. it can be dangerous, so it’s best to contact law enforcement for help in recovering your lost device. Please don’t try to stand up to scammers.

How to track your phone using GPS

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In this article, you will learn how to use the GPS module of an iPhone or Android device to find a lost phone, as well as how to track another smartphone using a third-party app.

Click on All Devices. This tab is at the top of the page. A drop down menu will appear.

  • Play sound: a beep will be played on the device.
  • Missing mode: iPhone and Apple Pay service will be locked. You can also select the message that will be displayed on the iPhone screen.
  • Erase iPhone: all data stored on your iPhone will be erased. This action cannot be undone, so only erase the device if you have it backed up.

Click on Receive. When prompted. The Find Device app will prompt you to start searching for your Android device.

  • Ring: The device will ring for five minutes regardless of whether the sound is muted or not.
  • Lock: Your device will be locked with an access code.
  • Clear: all data stored in the smartphone memory will be deleted. Now you will not be able to use the “Find Your Device” app.

Enter your credentials. Enter your email address and password, then click “Sign in” to sign in to the Find Phone service.

  • Ring your device: Your device will ring.
  • Lock device: The device will be locked with a password.
  • Clear device: all data stored on your smartphone will be erased. Enter your password to confirm your decision.
  • You may have to click “Find Your Device” to locate your Samsung smartphone first.
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